Kenmore 70 Series Dryer Not Spinning?-5 Possible Causes 6 Easy Fixes

Kenmore 70 series Dryer Not Spinning
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 After purchasing a new dryer, life as you know it should become easier, as chores become less time-consuming.

The Kenmore series of dryers are top brands aimed at improving your lifestyle and reducing laundry stresses.

For that stress-free drying experience, the Kenmore 70 series dryer needs to be working optimally.

A case of the Kenmore 70 series dryer not spinning occurs when belts, pulleys, rollers, or bearings are out of order.

Essentially, anything responsible for facilitating the movement of the drum could be responsible for the failure to spin.

The Kenmore 70 series dryer is a modern-day home unit for daily washing.

Arriving at the time of the drum not spinning means it has seen better days.

Kenmore 70 series Dryer not Spinning – Causes

Defective belts

The drive dryer belt runs around the drum and is attached to a pulley on the other end.

When this belt breaks or becomes compromised, the belt won’t spin no matter what.

Determining if this belt is the problem is easy.

All one needs is to reach into the unit and run your hand around the drum.

If the belt is compromised, it will be noticeable.

This broken belt may be the result of overuse or aging of the machine, and not necessarily misuse of it.


These can be multiple and are responsible for smoothly turning the drum, in unison with the belts.

If the rollers are defective, the drum won’t spin.

Even if it does spin eventually, it won’t move smoothly.

The rollers can be tested by spinning the drum manually.

This type of test requires you to remove panels, reach into the unit and spin the drum yourself.

It is a quick check of the drum and rollers and offers insight into all other problems too.

If more than one roller is defective, the solutions are offered below.

Blower Wheel

This is responsible for spinning the drum too.

If the drive motor is faulty or has been compromised along with the blower wheel, the drum won’t spin.

Essentially, the motor spins pulleys that in turn spin this wheel.

A compromised blower wheel can undoubtedly lead to a non-spinning drum.

A blower wheel could be experiencing some obstruction, hence opening the unit and examining inside the drum is necessary.

Dryer drive motor

To determine if this is indeed the problem, you need to inspect the parts above. Try to turn the drum manually to see if it turns.

If it does, the problem is with the pulleys and bearings.

If these are okay, and the drum won’t turn, it is important to check what’s hindering movement.

If all other parts are okay, you need to check the motor.

In this case, the motor might be humming, or making another soft sound yet not functioning.

A malfunctioning motor could be the reason for the Kenmore 70 series dryer not spinning, and it needs professional replacement.

If it is indeed the problem, you need to source a new motor from credible online sources.

Worn bearings

These are very small parts that can be annoying when they become worn out.

These bearings can be reached easily once you remove the appropriate panels.

Worn-out bearings create an annoying sound to be heard.

These may include grinding noises, or squealing type of noises and these are immediate signs of worn-out bearings.

If indeed bearings are worn out, they can be replaced easily.

They can however be pricey and thus sourcing OEM parts is important. You do not want to spend exorbitantly on useless or defective parts.

Kenmore 70 Series Dryer Not Spinning – Fixes

Replace belts

Source belts from credible online stores or visit accredited local stores if you can.

These belts are responsible for spinning the drum, using pulleys along with the motor.

Belts might not be the easiest to replace, meaning you should consult an expert to diagnose and replace the parts.

Drive motor

The motor can be sourced from accredited suppliers like Amazon for instance.

Once the belt is removed and you determine the drum is not compromised, check the motor.

If this needs to be replaced, you need to have the proper tools to remove it without compromising screws, bolts, and other components.

The drive motor also operates the blower wheel, essentially drawing out air.

If this motor is compromised, the wheel, pulleys, and other parts that need torque will not work well.

Replace Bearings

These can be quite expensive considering they are also tiny parts.

The pricing comes from the fact that they are indispensable parts, and if they are defective and worn out, drums cannot spin adequately.

If they are indeed defective, replace bearings using parts’ suppliers offering OEM units.

It is well-advised to seek new parts and refrain from buying bearings from another used Kenmore dryer.

Additionally, even with the Kenmore 70 series dryer not spinning, it could be under warranty.

Replace All Rollers

With most dryers having more than three rollers, it is important to note how many are faulty.

After examining the Kenmore 70 series dryer not spinning and identifying roller issues, replace them.

These should be replaced in larger numbers.

It means replacing one or two won’t cut it.

Owners are advised to replace all rollers at once.

This also helps determine the longevity and lifespan of all rollers, not just a limited few.

It also means they work in unison, without newer ones working harder than the old.

Blower Wheel

This will be harder to identify but once you do, replacing it is necessary.

There is a chance that the blower wheel cannot be fixed and even if it can, it won’t last long thereafter.

Removing a blower wheel requires the right tools and a little more expertise.

It might not be an easy DIY task and thus, you should seek help from professionals.

Idler Pulley

This needs to be replaced along with the dryer drive belt.

Most of these components work in unison, meaning replacing one should make all components work better.

Additionally, replacing parts with newer ones might imply you replacing more than one part.

In this case, the dryer drive belt and the idler pulley should be replaced together.

A stuck or defective idler pulley needs to be replaced, not repaired.

Kenmore 70 Series Dryer Belt Replacement – Step-by-Step Process

Having identified the dryer belt as the problem, it is time to replace it.

If this turns out to be a DIY task, here are the steps to replacing the belt.

Remove the panel

The top panel is easy to remove.

It requires pulling out the lint screen on the top, then unscrewing the two screws where the lint trap sits.

Thereafter, push the control panel forward, placing your hands firmly at the back.

This should push the control panel and the top panel easily off the unit.

Remove the switch

The door switch should be easy enough to locate.

Remove this switch along with the five-inch screws along the panel.

Remove the front panel

Pull up the front panel to remove it from its hinges, and proceed to find the pulleys.

This is where the belt runs while spinning the drum.

Pulling the two pulleys together makes it easy to slide off the belt.

Pull the old belt out slowly and move to the next step.

Replace the belt

Attach the new belt and work your way backward from step 3 above.

The belt should lastly be attached to the motor pulley.

Once you release the two pulleys after attaching the belt, the belt should tighten.

You can turn the drum anti-clockwise and observe that it doesn’t fall off.

Bottom Line

Replacing parts on a Kenmore dryer doesn’t have to be a trying task.

It does, however, require some expertise and it is always best to seek professional help.

Proper servicing and maintenance of Kenmore dryers are important too.

The Kenmore 70 series dryer not spinning shouldn’t be a recurring scenario.

Enjoy an easier lifestyle with fewer malfunctions through proper servicing.




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