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Best Replacement Gasket for Big Green Egg

Best replacement gasket for big green egg
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The Big Green Egg is a great reliable grill that makes BBQ seamless.

What makes the whole experience even better is keeping all its components and accessories in working condition, so you can go about your business whenever you want and replacing the gasket is one such issue.

The gasket not only acts as a cushion and lets you close the Egg’s lid in a softer way but also helps you cook at lower temperatures by keeping the heat inside longer.

If the gasket is faulty, it will let air inside the BGE, prolong the cooling process, and burn more coal to warm up the newly entered air.

To avoid this, we’ve helped you choose from the best replacement gaskets for the Big Green Egg available in the market. 

If you are in hurry, Here’s our top pick for you:

Gold Standard Gasket

Does Your Big Green Egg Gasket Need to be Replaced?

You will need to replace your Big Green Egg’s gasket every now and then.

How frequently you’ll have to do so depends on its quality and the number of times you grill.

You can check for any deterioration first by just looking at it. This is a simple way of telling whether there’s any deformation or wear and tear.

A better way to tell easily if your Big Green Egg gasket needs replacing is to fire it up for a cook.

After that, check if the smoke is leaving via the top vent or daisy wheel.

If instead the smoke is leaking through the top and bottom done, then the gasket surely has failed and needs replacement.

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How to Replace the Gasket on the Big Green Egg?

Follow the following instructions to replace your Big Green Egg’s gasket:

1. Remove the damaged gasket from the Big Green Egg using a scraper.

2. Dissolve and remove the remaining glue/adhesive.

3. Cut the new gasket in a diagonal way.

4. Place the new gasket on the surface in the middle and press it.

5. Continue to place, press the new gasket for a complete loop, and then cut it diagonally too.

6. Use a cardboard piece and put it on the rim of your Big Green Egg’s base for better pressing and adhesion.

7. Leave the lid open for around an hour to strengthen the attachment.

8. After that, close the lid for a day and then let it cook at 250 degrees for a couple of hours before using it.

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Best Replacement Gasket for Big Green Egg

Gold Standard High Heat Gasket with Adhesive for X-Large Big Green Egg

Gold Standard High Heat Gasket with Adhesive for X-Large Big Green Egg with Kevlar and Nomex - 2yr Warranty

The Gold Standard Gasket is a US-made, high-performance grill gasket made from several high-temperature fibers like American Kevlar, Nomex, etc.

The peel-and-stick adhesive provides easy installation and improves the gasket’s ability to stick to a surface even at higher temperatures.

The warranty comes with offers a 2-year free replacement. The package includes material for the top and bottom along with a chimney seal as well.

The total length of the gasket in the package is 14.5 feet, its thickness all along is 1/8 inches while the width is 7/8 inches.

It is an ideal replacement for a wool-based gasket used by some of the grills like Big Green Egg.


  • Contains a bonus chimney seal
  • Easy to use and install
  • Uses Kevlar


  • The adhesive is not good enough.

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Rutland Inc. Gasket Kit Tape 7’x5/8″ 95-6

The Grapho-Glas gaskets by Rutland Inc. are durable and engineered to provide better protection and sealing.

The material is mostly fiberglass fused with graphite to resist creosote and foster adhesion.

The gasket braiding and the Rutland adhesive work together to repel scratches, deterioration, wear down, and allow the gasket to stay on without unwinding anywhere.

Apart from grills, it also works great with wood or coal-burning stoves and fireplaces.

It can sustain heat up to 530°C or 1000°F.

These Grapho-Glas gaskets come packaged with an E-Z Spread Fiberglass Gasket Cement, an adhesive applicable to fiberglass and steel or iron.


  • Separate adhesive.
  • Can sustain heat up to 1000°F.
  • Thick enough to act as both insulator and cushion for the lid.


  • The gasket can start shrinking in a few months.

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LavaLock Nomex High-Temp Replacement Complete Gasket Kit for Lg XL Big Green Egg

Lavalock Gasket is made in the U.S.A. and is a complete kit for every single Big Green Egg size: Medium M, Large L, Extra Large XL, and Extra-Extra Large XXL.

It’s a great replacement for the factory-made low-performance gasket of your BGE whether or not it’s damaged.

The Lavalock Gasket is also easy to install and comes with a self-adhering grey adhesive, which is sensitive to pressure applied and can sustain a lot of temperatures.

The total length of the gasket measures 15 feet and is long enough to cover all three pieces, both lids, and the lid, on the Big Green Egg where the gasket needs to be attached.


  • Applicable with most of BGE sizes
  • The adhesive is self-adhering
  • Covers all 3 pieces


  • The adhesive is usually too weak to stick for long.

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KAMaster High Temp Grill Gasket Replacement Fit Large/XLarge Big Green Egg

This gasket by KAMaster fits the Large and Extra-Large sizes of the Big Green Egg or Kamado Grills perfectly.

The 14-foot length is enough to cover the top lid and the base too.

The 1/8-inch thickness provides good isolation and sealing while a width of 7/8 inches covers enough base for the gasket to sit on.

The adhesives are peel-and-stick type and don’t require any extra adhesive.

 The material of this gasket can sustain high cooking temperatures without melting or deteriorating like the factory-made wool ones can that come with Big Green Egg.


  • Effective and easy to install adhesive.
  • Peel and stick function.
  • Easy replacement for a factory-made gasket.


  • The gasket on the top and bottom lids were said to have been fused together at higher cooking temperatures.

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We have tried our best to round up some of the market’s best performing gaskets for the Big Green Egg grill and reviewed them thoroughly for you to make the best choice for yourself.

However, if it was up to us, we’d recommend you to buy the Gold Standard Gasket.

 The Gold Standard Gasket takes the edge over its competitors in the market in terms of endurance, price, and performance.

Its adhesive technology is clearly superior to the others because it’s not only easy to install but also sticks to the base of your Big Green Egg for a longer time and at higher temperatures.