Vitamix Vs Thermomix: Which One Makes Your Kitchen Smarter?

Vitamix vs Thermomix
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Everything has to be smart in our house.

When we talk about the kitchen, which is undoubtedly the lifeline of every house, it has to be smarter.

It is the advance appliances that can make it so.

The market is loaded with options.

But which one would you go for between Vitamix VS Thermomix?

Before you open your wallet to spare the cash, you must compare between the products.

Today, we are going to look into Vitamix VS Thermomix.

Thermomix has lots of features to save your time.

Vitamix has superior built to last longer.

Which one is best for you?

You will find out in a minute of reading.

Comparison Table Of Vitamix Vs Thermomix

About Vitamix

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black - 001372

Although the company started with serving hectic kitchen environment such as hospitals and restaurants, Vitamix wins the hearts of many households with the commitment to make the consumption of whole natural food easier.

A simple insight on life was behind the creation of Vitamix blenders.

The importance of natural food for the wellbeing of everyone is undoubtedly a significant thought to have.

This insight is also responsible for the naming of the brand, Vita-mix.

Since 1969, Vitamix 3600 from Vitamix Corporation, became the first blender that could make not only hot soup, but also blend ice cream, grind grain, and knead bread dough.

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As powerful as it came during the early years, Vitamix now models two motors.

It features 2 HP and 2.2 HP motors.

Since the introduction of the Vitamix 5000 model, the 2 HP motors were produced.

The 2.2 HP motors, on the other hand, were released in 2012.

About Thermomix

Smart kitchen needs functional gadgets.

Thermomix was one of the firsts to understand the concept of smart kitchen gadgets.

This was evident from their advanced kitchen machines that incorporated cooking and blending altogether.

Since long, Thermomix has been industry leading for many reasons.

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The kitchen appliance can operate multiple functions simultaneously.

From carrying out steaming, to emulsifying, blending, whipping, kneading, precise heating, mixing, milling, chopping, weighing, grinding and stirring can be done by a Thermomix.

The TM5 model of Thermomix is a digital machine.

You can purchase it with an optional ‘Cook-Key’ Wi-Fi add-on.

This function allows you to have access to a subscription-based online recipe catalogue.

The TM5 model is also equipped with guided cooking.

The TM6 was launched in March, 2019.

It has a number of new features including slow cooking, and fermentation.

Sous vide, a cooking technique in low temperature, can be performed by the TM6.

Difference Between Vitamix And Thermomix

Both Vitamix and Thermomix are industry-leading with their advance features. However, the floor is always open for comparison between the bests.

Vitamix has been in the industry for quite some time.

They have been favorite of many consumers for the strong blades and powerful motors of their product.

However, Thermomix steals the cake with their advance features and cooking and blending options altogether.

Here we present a comparison table showing what the customers are more likely to get by buying these products.


The Vitamix blender has a clear jug.

The see-through feature is really handy at times.

You want to know about the right consistency of your smoothie.

The little hole on the lid might not help at that moment.

This is where we want to side with Vitamix instead of Thermomix.

Because the stainless steel jug works as a solid built body, but it does not allow you to see through the inside of the jug.

It can be problematic at times.

So, we give the clear jug feature a thumbs up for Vitamix.

The height of the jug with a narrow bottom makes it difficult to get the mixture at the bottom part.

This is the issue with the Vitamix jug.

Since the jug has a narrow bottom, you have to try really hard to reach to the bottom.

On the other hand, the Thermomix jug is short and the base is broad.

So, it is quite easy to get the mixture from the bottom of this jug.

The Vitamix product does not have any heating option.

The hot soup option is functional with the speeding rotation of its blades.

On the other hand, the Thermomix jug has advance heating options which allows cooking easy in this product.


We are talking about two best products in the same industry.

Thermomix is known for amazing after sale service.

Vitamix is adaptable to busy kitchen environments.

However, in comparison to quality, we give the thumbs up to Thermomix for the strong built of the product and multiple activities.


It is said that quality has its cost. That is true!

When you are about to get so many functions from a single product, along with the comfort of timer setting and leaving your kitchen without worrying about the soup, you have to spare some extra bucks.

Thermomix costs more than Vitamix in this case.


As mentioned earlier, the after-sale service of Thermomix is great.

However, the guarantee given by Thermomix is for only 2 years. It is a big deal.

Since the product is on the expensive side, only 2 years of guarantee is not enough for many customers.

On the other hand, Vitamix offers 7 years guarantee to their customers.

Compared to its prize, the deal is really good.


Vitamix is super functional. The 2-2.2 HP motors are built for strong performance.

There are tons of delicious recipes you can try through these functions.

You can not only do blending, but also grinding, milling, and kneading.

But Thermomix definitely steals the show in terms of functionality.

Think of any function you want from you 21st century kitchen appliance.

Thermomix, has it all!

