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Best Tape for Rubber Mats

best tape for rubber mats
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Do you need your rubber mat to stay in one place?

Well, an adhesive carpet tape is really the best bet for you to prevent it from sliding or moving.

A carpet tape is a specific tape designed for applications regarding the placement of a rug, mat or a carpet on the floor.

You can use them for joining a couple of mat pieces together, keep them fixed in a place or close off their sometimes-sharp raw edges.

Apart from understanding what kind of requirement you have, you’ll also need to choose the best tape for your rubber mat, carpet or rug.

If you are in hurry, here’s our top pick:

XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Tape for Rubber Mats

Following are the key factors you need to take into consideration before buying the best tape for rubber mat.


Ensure that the quality of the tape is high enough to withstand your activities on the rubber mat including exercise, increasing underfoot comfort over carpets etc.

Tensile Strength and stickiness

It’s important to analyze whether you want to secure a mat or a carpet for a long period or just want to set it there temporarily.

Depending on this, you’ll have to select a high, medium or low-strength tape.

Versatility in Use

It’s an adhesive tape after all, you can use it on things other than a mat or a carpet.

It can help you secure a pet bowl in one place or help you bind two different carpet pieces together.

Make sure that your carpet tape is versatile enough to stick to existing textile, hardwood floors or textured surfaces as well.


Some carpet tapes have such strong adhesive properties that they may damage the places they’ve been applied to when you remove them.

Select your tape according to where you’re going to use them and whether they’ll damage it or not.


If you’re applying the tape with another textile, make sure it will work on that fabric.

High Shear Stress Resistance 

If you’re going to have pets or kids running around over the mats, make sure your tape has a high resistance to shear stress.

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Best Tape for Rubber Mats

XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape

XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape for Area Rugs, Residue-Free, 2-Inch x 30 Yards; Wood Safe 2 Faced Rug Tape for Carpet to Floor and Rug to Carpet Applications

XFasten is one of the market leaders when it comes to adhesive tapes and its Double Sided Carpet Tape is a product you can count on.

You can order XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape in a variety of reel sizes and apply it to a wide range of uses in offices, schools, businesses, restaurants or homes.

You can depend on its silicone adhesive to be secure and provide a durable grip.

No matter you want to apply it on vinyl, wood, tiles or on another carpet or mat, you’ll find it to be compatible.

It’s great with removability too and isn’t likely to damage the surfaces its applied to.

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  • Based on a strong poly-carbonate foundation and fabric finish
  • Easy installation
  • Friendly with removal


  • The width of the tape is too thin and can develop wrinkles


Kraftex Double Sided Carpet Tape

Double Sided Carpet Tape 90ft/30Yrd Roll Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty for Rugs, Mats, Pads & Runners. Rug Tape for Hardwood Floors, Tile, Laminate. 2 Sided Unique Adhesive Heavy Duty Double Stick Tape  

The 90 feet long reel from Kraftex Double Sided Carpet Tape provides you with enough tape to do just about anything.

It’s thorough and will give you a professional finishing no matter where or how you apply it.

It can help you ground your floor matting, fix your carpets and secure them in one place firmly.

It can work great with any surface and will provide you with confidence of secure and rigid adhesion.

Its fiber-web mesh on the back is excellent for high-quality protection and sticking. Easy-peel makes its application simple and manageable.

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  • 90 feet long
  • Super-strong adhesion
  • Great for wooden floors
  • Water-resistant for outdoor applications


  • It can damage laminate flooring

YYXLIFE Double Sided Carpet Tape

Due to its versatility with a lot of flooring materials, YYXLIFE Double Sided Carpet Tape is an excellent choice for your applications in a wide range of taping needs.

Its versatility with flooring types like hardwood, tile etc. makes it suitable for numerous environments.

The total length of its reel measures 10 yards while its width stands at around 2 inches.

You can use it for any of your interior décor experiments or in your car to secure your rubber mats in place.

It comes with a lifetime guarantee, is free of chemical stench and its removability is a lot better than many others.

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  • The tape is just 0.0078 inches thick
  • Excellent for high-traffic areas in the house
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Not too good with other textiles

Sugarman Creations Strongest Double Sided Carpet Tape

If you’re looking for a tape to use in an extensive carpeting job, as a professional outside working carpets in offices, hotels and schools or in your own house as a DIY enthusiast, Sugarman Creations has one of the strongest adhering tapes to offer you.

Sugarman Creations Double sided tape has very high-tension stickiness properties that can confidently ground any mat or carpet firmly.

The 40-yard length is enough for any one-time project and is durable enough to last long.

It’s compatible with most of the surfaces and can be applied to them quite easily no matter what’s the environment.

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  • Can be used by professionals
  • Very high-tension hold and adhesion
  • Great for stair treads
  • Good rug-on-rug hold


  • Extremely strong for some surfaces

Meister Double-Sided XL Floor Mat Tape

Meister’s XL Floor Mat Tape is double-sided and is ideal for fulfilling bigger demands and a good choice for all your professional needs.

Whether you need to install yoga mats at the gym or place rubber mats in the bathroom, the Meister Tape is guaranteed to ensure safe footing and keep residue at the minimum.

it can be quite easy for you to apply the tape despite its heavy-duty adhesive properties and its larger size.

It won’t leave any adhesive residue either upon removal in case you ever need to.

It’s an industry-standard tape that will last for a lot of years.

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  • Free of removal residue
  • Suitable for a lot of surfaces and substances
  • Industrial-grade tape


  • May not be suitable for residential purposes


Carpets and mats are an important part of a home and its décor.

It’s important to take care of them and keep them in the correct position and place. This is where carpet tapes come in.

There is an overwhelming variety of tapes available in the market, which can make a smart buyer confused to make the correct choice.

The ones we curated in this guide are all top-of-the-line products but in order to make things even easier for you, we would love to recommend the XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape as the clear winner because of its versatility, strength and durability.


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