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Dash Chef Series Digital Blender Review – Should You Buy It?

Dash Chef Series Digital Blender Review
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Blender is your best companion in the kitchen which makes various culinary chores lot easier and faster.  Dash Chef series digital blender is one of those blenders that makes your blending experience more joyful.

But what’s special in this blender that makes it stand out from the competition?

That is, the power and strength. It is equipped with a 1400W power which makes it outperformer than other blenders in the market at this price range. Power is the most crucial factor when you looking for in a quality blender.

Let’s talk about thoroughly review of the Dash chef series digital blender.

About Dash Brand

The Dash brand is a part of StoreBound having headquarters located in NYC. They manufacture various innovative products to make healthy meals.

The Dash brings innovative and distinctive products ranges like Blender, air fryer, waffle makers, egg cooker, coffee gear, etc. They inspire us for unprocessed foods to live better and healthier life.

Dash Chef Series is a relatively new blender in the market out there. But its performance is quite comparable to expensive blender models.

Specifications of Dash Chef Series Digital Blender

Dimension 8.8 x 8.8 21.8in
Weight 11-Lbs
Peak Horsepower 2.25Hp.
Wattage 1400
Speed settings 6
Anti-skid base Yes
Pitcher size (in ounces) 67
BPA-free Yes
Sound level (In Decibels) 93.5
Warranty 1-Year on Parts, 7 years on motor



1.Different beautiful Color range

Whoever doesn’t wish their blender beautiful? Everyone wants to buy the blender which looks aesthetic in their kitchen.

Considering the preferences of folks Dash provides blender with 4 different beautiful finishes i.e. white, green, black, and red. Isn’t it exciting?

This blender comes in sleek and stylish design looks appealing in your kitchen.

2.Powerful Motor

When you are looking for the best blender, first thing is to consider is its power. It has a powerful 1400W motor which makes it capable to craft cold stuff as well as hot soups.

Its 2.25Hp motor makes it well capable for various functions like grinding, chopping, pureeing, and many more. The motor is durable due to all-metal drive socket. The rotating speed of the blade is 35000RPM, makes the stuff fast and quick.

3.Heavy base

The base of Dash blender is quite heavy where the powerful motor is fixed. The base is equipped with auto-shut off function. When unit finishes it the job or if it’s overloaded, it will off automatically.

4.Stainless steel blades

The dash blender has 6-point stainless steel blades that are fixed to the pitcher. The gear shaft and retainer nuts also made with metal material ensure durability. The blades are long lasting serrated blades which will remain sharp even after the long use.

5.Digital interface

The Dash blender has a digital interface on the base which looks elegant. The digital screen has bright and easy to read the screen. The setting programs and the speed is very easy with digital interface of Dash blender. It covers 6 Pre-programmed Settings-Rinse, soup, puree, smoothie, crush, frozen. It is provided with additional manual and Pulse feature.

The display shows precise blending time and speed adjustment. It has speed (+) and Speed (-) setting from 1 to 9 and (H)high speed. The Time (+) and Time (-) knob that allows you to set the time from 1 to 10 Minutes.

Pulse function is useful when you need high speed for short time to get things done.

It has user-friendly Start and Stop button on the digital panel. When you turn on the appliance and attach the jar to it, start and stop button highlighted in Red.

It has also an auto shut off function which automatically shuts the device when it finishes their job.

6.Tritan BPA-Free blending jug

The blending jug comes with Dash blender is having 64 oz.capacity. This Tritan container is BPA-free which make it safe to use. It appears like the Vitamix jar with little difference in structure.

The pitcher has heavy duty gears and bearings at the bottom makes it sturdier.

The pitcher has a user-friendly rubber grip that makes it convenient to handle. The jug comes with rubber vented lid. The jug and lid both are dishwasher safe.

7.Anti-skid feet

The blender has anti-skid feet. It stops wobbling while operating the unit. It prevents the accidental spillage over the countertop. This anti-skid feet ensures safety.

8.Noise level

Before buying a blender there is a common concern about its noise. The loudest blender produces 96 db noise. Though it is not the quietest blender as it generates 94 db. noise due to its high-powered motor, but it is definitely quieter than other cheap blenders.


The appliance covered with a 1-year warranty on the parts. The powerful motor has a 7-year warranty. If you register this blender with their website, you will get a 2-year warranty.

The Dash provides decent customer service. They replace the faulty parts of blender without any issue.

Additional Features:

1.The pitcher designed with no drip spout for clean pouring.

2.The blender has cord storage under its base to store the cord while not in use and prevents a mess on a countertop.

So, What’s in the Box?

  1. Blender base
  2. Blending jug with lid
  3. Tamper
  4. Measuring cup
  5. User manual with recipes.

Check out the following unboxing video to know more about this Dash blender



It makes the smoothie in precise consistency and smoothness. Thanks to auto shut off feature to prevent from ruining consistency.

