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Top 10 Best Meat Grinders For Deer Review (Updated 2019)

Best meat grinder for deer

If you are a meat lover who trying for a healthier lifestyle, then meat grinder is the best appliance you would have. The meat grinder helps you to avoid preservatives and chemicals included in prepackaged meat. Grinding meat at home allows you to better control over flavor and taste of the meat and you always assure about what goes into your food.

Deer meat is one of the delicious and tasty meats which is healthy too. You can enjoy various different recipes of ground deer meat by having a right meat grinder.

So, today we come up with the Top 10 Best meat grinders for deer. Before jump to the reviews, go through our comprehensive buying guide that helps you to pick your best one.

Nutritional Facts On Deer Meat

Best meat grinder for deer

Though deer meat is not a part of your diet, you can consume it as it is a healthy meat. If you want to incorporate it into your diet plan, it is vital to know the nutritional facts of deer meat.

1.Serving size

The recommended serving size of deer meat is three to four ounces. The serving size is similar to other meat. It contains only 33 calories and 1-grams fat per ounce.


The deer meat contains a good number of vitamins and minerals. It renders 15% intake of iron per three ounces that is daily suggested for adults.


The deer meat is a rich source of protein. It fulfills 50% of daily requirement of protein for women and men as well.


Deer meat is actually low in cholesterol. In 100gram of deer meat contains 66mg. of cholesterol. It is much less than other types of meat like chicken breast. A beef contains three times more cholesterol than a venison.

Nutrition Facts


Serving Size 1 Oz.
Calories 44.8
Total fat 0.9 gram
Saturated fat 0.4 g
Poly unsaturated fat 0.2 g
Mono unsaturated fat 0.2 g
Cholesterol 31.7 mg
Protein 8.6 gram
Sodium 15.3 mg
Potassium 94.9 mg
Total carbohydrate 0 g
Iron 7.0%
Zinc 5.2%





Deer Meat Grinding Tips

If you are going to process your deer meat own, here are some grinding tips that enhance the quality and taste of meat.

1.Right grinder

If you want to grind deer meat cleanly, you should own a right grinder. If your grinder is underpowered or knife is not as much sharp, you couldn’t get your meat cleanly grind.

2.Keep things clean

Sanitation is very important when grinding a meat. Before you start to grind, keep the things clean- the grinder, hands, the tools and work area.

3.Keep cold

Before grinding a deer meat, cut it into pieces that easily accommodate in your grinder. Keep it in freezer below 40 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes.

4.Add some fat

The venison is very lean meat. So, it becomes dry and less flavorful after grinding. Adding some extra fats makes ground meat juicier. The amount of fat to add depends on personal preference.

5.Grind it twice

When you buy a grinder, it comes with two or three grinding plates. You can grind meat coarse, medium and fine with these plates. We recommend you to grind it twice that helps to break tough cuts of meat. Primarily grind with a coarse plate and then with the fine plate.

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What Is The Best Meat Grinder For Deer?


Currently, meat grinders are constructed of stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. Stainless steel meat grinders are most durable among them.


Before buying a meat grinder, you should decide on how much meat you are going to process each time. So that you can buy a meat grinder accordingly.


Different meat grinder comes with different accessories. It includes sausage attachment, juicer attachment, cutting plates etc. check out the several accessories to broaden your culinary choices.

4.The motor

The motor is a power source for a meat grinder to perform functions. The meat grinder comes with the motor power ranging from 350 watts up to 750 watts. If you are going to deal with large batches of meat choose the meat grinder with a powerful motor.


There are different meat grinder brands available in the market out there. Some of them come with basic functions and some of with fancy bells and whistles. Select a meat grinder that matches to your budget and requirement.

Top 10 Best Meat Grinder For Deer

1.Weston (10-3201-W) Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder

Weston is a trusted brand that constantly manufacturing high-quality meat grinders. The Weston (10-3201-W) Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder is no any exception. This meat grinder that easily grinds 12-18 lbs of meat per minute.

It is equipped with 2HP/ 1500W motor which is permanently lubricated. This ensures smooth running of meat grinder for longer period. Its steel gears aids for quiet operation as well as enhances durability.

Weston brand also takes care of safety while designing this meat grinder which important aspect safety of user. It has non slip rubber feet for stable operation. This meat grinder also featured with tray guard which keeps your hand safe while operating the grinder. The appliance comes with 5 year long warranty.


1.The powerful motor of the grinder is permanently lubricated for smooth operation.

2.It has user-friendly sturdy handle makes it easy to carry and transport.