From steaming potatoes, to emulsifying, blending, whipping, kneading, mixing, milling, grinding – you can rely on this smart product for all of this.

Get the cooking done without any worry.

This appliance can do the chopping, and stirring as per your instruction.

The precise heating feature is another plus on the report for Thermomix.

You can measure the weight of the ingredients without running back and forth, we thank the weighing feature attached to the product.

The latest edition of Thermomix is the advance recipe following feature of their products.

The appliance is connected to a recipe catalogue with the help of your Wi-Fi.

So, you can enjoy delicious recipes without searching through online for hours.

Also, you do not have to stand by the cooking pot all day. The appliance has timer.

So, you can set the cooking time accordingly.

Power Consumption

The Vitamix blender consumes 1440 Watts of power, in comparison to the Thermomix appliance which consumes up to 1500 Watts.

The difference is not that big compared to the functionality these appliances have to offer.

But power consumption for blenders indicates power of the product.

It is considered that, the higher the power consumption is, the powerful the blender should be.


If you are sensitive to the sound of kitchen appliances, then beware of the Thermomix appliance.

It will do a lot of work and save you a lot of time, no doubt on that part.

But it will sound like a hurricane happening inside the jug.

Do not worry, the machine is alright.

It sounds this noisy while doing the hard work for you.

On the other hand, despite of having super strong motor and higher rpm, the Vitamix blender makes little noise.

Revolutions Per Minute (RPM)

You know your blender when you know the RPM.

As evident from the comparison table, the Vitamix blender certainly has a higher RPM than the Thermomix one.

This makes a lot of difference.

The higher the RPM is, the smoother the texture of your smoothie will be.

In fact, this is the reason that Vitamix works really well in restaurants and hospital kitchens because it has one of the best RPMs.

Vitamix’s specifications regarding their RPM are almost correct.

The maximum blade speed with 3″ blade is 28,500 RPM, or 250 MPH.

While with 4” blade it is 22,700 RPM, or 270 MPH.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the Thermomix as a blender?

Yes, you can use Thermomix as a blender.

In fact, the Thermomix is a blender that is capable of cooks and stirs your food at adjustable temperatures and speeds.

So, definitely, you can use the Thermomix as a blender.

 Is Thermomix dishwasher safe?

Yes, Thermomix is dishwasher safe.

If there is some food residue left in the bowl, pour a little amount of water in the bowl and add some drops of detergent.

Then turn the appliance on at level 10 for few seconds. And you are done!

But if you want to deep clean, take apart a bowl and keep it in the dishwasher.

All the parts of the bowl and accessories of Thermomix are dishwasher safe.

You can also wash it by hand.

Can Thermomix replace the food processor?

Yes, of course, you can use Thermomix as a food processor. In fact, it can perform more than a food processor.

The Thermomix is used as both a food processor and a cooker with built-in scales.

You can chop vegetables and nuts, mill flour, icing sugar, and spices, crush ice, grate cheese, knead bread dough, whip cream, cream butter and sugar, and mix cake batter and cookie dough with Thermomix which can be done by a food processor.

Do chefs use Thermomix?

If you look at a professional kitchen, you will often see a Thermomix included in their arsenal.

Of course, Thermomix obviously does not replace a team of professional chefs.

But it is certainly a handy tool to have in a professional kitchen.

Can you put boiling water in a Vitamix?

The Vitamix is capable of holding and blending at a temperature up to 170 degrees.

If anything exceeds this temperature, that should go into the Vitamix.

The Vitamix can warm up and puree the soup, but it does not reach 212 degrees.

So boiling water should not be put into the Vitamix.

Are Vitamix blenders BPA-Free?

Yes, all Vitamix is entirely BPA-free.

Vitamix uses a BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester for household blender jars.

Vitamix doesn’t contain BPS or other bisphenols that alike BPA.

Can I Use My Vitamix as a food processor?

Yes, you can use your Vitamix as a food processor as Vitamix comes with Food Processor Attachment.

You can do some chopping and mixing, dicing, slicing with Vitamix which simplifies the food preparation. So you can save your time in food preparation.

Can Vitamix Used as a juicer?

Yes, definitely Vitamix can be used as a Juicer.

But there is a little difference between juicer and Vitamix.

The juice extracted from a juicer is finer as the fiber from fruits is left out while making a juice.

Vitamix on the other hand does not make the juice as fine but it retains all the fiber of the fruit and vegetable for you.

Final Thoughts

Gadgets are smarter with technology today.

Kitchen appliances are not falling behind in this race.

The search for quality and budget is omni-present.

But the industry is coming up with efficient products to save human effort and time.

No longer we need to stand by the stove for hours.

Because smart gadgets have our back.

This article was to draw a comparison between two industry leading kitchen appliances, Vitamix, and Thermomix.

We have presented their strength and weakness and compared between the two.

But the power to decide which one to choose from, lies at your hands.




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