For making a smoothie you need to place all ingredients into a blender. You don’t need to add water to make your delicious smoothies which is the plus point of this blender. Set the knob at smoothie and your drink will be ready in 30 seconds into your glass and enjoy your smoothie.

2.Food preparation

A blender is a great tool for food preparation. You can make salad, marinades, dips or chop vegetables with this Dash chef series blender.


You can use dash blender as a grinder. It can grind nuts, coffee beans various types of herbs, and hard grains.

4.Crushing ice

Blender performs flawlessly when it is powerful. As Dash blender equipped with 1400W powerful motor, crush the ice very fast with crush function. So, you can make your snow cone or other drinks quickly with this blender.

5.Frozen cocktails

As it is a powerful blender, capable to make frozen drinks quick.  You can make frozen drinks within just a minute. It is perfect for making margaritas, granitas and many more quality cocktails at home.


As it is not a juicer, doesn’t separate the liquid from a fiber of produce. But it can make whole juice that contains fiber.

7.Nut butter

It actually works great in making creamy nut butter. This blender can make nut butter having extra smoothness texture if you set it at puree setting.


This blender is well efficient to make hot soups from cold ingredients. For making soup, transfer all the ingredients into a blender. Press the Preset function ‘Soup’. Let it blend for 8 minutes and your soup is ready without using a stove.

9.Baby food

You can also make baby food recipes with this Dash blender. It can make a perfect puree with its speed and pulse function. So, making baby food is lot easier with this blender.

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How to Use?

Following is the video that shows how powerful is this blender to crush the ice in nice evenly texture.


How to Clean Dash Chef Series Digital Blender?

The cleaning of the blender is easy and quick with self-cleaning function.

If you want to clean blender thoroughly, you can clean with following steps:

  1. Take away the jar from the motor base and make it empty if any extra content.
  2. Fill the pitcher halfway with warm water. Add little drops of dish soap.
  3. Set the blender at “Rinse” setting and start the blender.
  4. Again rinse it with hot or warm water. Rinse it well assuring there is no any soap residue left behind.
  5. If the main base gets dirty, wipe with the damp cloth. Make it dry with dishcloth and remove the moisture.
  6. You can clean the tamper and lid with hot soapy water.
  7. Store the pitcher upside down without fixing the lid. It allows for removing the moisture if any.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does it pulverize the seed in raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, tomato, flax seeds? Does it grind them so they can be swallowed without any chewing?

Ans. Yes, the Dash blender is well capable to pulverize the seeds of blackberry, strawberry tomato, flax seeds etc. It can also effective to pulverize Chia seeds. You can process these foods in large batches without any leakage issue.

But some users find it difficult to pulverize the raspberry from the above list.

If you face any difficulty to pulverize them, you can use Puree option to process the ingredients with seeds like a pear.

2.Does this blender fit in under the countertop?

Ans: Actually, this blender is pretty big having 21.5 to 22 inches height with lid fixed it on. If you have a cabinet 22 inches of clearance, it can be stored properly.

If your cabinet is small, it doesn’t fit in your cabinet. You need to store it by separating the pitcher from the base.

3.Does there any source of a pitcher replacement?

Ans: Yes, there is a source of replacing your pitcher. You can replace the pitcher from a website of the manufacturer. It sold for $70 on their website.

Pros And Cons


  • 1. Dash Chef Premium Digital blender is a high-powered blender at the competitive price.
  • 2. The smoothies are easier to make nearly in perfect smooth texture.
  • 3. The blender is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • 4. It is easy to clean with its simplistic design and self-cleaning function. Some parts are dishwasher safe.
  • 5. All metal gearing system makes it durable.
  • 6. It works great for large batches of smoothies, salsa, and frozen drinks.


  • 1. As it is a tall blender, difficult to store in a cabinet.
  • 2. The device is heavy in weight.
  • 3.The pitcher lid is hard to separate from the jar after use.

Digital Chef Series Digital Blender Vs. Ninja Professional Blender

Digital Chef Series Digital Blender

Ninja Professional Blender(Bl 660)

Motor 1400W 1500W
Blades 6-point stainless steel blades that are fixed to the pitcher Removable blades for 72 oz.pitcher
Control Settings 6 preset settings, pulse and manual function,10-speed settings Single serve function, pulse, 3-speed settings
Pitcher 64 oz. Tritan BPA-free durable 72 oz. polycarbonate less durable
Cleaning Easy to clean Comparatively difficult to clean
Warranty 1-year warranty on parts and 7-year warranty on the motor 1-year limited warranty only


My Verdict

Dash Chef Series Digital Blender is the budget-friendly blender with high power.  Its beautiful color range, digital interface and durable stainless steel blades ensures best bang for your bucks.

Most of the folks have cleaning concern about their blender. Dash also take away your concern with self  cleaning function that makes cleaning breeze.

This will one of the best purchases you will ever make for your kitchen. Though it is a tall and heavy unit, outweigh performance will discard your concern.


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