3. The meat grinder has slip resistant rubber feet for stability.

4.It is easy to assemble and disassemble meat grinder.

5.The meat grinder comes with tray cover to store the grinder safely.

6. It comes with reverse function which prevents clogging issue.


1.This meat grinder is heavy in weight.

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2. LEM Products W779A Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric #8-Meat Grinder

LEM brand constantly brings innovation to game processing. LEM products W779A meat grinder is ideal to process own venison and making own pet food. It is fixed by induction motor with a run capacitor. The meat grinder has solid stainless-steel housing. All the gears are made of metal having a roller bearing for long-lasting performance. This meat grinder is quiet when in use. The grinder grinds up to 420 lbs meat per hour. It has large capacity food tray having a diameter of 11-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ that accommodates a large quantity of meat. The grinder has rifled head that allows ease of second grind and stuffing without stomper. It has an optional footswitch for a handsfree operation that helps for keeping on/off switch clean.


1.It comes in sleek, compact and attractive design.

2.The big bite technology accommodates large pieces of meat.

3.The meat grinder is provided with the cleaning kit for the easy cleaning process.

4.It has auto shut off safety feature. When grinder gets clogged, the motor will shut automatically.


1.It comes with a small feeding tube. So, you have to cut the meat into small pieces before insert into feed chute.

2.The grinder comes with two grinding plates i.e medium and high. The medium grinding plate is not provided.

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Watch out the following video review of this meat grinder.

3. Della 1400Watt Industrial Electric Meat Grinder

If you are looking for budget-friendly meat grinder to process your deer meat, then this Della 1400Watt Industrial Electric Meat Grinder is best alternative you have. This meat grinder offers best optimization features with versatility and ease of use at affordable price range.

This is a powerful meat grinder packed with 1400W motor which is makes it capable to grind toughest meat. It grinds meat 3 to 4 pounds per minute. The grinder is perfect for deer, venison, elk and making sausage, meatloaf. It comes with 3 grinding plates-Coarse, medium and fine.


  1. The stainless steel construction and removable head makes this meat grinder simple to clean.
  2. There is convenient storage for attachments inside the stomper.
  3. You can process large meat cuts with wide throat of meat grinder.
  4. It has safety circuit breaker which prevents motor burn out issue.
  5. With compact design it doesn’t takes up so much counter space.


  1. It generates loud noise while operating.

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4. STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Electric Meat Grinder

If you are looking for high-quality meat grinder which offers maximum functionality and durability, then STX 3000-MF meat grinder is quite the best choice. It is featured with an air-cooled motor that makes it stand out from its competitors. This helps to prevent the motor from overheating. It comes with a locked motor of 3000Watts. The grinder has 3 speeds high, low and reverse. It has a 2 ½ inch output diameter and feed tube having a 2-inch diameter. You can grind over 200 pounds of meat in an hour. The tempered stainless-steel grinding plates come in three sizes- coarse, medium and fine. It includes accessories such as beaner plate, 3 stainless steel cutting blades, 3 sausage stuffing tubes and kubbe attachment.

Due to the industrial strength powerful motor, compact size, the sleek and stylish design makes it perfectly reliable for home use.


1.It has a circuit breaker for safety.

2.This is a lightweight, compact but powerful meat grinder.

3.The grinder operates quietly.

4.All the gears inside the grinder are made of steel which makes it sturdy and durable.

5.It is easy to use and maintain.

6.The grinder comes with a lot of standard accessories.


1.The parts of the meat grinder are not dishwasher safe.

Below is the video that shows how it efficiently grind the raw meat. Take a look.

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5. Avan-Pacific UMG-1801 ETL#8 Meat Grinder

Avan-Pacific UMG-1801 meat grinder is ETL certified that offers over 80%longer life than other meat grinders available in the market. It comes with a stylish two-tone metallic design that looks elegant in your kitchen. This meat grinder able to grind all kinds of meat with its 400W motor. The motor is designed specially to decrease the chances of burnouts for safety purpose. It operates at a fast rate as it can grind 3 pounds meat per minute. The grinder comes with 3 grinding plates and 3 sausage tubes that enables you to control over the grind of meat.


1.It is light in weight as it weighs only less than 10 pounds.

2.The grinder comes with circuit breaker system.

3.It is simple to operate with its illuminated button control system.

4.The meat grinder is designed to comply with UL safety standards ensuring a high level of safety.

5.This meat grinder is very easy to clean with its stainless-steel housing.


1.It makes loud noise while operating.

2.The plunger is not much strong.

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Watch the video for quick look at this Avan Pacific meat grinder.

