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Can You Freeze Rumchata? Everything You’ll Need to Know!

Can you freeze Rumchata
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Rumchata is a great option for quickly creating cocktails. It makes most of your dessert recipes super easy and simple!

I bought a stock of Rumchata for the Chrismas party at my home. But there were still some leftovers.

I know they can use for many, many, many shots. So, I want to store it for the next cocktails and dessert.

Now, can you freeze Rumchata?

This question grappling into my mind.

After some research, I was getting to know that, Yes, you can freeze Rumchata!

But you really don’t need to freeze it as an unopened bottle of Rumchata stays good for many years maintaining the temperature between 50-75 degrees F.

The opened bottle of Rumchata stays in good condition for 6 months at room temperature.

Let’s get to know here some other interesting facts about Rumchata.

What is Rumchata? What is Rumchata Made From?

Rumchata is a unique cream liquor. It is flavored with Vanilla and cinnamon.

The Rumchata has been manufactured in Wisconsin since 2009.

Rumchata easily competes with well-established brands like Bailey’s Irish cream in terms of versatility and popularity.

In 2016, Rumchata got the second position in the cream liquor category after Bailey’s Irish cream in the US market.

It is made from dairy cream, rum, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, and other added flavorings.

The Rumchata uses five times distilled Caribbean rum and fresh real dairy cream.

What Does Rumchata Taste Like?

Tom Maas who is the Founder of Rumchata, created the original recipe in his kitchen, wanted to put the flavors of Horchata into the liquor with a rum base.

So, Rumchata has a unique flavor which is based on Horchata and rum.

The flavor of Rumchata is so smooth having a subtle base.

The best part of Rumchata is the unique flavor of Rumchata goes really well with different recipes and cocktails.

That’s why most folks are eager to mix it with their cocktails or any other recipes.

The Vanilla and spices are the base of Rumchata which are generally used in baking. So, it has a versatile flavor.

Rumchata tastes like smooth, creamy, and milky alcohol. As it contains cinnamon it tastes great like cinnamony too.

What to Mix With Rumchata?

Rumchata is a delicious liqueur. It is incredibly versatile goes well with a variety of different cocktails.

If you want a substitute for milk in the cocktail, Rumchata is the best option for you.

You can mix Rumchata in your cold brew coffee instead of adding milk. It enhances the creamy taste of coffee with perfect cinnamony flavor.

Rumchata can also be mixed with ice cream for those fans of alcoholic milkshake.

You can also add Rumchata in hot chocolate as hot cocoa and Rumchata is a stellar combination.

Does Rumchata Need to be Refrigerated?

Rumchata doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

As per the manufacturer, “the cream has been homogenized with rum. The alcohol in Rumchata acts as a preservative.”

An unopened bottle of Rumchata tastes good for many years. But you need to store it between 50-75 degrees F.

The opened bottle of Rumchata stays good at room temperature. The taste remains intact for over 6 months.

An opened bottle may start to lose some of its spicy flavors after twelve months.

How to Store Rumchata?

You can store Rumchata like other rum-based alcoholic beverages.

You should store it at room temperature. Keep it is away from direct heat source.

As I mentioned above, you need to store an unopened bottle of Rumchata between 50-75 degrees F.

So, you can store it in any cabinet or kitchen pantry maintaining the right temperature.

You also don’t need to refrigerate even it contains cream. It doesn’t contain a lot of creams but enough to get liquor taste.

Can You Freeze Rumchata?

Yes, you can freeze Rumchata!

If you want to enjoy Rumchata with coffee or other cocktails, you can freeze it in ice cube trays.

For this, you need to pour the Rumchata into an ice cube tray and simply freeze it.

But personally, I wouldn’t recommend freezing Rumchata as an opened bottle stays good for 6 months at room temperature as per manufacturer.

An unopened bottle stays good for several years if stored properly at room temperature.

So, you really don’t need to freeze Rumchata.

How to Tell If Rumchata Is Bad?

If your Rumchata bottle lurking longer in your kitchen pantry or cabinet, you should quickly check before using it.

Generally speaking, if the bottle is unopened and everything seems in good condition, it is perfect for use.

If the bottle is very old, the taste changes a little bit, but still, it is acceptable to consume.

For an opened Rumchata bottle, you need to check it before use.

If you find any change in color or any growth in the bottle, the bad taste and altered smell discard the bottle.

Though it is unlikely to happen, it just takes a few seconds to check.

Related Questions

What can I make with Rumchata?

You can try out different recipes with Rumchata. As it is a versatile creamy liqueur, it broadens the scope of recipes to make.

You can make a banana cream pie, Lemon cake, pumpkin pie martini, Boozy’s smores milkshake, mint chocochata martini, Rumchata iced coffee, cinnamon toast, etc.

Why does Rumchata curdle?

As Rumchata contains real cream, it curdles when mixing with some drink mixer.

Rumchata curdles when it is mixed with high acid or citric acid mixers like fruit juices and sodas.

When you mixed it with fruit juice, the cream in the Rumchata curdles which is the natural reaction between the acid and the base.

It doesn’t affect the taste and safety of the drink but it just visually unappealing. You should aware of those things while using Rumchata in any recipe.

How many calories are in one shot of Rumchata?

As per the manufacturer’s nutrition fact, there are 140 calories in each 1.5 ounce serving of Rumchata.

It contains 4.00 g total fat, 10mg. cholesterol, 25 mg sodium, 16 g total carbohydrate. It is a little less than Budweiser.


So, now you know that you can freeze Rumchata.

But actually, it doesn’t need to freeze it stays good at room temperature for a longer period of time.

You can mix it with a variety of cocktails and enhance the flavor.

When you need a flavorful cocktail for any party, make this Rumchata your go-to!




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