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7 Best Bacon Meat Slicers Review (Buying Guide)

Best Bacon Meat Slicer
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Are you planning to buy a meat slicer for making delicious meat recipes at home?

Then, this is the smart and healthy option that will save your time and money as well.

Formerly, meat slicers are only used for commercial intent.

But now a day, it becomes essential appliance for home use, as people are becoming more conscious about healthy living.

Meat slicer will save your time considerably by making culinary chores fast.

You will save your money spent on sliced meat bought from grocery stores over the time as well.

Now you can create your own sliced meat whenever you need by using the meat slicer.

If you are craving for homemade bacon or looking for a best bacon meat slicer, then you came at the right place.

We recommend you to go through our buying guide which will help you to choose the best.

What Is Bacon And Where Does It Come From?

The term ‘Bacon’ originated from the word French ‘Baco’ and Germanic ‘Bakkon’ that commonly refers to back.

It was a Middle English term generally used for all porks. The breeds of pig specially raised for making bacon.

Actually, Bacon is the side of the pork or fatty sides of pork belly. This meat is cured and smoked before you cook.

It is fully loaded with fats but these fats are actually good for health. Bacon also has some fat which provides the flavour and crispiness.

Bacon should be cooked properly before consuming it, to remove out the fat, if necessary and to kill possible pathogens.

Is Bacon Red Meat Or White?

Best Bcon Meat Slicer

Bacon meat comes under the red meat category.

Red meat can be comprised as a part of your healthy diet, if consumed in right quantity.

Consuming a lot of red meat can cause health issues.

The Department of Health advised people to consume up to 70-gram red meat per day.

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Bacon Meat And Fat Facts

As you know, bacon meat contains a high amount of fats.

There is 50% monounsaturated fats, whereas majority part includes oleic acid. The oleic acid is known as heart healthy element.

There is 40% saturated fat, which contains a decent amount of cholesterol but saturated fat is not unsafe.

There is 10% polyunsaturated fatty acids found in bacon which depends on their diet.

Actually, they are bad fats. So choose the bacon from pastured pigs which has a natural diet, then there is no problem to consume it.

Health Benefits Of Bacon Meat

Many of folks claim that bacon consists of high fat and consuming it leads to hazardous health issues.

But this is not completely true. Bacon has many health benefits if it is consumed in precise quantity.

Following are the health benefits of consuming bacon that encourage you to include it in your healthy diet plan.

1.High source of nutrients

Bacon has a great nutritional value as it contains zinc, Thiamine, Selenium and vitamin B12 that human body cannot produce naturally.

It also contains decent amounts of iron, magnesium, protein, phosphorus and potassium.

2.Heart protection

Bacon includes Omega-3 fatty acids that help to reduce cholesterol and perk ups heart health.

3.Reduce brain related issues

The bacon includes the component choline which helps to reduce the problems related to the brain.

4.Improves immunity level

Bacon is a great source of antioxidants like Zinc and Selenium.

These healthy antioxidants are essential for overall immunity system.

5.High energy

Bacon is a natural source of vitamin B. It aids to fight anemia and maintaining high energy level.

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How To Cure And Smoke Bacon At Home?

Check out the following video that shows how to cure and smoke bacon from pork belly at home.

How To Pick The Best Bacon Meat Slicer?

1.Manual or electric

In electric slicer, there is electric motor that moves the product tray back and forward.

It is reliable for slicing large quantity meat continuously.

On other hand, manual slicer needs to move carriage manually to feed the meat through the blade.

2.High horse power

Motor power is the important element when buying a meat slicer for bacon. Meat slicers come with different power ranges from 100 W to 240 W. ¼ Hp motor is reliable for slicing bacon.

High horse power slicers are useful for frequent and long term usage.

3.Product tray size

Normally meat slicers come with carriage that holds stuff around 7’’ to 10’’ diameter.

If you are slicing the meat larger, ensure that carriage is larger enough to hold the larger meat i.e.14’’ or more.

4.Thickness control

There is a thickness adjustment knob on meat slicer to control the thickness of slices.

You can choose thickness by adjusting the knob.

5.Size of blade

The entry level meat slicer comes with 9’’ and 10’’ blades. The mid tier and premium slicer have 12’’-14’’ blade size.

A non serrated blade having minimum 10’’ to 12’’ diameter is reliable for slicing bacon meat.

