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Pit Boss 340 Pellet Grill Review

Pit Boss 340 Pellet Grill Review
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Are you looking for the pellet grill for your next backyard barbeque party? As you know, the perfect grill event calls for a perfect grill unit.

But choosing the perfect grill is not that easy task as there are a lot of grill brands available on the market.

That’s why today I am going to review about Pit boss 340 grill for you.

So, here we get to know why it is worth to consider.

About Pit Boss Brand

Pit Boss is founded by Dan Thissen and his sons, Jeff and Jorden in 1999. It is a subsidiary of Danso  Inc.

They manufacture a wide range of products of the grill, smoker, cooking tools, spices, fuel for outdoor cooking.

Pit Boss brand is popular for durability and craftsmanship. They offer wide ranges of the quality grills from portable grills to massive grills.

Pit boss is well known for affordable as well as durable pellet grill options. Nowadays, the market of Pit boss Pellet grills is growing vast.

Specification- Pit Boss 340 Pellet Grill

Overview of Pit Boss 340

Pit Boss Grills 340 Wood Pellet Grill

 The Pit boss 340 pellet grill constructed of 16-gauge black powder-coated steel which makes it robust. It comes with porcelain-coated cast iron grill grates. Cast iron is a good heat absorber, so you can cook or sear meat perfectly on this grill grates.

It is featured with an electric igniter system as it has 200 w Auto ignitor. So you don’t need starter fuel or matches for igniting this pellet grill.

It is equipped with a metal screw augur feed system which is quite functional and durable. The grill has a dome thermometer for calibrating meat temperature while cooking.

It has fan forced convection cooking so that you can experience the perfect BBQ cooking. The stainless-steel handle and additional wire bottom rack which is quite user-friendly.

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How to Ignite and Use Pit Boss 340 Pellet Grill ?

Igniting and using the Pit boss 340 pellet grill is very much easy. You just need to follow below the steps.

1.Take out grease tray, cooking grids and flame diffuser from inside of the grill.

2.Opens up the hopper lid and ensures that there are no foreign objects left in the hopper and augur for hassle-free working.

3.Make sure temperature control dial in at ‘OFF’ position and then plug in the power cord into the grounded outlet.

4.Set the temperature dial to the ‘SMOKE’ option. After turning on the smoker check the augur. Make sure it is turning. Place the hand on the fire pot to check the inside environment.

5.Turn the temperature dial to the OFF position.

6.Fill the all-natural BBQ pellets in pellet hopper.

7.Set the temperature dial to HIGH. There will need some time for augur to deliver pellets to the burn pot. When pellet delivered into the pot, turn off the temperature dial.

8.Now set the temperature dial to SMOKE. Let the pellet come to the full flame. When you see the flame coming out of fire pot, turn the dial to OFF. Allow the grill to cool down.

9.After cooling down the grill, re-install the flame infuser, cooking grids, grease tray into the grill.

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 Pit boss manufactures grills that look and perform like Treagers  but comes at a comparatively lower price points.

Pit boss offers a wide range of grills like a small 340, medium 440 deluxe, large 820 and 820 deluxe.

The number shows the total size of cooking surface including warming racks.

Here we dive into deeper the small Pit boss 340 pellet grills features.

Large 5-pound capacity

The pit boss pellet grill comes with large hopper. It accommodates a 5-pound pellet at one go.

You can use all-natural Pit boss hardwood pellets which are 100 % natural and free of chemicals and artificial flavors. So that you will enjoy the authentic, tangy and spicy flavor of any meat.

Digital control

The digital controls are very much easy to operate. It offers you for 180 to 500-degree digital oven temperature that helps you with more and more cooking options.

This can allow for the cooking options from hot smoking to searing. You can sear steaks, bake cookies or pizza, smoke brisket, ribs, jerky and try other lots more recipes with this pellet grill with naturally flavored wood pellets.

You can control your cooking with just turn of a dial. Isn’t it easy!

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Durable construction

This Pit boss grill comes with 16-gauge stainless steel construction. It has heavy-duty engineered legs, wheels, and shelf frame. Overall it makes the grill more durable.

Cooking area

The Pit boss comes with 341 sq. inches which are perfect for individuals or small groups. The cooking surface is porcelain coated. This is the perfect size to cook beer can(full) chicken and a full rack of a baby rack at the same time with this size pellet grill.

Tips for Using the Pit Boss 340

1. You can place the bricks or stones at the bottom of the grill. It can help with regulating heating and more even heating.

2.If you are planning for a long-time smoking, it is good to clean the ignition chamber for hassle-free smoking.

3.Always preheat the grill before cooking.

4.Rub the cooking oil on cooking grids to prevent the sticking food to the grid.

5.Use a barbecue mat to protect the expensive deck from grease stains and accidental spill due to fan-forced convection cooking.

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Grill Maintenance After Cooking

1.Check the grease bucket and clean it out as and when needed.

2.The grease catch area should be always clean.

3.Don’t use abrasive cleaners, oven cleaners or abrasive cleaning pads to clean out the outside of the grill. Apply warm soapy water for the removal of grease.

4.Wipe down the grill with a warm and soapy damp cloth after every use.

5.Use a grill cover to protect the grill from the outside environment.

Pros And Cons


  • Solid construction
  • Easy to assembles
  • Economical price
  • Easy to store due to compact size
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty


  • The temperature doesn’t hold close to the setting

Wrap Up

Though Pit Boss 340 pellet grill is small, but it has complete strength and durability. If you are a newbie for smoking or grilling, this is the convenient choice to dive into barbecuing with small introductory pellet smoker.

This pellet smoker is great for an individual or small families. But cooking for a large family with this grill is quite challenging due to its small size.

So, grab this grill now, be a grill master in no time and enjoy the pellet grilling anywhere.


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