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Cooks Blender vs. Magic Bullet Blender: Who is the Winner?

Cooks blender vs Magic bullet blender
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Whether you want to prepare a smoothie or just make some spreads out of your favorite ingredients, it always helps when you have a blender at hand.

Not the heavy and bulky kind that would take over your kitchen instantly.

It can never hurt to have a compact blender nearby, right?

When we say compact blender, we are pretty sure that the image that pops into head first is the one shaped like a capsule.

What are the blenders that would take up less space and still do their jobs?

You have the Cooks Blender on one hand and the Magic Bullet Blender on the other. They look quite similar and function in the same way too.

So, choosing only one may be tough. But it’s not impossible.

Let’s get right to it!

Table Comparison Between Cooks Blender and Magic Bullet Blender

Cooks Blender: How Beneficial is it?

Cooks 5-in-1 Power Blender Metallic Silver

Cooks’ 5-in-1 power blender can revolutionize the kitchen practice.

Any procedure is smoother and more compact with this high-power blender, whether you are making a nutritious smoothie or combining and blending organic sauce.

The base of this blender is provided by a 120v, 60Hz, 240W motor.

Cooks blender slices, grinds, meshes, spins, and blends.

It can be used to incorporate fruits and veggies into tasty smoothies.

The simplicity of operation renders using this blender a breeze.

Fresh ground coffee, herbs, beans, and nuts for delicious spreads can be made in a matter of seconds with the Cooks Blender.

Drinking straight from the blending cup is made more enjoyable by the comfort.

The stainless steel mixing blade easily slices through the ingredients.

1 big cup (13.5 oz.), 1 small cup (8 oz.), and 1 lip lid are included with the Cooks blender kit.

Easily hand-wash the rim, as well as the blades and cups.

They are all top-rack dishwasher safe.

Magic Bullet Blender: Your Ideal Kitchen Appliance?

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

The Magic Bullet has tiny cups that are suitable for shakes, resulting in less of a spill to wipe up.

The blender offers a ready-to-drink substance straight out of the cup the drink’s been blended in.

Blenders are great for industrial use, stalls, or huge families, but the Magic Bullet is perhaps the most flexible purchase you can make for individuals or small families.

The Magic Bullet is really easy to scrub.

Cups and lids are dishwashers secure on the top shelf.

However, we discovered that instantly washing the cups and blade attachment with wet, soapy water after every use was the recommended approach.

If you like hand-washing plastic pieces, keep in mind that the Magic Bullet’s blender cups are rather small and difficult to reach inside with a sponge.

However, a foam brush with a handle should do the trick.

Likewise, you should apply a touch of soapy water to the cups, reassemble the blade, and move to the blender core for a short spin.

Cooks Blender vs. Magic Bullet Blender: What are the Key Differences?


When it comes to blade design, scale and style can make a difference, not the sharpness itself.

Food particles will get stuck in the sides of the cylinder if a blade is too thin and creates too much space between the cutting edge and the surface of the canister.

So, the blender would be unable to produce an efficient vortex, the strong whirlpool motion that continually forces the contents up towards the jar’s top and sides back across the blade.

The Cooks blender has bending blades that can cut through ingredients easily compared to the cross blades you would find in the Magic Bullet.

The stainless-steel blades in the Cooks blender are also slightly more durable than the Magic Bullet blades.


When it comes to jar materials, BPA-free plastic is important.

You wouldn’t want to be susceptible to chemicals from the beverages you use.

You’ll also need a container wide enough to accommodate the perfect smoothie size. A smaller glass, on the other hand, is normally best for smaller smoothies because it is easier to disinfect.

A beveled and curved canister can maximize pulverizing strength by increasing surface area for the ingredients to bounce off of, but it also makes cleaning more difficult.

Big, slender canisters work well for jobs that require a strong vortex, such as making delicious smoothies and luscious soups, while a larger, squatter container works well for thicker ventures, such as greek yogurt, mashed potatoes, and grinding seeds.

Both Cooks Blender and the Magic Bullet have similarly shaped canisters.

They are also made from similar plastic materials.

The top shape of the jars from each blender is slightly different.

Both the canisters also hold similar portions of food.


You should have a sufficient motor to mix the ingredients you place in the blender. A 250-watt motor would not suffice if you like frozen beverages.

More substantial motor control, on the other hand, isn’t technically necessary.

A motor with too much power can be noisy and lead the motor to heat up.

The Cooks Blender and the Magic Bullet are quite close in their motor power calculation, with the Cooks at 240w and the Magic Bullet with a motor at 250w power.


If your bullet blender has additional features, it can become a permanent feature in your kitchen.

Several bullet blenders have the ability to steam sauces or produce nut milk.

If you enjoy trying different things in the kitchen, it is worthwhile to spend a little more money on a dynamic blender.

Both Cooks Blender and the Magic Bullet can be used to make smoothies, shakes, and similar items.

But the Magic Bullet may not be the best option for using any frozen items.

On the other hand, Cooks Blender can take some hits from you making a few batches of frozen desserts.


One of the most important features of a bullet blender is its usability.

If it’s difficult to use or clean up, you’re wasting your money on a bullet blender. Cleanup would be a snap with a dishwasher-safe blender.

Nobody wants to waste a long time in the morning hand-washing their bullet blender.

Both blenders are dishwasher safe.

You can clean them without any hassle after each usage.


Some blenders come with extra to-go cups and lids, spoons, and recipe books.

These may be useful for increasing the blender’s functionality.

Extra cups also enable the entire family to share a single blender.

Cooks Blender may not have many accessories except for some extra blades and canisters, but the Magic Bullet has it all.

Recipe books, extra cups, blades- you name them!

Cooks Blender has only 5 pieces of accessories in the pack whereas the Magic Bullet has 11.


Buying a bullet blender is an investment you would make.

Whether it is a long-term investment, or a short one, that is up to you.

As for drawing comparisons, the Magic Bullet is much cheaper than the Cooks Blender.

The former would cost you around $30 only whereas the latter may cost more than $70 in today’s market.

Final Thoughts

There you have it- all you should know about the Cooks blender and a Magic Bullet Blender.

They are pretty similar in several ways.

But there are some differences that allow one to tell them apart.

If your budget is tight, you should go with the Magic Bullet since it’s among the best affordable bullet blenders you would come across.

If you can push the budget up a little, then Cooks blender can be the perfect appliance to go in your kitchen.


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