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Vitamix Turboblend VS vs. Vitamix 5200- What’s the Difference?

Vitamix Turboblend vs Vitamix 5200
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Don’t we all love homemade smoothies?

Or organic juice prepared by our loved ones?

All of these shakes are very refreshing and we cannot say no to them.

But what makes a perfect homemade shake? The recipe?

Of course, but more importantly, the blender.

If your blender is unable to properly mix the ingredients, how can you expect to make a good shake?

Now come to think of it, Vitamix is the best provider of blenders.

Their blenders are very reliable.

Two of their best model are the Vitamix Turboblend VS and the Vitamix 5200. Both of them look very similar and have near similar functionality.

But which one is the best?

Here is our Vitamix Turboblend vs Vitamix 5200 comparison to let you decide for yourself.

Table Comparison Between Vitamix Turboblend VS and Vitamix 5200

Vitamix Turboblend VS Blender Review

The Vitamix Turboblend VS is a step up from the traditional Turboblend blender. The major difference between the traditional model and the VS model is the speed dial.

The traditional Turboblender only had two or three-speed controls.

But the Turboblender VS comes with a 10 variable speed dial plus the high and variable switch.

We guess that the VS in the name stands for variable speed.

For maximum speed, you need to switch on the variable and turn the dial into 10, and then switch to high.

To be honest, it is not much of a convenient user interface but you will get used to it.

The motors used in the Vitamix Turboblender VS are the same as the new Vitamix 5200.

A 1380 watts horsepower that can easily reach a top speed of 240 mph.

The blades used in it can create heat from the friction of speed.

A six-minute run on top speed can easily heat the liquid from room temperature to soup warm temperature.

Vitamix 5200 Blender review

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black - 001372

The Vitamix 5200 blender is similar to the Vitamix Turboblend VS.

Only this one got more acceptance and received more popularity.

That is because you can purchase it directly from the Vitamix website.

But the Vitamix turboblend vs was not sold on their website but sold in retailer stores.

The Vitamix 5200 has a slightly updated mug design and it comes with fewer accessories.

Also, it is priced higher. Other than that, everything else is the same.

The Vitamix 5200 is also rated to have a power output of 1380 watts and the motor can easily reach a top speed of 240 mph.

That produces more than thousands of RPM for its 3-inch diameter laser-cut stainless-steel blade.

With that speed and rpm, the blade can easily create heat from friction.

If you put the blender on top speed for 6 minutes, it will heat the liquid from room temperature to a hot soup.

But we must warn you to turn down every setting especially the speed dial. Otherwise, you will be encountered with a small liquid brust in the next time you blend something.

Key Differences?

So now let’s break down things.

What are the key differences between the Vitamix Turboblend VS and the Vitamix Turboblender 5200?

Both are pretty expensive and similar looking.

But the main differences can be found in the way they were marketed to us.


The first major difference between these two blenders is actually about their marketing.

They both may be practically the same, but Vitamix did not directly promote the Turboblend VS on their webpage.

You will find details about it in there, but no way of purchasing it.

The only place you could purchase a Vitamix turboblend VS was in a retailer store or online marketplaces like Amazon.

On the other hand, the Vitamix 5200 was promoted dearly on the Vitamix webpage and they were selling it.

As a result, more people knew about the Vitamix 5200 than they knew the Vitamix Turboblend VS.

Because of this difference in marketing, the 5200 got a more positive rating than the Turboblend VS even after the turboblend having more accessories.


Speaking of accessories, these two blenders differ a lot.

The Vitamix Turboblend VS comes with a recipe book that has many recipes and drinks that you can try out in your turboblend blender.

But the Vitamix 5200 comes with a mini version of the recipe book, containing fewer recipes.

It’s just a getting started guide.

The Vitamix Turboblend VS also comes with a DVD.

Now there isn’t much special about the DVD.

It is just to give you a heads up on what you can do and what you should not do with your turboblend VS.

The DVD is missing with the Vitamix 5200.

To be honest, these recipe books and DVDs do not matter much.

But a filtration bag can make a whole lot different and that is what Vitamix did. They provide a filtration bag with the turboblend VS.

Differences in accessories aside, both of the blenders come with a classic 64-ounce container and a basic tamper.


Another distinct difference between the two blenders is their warranty.

The Vitamix Turboblen VS has 5 years of warranty.

The Vitamix 5200 has a 7 years warranty, which is the longest warranty in the blender industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean a Vitamix 5200 blender?

If you are looking for a way to clean out your Vitamix 5200 blender, then let me tell you, it’s just so quick and simple way to do it.

After finishing your job with Vitamix 5200, empty it and give it a quick rinse.

Fill the container halfway with water. Add two drops of dish soap to the container.

Put on the lid to the container and place it on Vitamix base. Turn the Vitamix on to the lowest variable setting.

Dial the speed up to 10 and then switch to the “high” setting.

Run Vitamix for about a minute and then turn it off.

Is Vitamix 5200 dishwasher safe?

No, the Vitamix 5200 is not dishwasher safe.

It uses the self-cleaning method as mentioned above which is not hard to use.

By self-cleaning, the container helps it last longer instead of using in the dishwasher.

Keep in mind not to put the container, lid, or tamper in the dishwasher. There is a risk of warping the plastic.

How to pulse with a Vitamix 5200?

Vitamix 5200 doesn’t have the ‘PULSE’ option. But don’t worry, you can still Pulse with your Vitamix 5200.

For a wet chop, fill the jar with water and add ingredients.

Then with a blender on high, turn the Vitamix On and Off which is equal to one PULSE.

Continue Pulse till you get your drink at desired consistency.

You will easily get used to this method and you even forget that there is no PULSE option on your blender.

Though Vitamix 5200 Standard blenders don’t have PULSE function, their newer series G-Series models and Vitamix Standard with Programs  come up with PULSE function.

Is Vitamix Turboblend VS easy to clean?

 Yes, the Vitamix blender is easy to clean.

The cleaning process of Vitamix Turboblend and Vitamix 5200 is quite the same.

But make sure to start the blender from speed 1 then move up to speed 10 using the speed dial.

Rinse it afterward to remove any leftover soapy residue.

Where can I buy Vitamix Turboblend?

You can find the details of this blender on their official website but no way to purchase it.

As I mentioned above, Vitamix You can buy this Vitamix Turboblend from Amazon.

Can you put hot liquid in Vitamix Turboblend VS?

Yes, you can put hot liquid in Vitamix Turboblend VS. But I would not recommend filling it more than half full with hot liquid.  Also make sure you are covering the top in case it splashes out. You can even blend liquids in this blender to become hot.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it.

A comparison between the Vitamix Turboblend VS and Vitamix 5200.

Which one do we think is best?

To be fair both of them are the same thing.

The only thing that can make these two differences in the accessories.

In that case, the turboblend VS is the better one.


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