6.Safety features

The safety is a most important concern when buying a meat slicer as they come with large and sharp blades.

There are some meat slicers out there in the market comes with protective blade guards, non-slip feet at the bottom, safety lock to ensure the safety of users.

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Best Bacon Meat Slicers

1. Hobart Age 12- 1 1/2 HP Meat Slicer

Are you craving for does something exciting like professional chefs?

Then this Hobart Age 12- 1 ½ Hp meat slicer is the best choice. This meat slicer is perfect for medium duty slicing for meat, cheese, and vegetables.

The accuracy and consistency make it distinct from other cheap brands.  You can attain consistent paper thin slices of bacon by using this meat slicer.

It is engineered with an anodized aluminum housing that makes it strong and durable.

This slicer is packed with 1/3 HP motor with 12’’ non serrated carbon steel blade which works perfectly for bacon. It comes with rear mounted removable meat grip and 6” cord.


  1. Large carriage and slide rod

It has a large carriage and slide rod extension that accommodates largest meat loaf competently. This slicer can hold up to 10’’wide by 7 ½ high food.

  1. Safety

Hobart also took care about safety while designing this meat slicer which is an essential aspect.

This slicer has gauge plate and carriage system interlock for safety purpose. It meets the NSF standard that taken care of food as well as operator safety.

  1. Easy cleaning

It has an anodized aluminum base with smooth surfaces that makes cleaning breeze.

There are no crevices, where there is possibility of food to stuck and bacteria might grow.

It has removable carriage system for deep cleaning and sanitization.

  1. Powerful motor

It is fixed with 1/3 HP powerful motor to work consistently. It is powerful enough to do a majority of slicing work efficiently.

  1. Quiet operation

It has sturdy poly V-belt drive system for top notch performance. It operates quieter than other slicer brands.

  1. 45-degree gravity feed

It is equipped with 45-degree angle of feed. It enables you gravity feed, that is lacking in most of the other models.


  1. Expensive

It is an expensive higher end meat slicer model. But looking at the overall performance and quality, it is one of the best slicers for bacon. You will certainly get what you pay for.

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2. KWS Premium 420 watt Electric Meat Slicer

KWS brand is popular for its best quality small appliances and meat slicers.

This KWS premium 420W meat slicer is semi automatic device which is specially designed for commercial kitchen, deli, farms, butchers shop and home use.

This is featured with 12’’ blades high-quality stainless steel blade which is perfect for bacon slicing.

This slicer is constructed of an aluminum alloy that makes it durable and long lasting.

It has a removable product tray that accommodates the slices up to 11(L)x 8.5(W)x 8(H).

This slicer has skid proof rubber feet to secure the slicer on the countertop while operating. It comes with one additional whetstone and one additional belt.


1. It is a versatile slicer great for slicing meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruits effortlessly.

2. This slicer has efficient sharpening system as it is built with dual whetstone sharpener.

3. It is equipped with a 420 W high-quality copper motor that operates quietly and delivers consistent result without any fail.

4.This appliance is ETL NSF FDA approved, assures durability and safety.

5.It is easy to assemble, use and disassemble.


1. As this device is heavy, can’t be moved easily.

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3. Chef’s Choice 615A Premium Electric Food Slicer

Chef’s Choice is one of the popular brands in U.S. They are manufactured by Edgecraft for slicing bacon at home or good enough for small business owners. 

Chef Choice 615A premium food slicer has cast aluminum and stainless steel housing make it sturdy and durable.

It is equipped with 7” stainless steel blade, competently slices the food from deli thin to ¾ inch thick slices.

The tilted food carriage enables it quick and efficient slicing. The best thing about this slicer is precision thickness control system to adjust the thickness accordingly.

It has a large capacity carriage that holds easily large pieces of meat.  You can find an excellent balance between price and quality.


1.It comes with 120 W high torque motor with smooth gear drive that is reliable for continuous slicing operation.

2.It is easy to clean food slicer as a blade, food carriage, food pusher, food deflector and thickness guide are easily removable for cleaning.

3.It has a special button which secures food carriage in lock position to limit the access of blade when the slicer is not in use.

4.This slicer comes with an economical price that renders almost professional quality results.


1.Some users have an issue with the blade as it has low RPM.

2.The serrated blade comes with this unit that slices bacon meat untidily. So you will have to pay little extra bucks for getting non serrated blades to slice bacon meat precisely.