6. Best Choice Products 1200 W Electric Meat Grinder

If you are looking for budget friendly meat grinder for deer processing, then Best choice products meat grinder is best choice for you. Its 1200W powerful motor and high grade stainless steel blade capable to cut any kind of meat. You can process beef, pork ,turkey and other tough game. The grinder comes with 3 grinder plates which grind meat coarse, medium and fine. It can grind 3 to 4 pound meat per minute.


1.It comes with reversal setting which prevents clogging.

2.The grinder comes with an additional kubbe and sausage attachment, meat pusher and cover .

3. It is efficient to grind fruits and veggies too.


1.There is rusting issue after use.

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7. Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Electric Stainless-Steel Meat Grinder

Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Electric meat grinder is a budget-friendly meat grinder under $100 as strong as to handle a whole deer. It is upgradation to the Sunmile SM-G31 ETL meat grinder. This grinder comes in moderately heavy body with the high powered motor. It is equipped with a 400W motor and 800W max locked power. The grinder is capable of grinding 170 lbs meat per hour. It is constructed with stainless-steel wrapped body and polished cast aluminum grinding head. The stainless-steel construction ensures less noisy operation. The grinder comes with the large tray to ensure continuity in grinding large batches of meat without needing to stop. It is simple to operate with on/off switch. You can keep it in standby mode before starting the next grinding job.


1.It is fast and easy to use a meat grinder.

2.This is an affordable grinder under $100.

3.It is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.

4.The meat grinder is a lightweight and portable device.

5.It has a reverse switch to avoid clogging and circuit breaker for safety.


1.Some users experience clogging issue.

2.The parts are not dishwasher safe.

3.Gears are made of plastic that makes it less durable.

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8. Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder

Waring Pro MG855 is professional quality meat grinder which is built solid and sturdy. It is packed with 350W motor power and having 1000W high peak output. The large hopper made from die-cast aluminum. The grinder comes with 3 cutting plates of the coarse, medium and fine grind. It has two sausage attachments for thin and fat sausages. These sausage attachments you can store inside the pusher. It weighs about 12 pounds, so it is a portable device. The user guide and sausage recipes are provided with the grinder.


1. It is a versatile meat grinder as you can grind fish, poultry, meat, vegetables, and sausages.

2. It allows for stable operation as it doesn’t wobble during operation.

3. This grinder comes with the hopper which is larger than usual meat grinders.

4. The UL and CUL approved appliance is backed up by a 5-year warranty.


1. It makes noise when in use.

2. Internal gears are made of plastic which is prone to wear.

3. The parts of the meat grinders should be washed by hand as they are not dishwasher safe.

Watch the following video that shows how this meat grinder works perfectly.

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9. Sunmile SM-G73 Electric Meat Grinder

If you want to buy a meat grinder without breaking the bank then Sunmile SM-G73 meat grinder is a perfect option for you. The device comes with an aluminum body having stainless steel wrapping with good ventilation. It is equipped with 600W rated motor power and 1000W maximum power. The grinder has enough power to grind deer, pork and other kinds of meat. It is capable to grind 185 lbs of meat per hour.

The grinder comes with the safety feature of circuit breaker that prevents the motor from overheating. This grinder has large capacity meat tray and feeding tube that are made of aluminum. It has three buttons to control- on/off, a reverse and a reset. The grinder comes with the accessories such as 1 stainless steel grinder blade, 3 cutting plates, 3 sausage attachments, 1 food pusher.


1. The meat grinder comes in an affordable price range. So, it is one of the best meat grinders for the money.

2.This is a lightweight appliance.

3. It has a reverse function that prevents clogging.

4. This is easy to assemble and use.


1. Internal gears are made of plastic material.

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10. Shield Distribution 2.6 Hp 2000W Meat Grinder

Shield Distribution meat grinder comes with compact design. As it has 2.6 Hp 200oW motor, it can grind large batches of meat at once. You can grind pounds of meat without clogging. It is a multipurpose meat grinder. This can grind meat coarse, medium and fine with different cutting accessories comes with the grinder. It is constructed of white plastic and metal base, which has storage space for attachments.


1.It is easy to clean grinder.

2. Due to compact design needs small storage place.

3. It comes with storage place for accessories.


1. It generates loud noise while processing but it can process sinewy parts of of deer meat.

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These are The Top 10 Best Meat Grinders For Deer. If you go through our buying guide that will help you to make buying decision easy and choose your best meat grinder for deer. You can process your own tasty meat by having a right meat grinder. It also saves your bucks spending on to hire a butcher for this job.  So, these meat grinders are worth your investment.

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