Kenmore Gas Dryer Igniter Making Clicking Noise: Here’re 7 Quick Fixes!

Kenmore Gas Dryer Igniter Making Clicking Noise
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If your Kenmore gas dryer igniter seems to be making some ticking or clicking noises, do not fret.

It could be something needing a quick fix, and perhaps even be a DIY task.

When the Kenmore gas dryer makes clicking noises, it is likely functioning okay, and there is nothing to worry about.

The Kenmore gas dryer igniter making clicking noises means it is working.

Ordinarily, this happens when the igniter attempts to produce a spark and subsequent flame for the burners to light up.

If, however, the igniter makes a clicking noise and the dryer doesn’t heat up, there is indeed a problem.

Keep reading the causes and solutions herein to find the causes and solutions necessary for this dilemma.

Kenmore Gas Dryer Igniter Making Clicking Noise – Causes

Faulty igniter

If the Kenmore igniter doesn’t create a spark nor initiate flames for the burners, then it is faulty.

If your Kenmore gas dryer igniter is making clicking noises, yet not producing flames, it could need testing.

The igniter should be sparkly, throughout the drying session.

This sparkly look, if interchanged with a dull one, implies something wrong with the igniter.

Have a professional test the igniter with the gas valves and the gas is completely turned off.

This is to avoid accidents due to gas leakage and sparks while opening and removing panels.


If your thermostat is faulty, the gas dryer igniter will click but to no avail.

In this instance, the igniter and the dryer in general produce clicking noises.

This will occur while the igniter also refuses to glow.

It means gas is being fed to the unit but nothing is lighting up.

It could mean the thermostat is reading excess temperatures where there aren’t any.

A blown thermostat is easy enough to replace but might be harder to access.

Once you find the thermostat, use a multimeter to check for continuity before resolving to buy a new one.

Thermal fuse

With a blown fuse, the dryer won’t start.

The thermal fuse ensures only adequate power, or gas in this case flows through the dryer.

Any attempt to run the dryer with a blown fuse will only produce clicking noises.

In some cases, you may not hear any noises at all, as the dryer will be shut off completely.

Faulty belts

Because the igniter is meant to make clicking noises, any other noises will be associated with faults.

If the clicking noise is directly from the igniter, you have an igniter problem.

If noises seem to transition to other parts too, you could have an issue with belts.

These are connected to pulleys that should be turning the drums for drying cycles.

If all you hear are clicks and no agitating, then the belts might be compromised.

A faulty or broken belt is not hard to replace belt but opening the dryer requires the right tools and ample time.

Avoid opening up the dryer while in a rush to avoid causing further damage to your dryer.

Gas Valves

Your gas valves might click too, but this will happen continuously during the cycles.

You may be hearing sounds coming from your igniter but they are indeed valve noises.

This happens when gas is being released into the dryer intermittently, and then the valves shut off for safety.

It is nothing to fret over and is a common process within the dryer.

Gas valves can stop the flow of gas into the dryer too, meaning you might hear the clicking noise of the igniter, yet the dryer doesn’t run.


If your gas dryer isn’t operating, yet the igniter keeps clicking, it could be an issue with the control board.

If the control board experienced a short circuit and is fried, you need to test it for power.

The control board receives and sends signals accordingly.

The central control unit cannot send the right signals if wires need to be soldered afresh.

With a faulty control board, you will press the igniter and only receive clicking sounds.

Checking the control board for continuity requires a multimeter and expertise.

Be sure to source experienced local electricians to avoid unnecessary damage to your dryer.

Kenmore Gas Dryer Igniter Making Clicking Noise – Solutions

Replace belts

If there is no movement from the drum yet the igniter keeps making clicking noises, replace the belts.

Remove the appropriate panels and access the belts located around the drum, with pulleys and the drive motor at the bottom.

Removing the belts is easy once you identify they are indeed compromised.

Pull the pulleys together to easily slide off the belt.

Replace it with a new one and reverse the process to fully install the new belt.

The Kenmore gas dryer making clicking noises should stop.

Control board

Check the control board for any connections that might need to be soldered afresh.

The control board is responsible for communicating with other components, including the display panel.

If the control board is malfunctioning, pressing the ignition switch will be futile.

One can remove panels and access the control board easily to check for damaged parts.

If the control board needs to be replaced, an electrician should be able to point it in the right direction.

Be it a local supplier or a web-based dealer.


Use a multimeter to check your thermostat for continuity.

If the temperatures within the drum are adequate, the thermostat might be faulty and needs replacing.

Most thermostats have suggested ohms readings for optimal performance.

If the readings are below par, you need to replace them immediately.

A faulty thermostat means either you will continue to have clicking sounds and no action, or temperatures will soar causing problems.

Thermal Fuse

If the thermal fuse is blown there is less likelihood of the dryer making any noises.

If indeed you only hear clicking sounds, check the fuse for continuity.

This is not the same as the regular fuses found on plugs.

The removable fuses have lower resistance and are easy to locate.

Find the thermal fuse inside your unit and replace it immediately.

It requires removing the panels and once inside, finding it is a breeze.

The thermal fuse has a distinct look to it and is easy to remove.

Replacing it is not too difficult either and can be a DIY task if need be.

Igniter replacement

Find a new igniter and replace it immediately if it happens to be faulty.

The igniter should have a certain glow and spark to it always.

If the sparkly look isn’t there anymore, and it has become dull, it might be nearing its end.

Finding a new igniter is easy online and one should avoid buying second-hand parts.

This is to ensure that all parts are working optimally.

If the igniter has affected other parts, they may need to be replaced too.

Replace Valves

As the dryer runs, there will be clicking noises.

These are a normal part of the operation of the unit.

Once these valves release gas and close, there will be clicking noises.

These are by no means sounds of distress.

The valves are meant to close and open accordingly during cycles.

If the valves are faulty, you will need to replace volves too.

However, chances are they are working as they are programmed to.

Check valves for proper connections and perform maintenance diligently for better performance and fewer noises.

Check the Gas

As your Kenmore gas dryer igniter is making clicking noises, perhaps you should be checking your gas quantity too.

Check to see that your cylinders or your home gas supply are adequate.

If there is no leakage of gas and pipes or cylinders are full, then hardware issues might be at play.

If there is not enough gas, replenish it.

Try pressing the igniter again and checking for ignition.

If the clicking sounds stop, and the dryer works fine, you only had to replenish gas.

How Do I Test My Kenmore Gas Dryer Igniter?

1.Remove the igniter from its housing and have the wire ready for testing.

2. Using a multimeter, connect the two wires or ends of the igniter to the multimeter.

3. If your readings are between 50 and 400 ohms, the igniter has continuity.

4. If the needle doesn’t move, on the multimeter display, then there is no continuity.

5. The above situation warrants that the igniter is changed.

Bottom Line

Whether you use a gas or electric dryer, there will be instances needing troubleshooting.

The start switch or igniter might at some point need to be evaluated for faults due to overuse, misuse or damage.

With the Kenmore gas dryer igniter making clicking noise, there is usually one culprit responsible for the sounds.

However, remembering that the igniter makes such clicking noises is important too.

There may be nothing wrong with the Kenmore dryer igniter making a clicking noise, as it is simply facilitating heat to dry your clothes.




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