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Watch out the following video that shows how this slicer works with BBQ smoked pork loin.

4. Avantco SL310 10’’ Manual Gravity Feed Meat Slicer

Looking for a high-quality professional meat slicer that is not going to hurt your wallet?

Then Avantco SL310 meat slicer is a smart option. 

Avantco SL310 is high-quality meat slicer comes in a compact design. This is perfect for light duty operations, if usage is less than 1 hour per day.

It is made with high-quality aluminum for long lasting use.

Avantco is equipped with a stainless steel blade that resists corrosion and maintains a sharp edge for slicing job.

It comes with large product tray that accommodates foods up to 8’’ wide by 6 ½’’ high.


1.It is sleek and compact meat slicer that makes it easy to store.

2.This slicer has a fixed ring guard for safety purpose. It prevents the unintentional contact with the blade.

3.It comes with convenient built-in sharpening assembly.

4.This slicer model has a powerful motor with ¼ HP powers that delivers consistent results.

5.The product tray is large enough to hold bacon easily.


1.The cutting platform is almost vertical. So you waste some amount of meat when it is dragged under the blade and pushed out in front of the slicer.

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Check out the following video that shows how efficiently it slices the meat.

Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

Kitchener 9-inch Professional food slicer comes in a compact design with robust premium coated steel and die-cast aluminium housing.

It is equipped with belt-driven 150 W motor which can make any kind of food slices.

You can slice meat, hard cheese, bread, firm vegetables with this slicer.

It has removable 8 5/8” blade which made up of stainless steel. Due to stainless steel material, the blade is rustproof.

The slicer has teeth on the food pusher that ensures safety and control.

Its adjustable thickness control knob capable to make slices from deli thin to 5/8” thick.


  1. Premium coated steel and die-cast aluminium housing ensures durability.
  2. The slicer is easy to clean as all the parts can be removed easily for cleaning.
  3. Its suction feet located at the bottom allows for stability while slicing.
  4. You can adjust the slice thickness with thickness control knob.
  5. It is a versatile slicer can slice variety of food.


  1. The meat pusher’s teeth could have little larger as the meat pusher’s teeth cannot hold the meat in place precisely.

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6. Best Choice Products New 10″ Premium Quality Meat Cheese Food Slicer

Best Choice products new 10’’ slicer is professional grade slicer reliable for commercial as well as home use.

It works great for large batches of cheese, mutton, ham, bread, bacon, fruits and vegetables.

This semi automatic appliance featured with 240-watt belt driven powerful motor.

This rugged machine constructed with stainless steel and forged aluminum material.

It is featured with fashion tilted design and On/ Off switch with a waterproof cover for fast and easy use.

There are heat output holes under the meat slicer which helps in dissipating heat.


1. It has skid proof rubber feet for safe operation.

2. This device comes with 10’’ non serrated blades which are ideal for bacon slicing.

3. There is a numerical scale knob to adjust the thickness of meat from 0 to 17 mm.

4. It has built in dual whetstone that helps for sharpening blade safely.


1.Assembly and disassembly are time consuming and cleaning is also a cumbersome task.

2.It takes up considerable counter space due to a huge design of slicer.

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7. Nesco FS-10 200watt Food Slicer

Nesco FS-10 food slicer is one of the best bacon meat slicer for domestic use.

It is all-in-one food slicer that slices various kinds of food such as meat, cheese, bread, fruits and veggies as per thickness you desire.

This slicer is fixed with powerful 200 W AC motor which renders quality slices.

It is equipped with 9.8’’ stainless steel blade to slice food in various size and shapes.

The variable thickness control knob accommodates for 9.16’’ thickness range. The all metal finish and stainless steel blade makes it durable slicer.


1. This food slicer accommodates a wide range of food sizes and shapes.

2. It is easy to clean slicer as slide bar and carriage are removable.

3,Due to light in weight, it is easy to move.

4.It has a heavy metal base which provides a firm grip on the countertop.


1.Some users claim that the blade of the slicer moves at very slow speed.

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Closing Thoughts

So, this is the list of the Best bacon meat slicer. If you desire for professional slicing for bacon, you should get hold of the quality meat slicer.

This also makes your other culinary chores easy.

The right meat slicer saves your time, money and efforts considerably. We do hope our guide will help you to choose best slicer which suits your needs.


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