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What is the Best Way to Use Powdered Dextrose Substitution?

powdered dextrose substitute
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If you do a lot of baking, you have most likely made your own icing at some point.

The sugar you use for that icing can taste different, depending on what you use to make it.

When you spend so much time on a baked good, you don’t want to ruin it by placing the wrong ingredients into the mix.

You want only the best ingredients always.

Powdered Dextrose substitute may be what you decide to use to make your cakes, donuts, and pastries taste creamy and sweet instead of choosing to use table sugar.

This article will help you determine if powdered dextrose is something you want to top your baked goods with or include in a baking recipe.

What is Powdered Dextrose? What is it Made From?

Dextrose is a monosaccharide and monosaccharide is another name for a simple sugar.

Powdered dextrose is not confectioners’ sugar nor is it regular table sugar.

Dextrose can be available in a powdered form that you can purchase at your local store or Online and have it delivered to your door.

There are many sizes of powdered dextrose to choose from.

If you don’t plan to use a lot of it over a short period of time, you can purchase a smaller container.

Powdered Dextrose can be used in icings and glazes because the fine powder form makes it easier to measure out and mix together.

The powdered form is made from either dextrose anhydrous and dextrose monohydrate or it can be made from only one of the two.

The makers of Powdered dextrose may place an anti-caking agent into the powder so it can be combined with starch as well as magnesium or silicates of calcium and make it easier to blend the ingredients together when you are preparing a recipe for baking.

What is Powdered Dextrose Used For?

Powdered dextrose can be used in many recipes that require sugar, water, and corn syrup.

In many cases, reaching for the powdered dextrose will save you a lot of time, especially if you don’t keep corn syrup or sugar on hand all the time.

Powdered dextrose has a few uses in addition to baking and creating icing and glazes.


A person who has low blood sugar can be given dextrose through IV in order to increase their levels.

It raises the levels rather quickly to avoid any other issues. These mixtures are typically found in a hospital or medical facility.

Dextrose is also found to be in an oral tablet form or oral gel which can be carried around by someone who may suffer from low blood sugar issues so that they can administer a tablet when they begin to feel as if their blood sugar levels have dropped.

Dextrose for Nutrition

Because dextrose is a carbohydrate, it can be administered along with amino acids as well as fats for total parenteral nutrition in order to provide nutrients to someone who struggles with carbohydrate absorption.

Body builders on protein powders can also find powdered dextrose in their powders for ultimate results.

Dextrose Injections

If someone suffers from hyperkalemia, when the potassium levels are too elevated, the doctor can order 50% dextrose injections and then follow it up with an insulin IV.

This reacts in a positive way in the body by the dextrose helping to lower the potassium levels.

Where to Buy Powdered Dextrose?

When ordering powdered dextrose online, you want to make sure that you are ordering the baking powdered dextrose instead of the nutritional powdered dextrose because the nutritional powder is for those who are maintaining their health and not for baking.

Powdered dextrose is available online at in the following packages:

Vegan and Gluten Free 7oz package or 1 pound container for making sausage.

Powdered Dextrose Substitute

Understanding Powdered dextrose can be very helpful for bakers.

Once you understand how dextrose works with baking, you won’t be timid about trying it.

The name sounds intimidating but it’s just another powder to use in your recipe.

Dextrose is sweet, it can be good for

  • Promoting fermentation
  • Alter the texture of the baked good
  • Affect the stickiness of the finished product
  • Help to control the crystalizing process that occurs in most glazes
  • Can reduce the occurrence of browning sugar and altering the flavor

Powdered dextrose is an ingredient that many people don’t keep stocked in their kitchen pantry and if you do have it, you most likely don’t use it very often.

It can be a substitute when baking. Dextrose is another name for corn syrup or glucose.

Dextrose and glucose are made up of the same chemical called alpha-D-glucopyranose. This is a fancy name for sugar.

While it has basically the same taste, it is still not as sweet as table sugar.  When used for baking, it can create a sweet taste to your baked goods.

Glucose is a syrup that is created from hydrolyzed corn.

You may see it in the baking aisles of your local supermarket labeled as corn syrup.

A Dextrose is a powder form of sugar and it is much sweeter. Because glucose and dextrose are both available for baking, it gives the baker more of a variety of choices when it comes to perfecting their dishes.

Powdered dextrose is what you most likely see covering the top of a delicious donut or added to icing to give it that sweet taste.


If you like to cure your own sausage in order to give it the right balance of seasoning, you can use powdered dextrose in your seasoning.

Powdered dextrose is approximately seventy-percent as sweet as regular table sugar.

Lactic acid organisms will use the powdered dextrose during fermentation which will give the sausage a little bit of a tangy flavor.

Dextrose is heavy, just like regular sugar is. When you use it to season sausage, the glucose will penetrate into the cells of the meat, giving the sausage a better outcome.

Give it a Try

Try baking your next pastries using powdered dextrose substitute.

When a recipe calls for a blended mix of sugar, glucose syrup, and water and bring it to a certain temperature on the stove, you can use powdered dextrose substitute by using this method:

You will need to determine what 70% of the glucose syrup is in weight then you will be able to determine how much powder you will need.

Mix the powder into the water and sugar and continue with the recipe as normal.




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