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Best Tape for LED Strips (Complete Guide)

best tape for LED strips
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LED strips, also referred to as ribbon or LED tape lights have received a surge of appeal lately, owing mostly for their aesthetic effects.

Today, LED strip lights are used in several different environments including residential, commercial, and retail spaces.

LED strip lights are easy to install for the most part, but the adhesive on the ribbon lights is not always the highest quality, which causes the strip to not bond well with some surfaces.

If your LED strip lights aren’t mounting well to the surface, you have a few solutions to choose from — add extra adhesive, use LED strip mounting clips or the best tape for LED strips.

Can You Put Tape on LED Strips?

Even though most of the high-quality LED strips feature a 3M adhesive backing, it often isn’t strong enough or may degrade over time, causing the LED strip lights to fall off.

Another thing worth mentioning is that even top-quality adhesives don’t perform well in humid or moist environments, as the excess heat affects the consistency of the adhesive, and makes it less durable.

For superior, and long-term support for the LED lights, adding tape along with the adhesive is an excellent solution i.e. if you haven’t installed the LED strip lights already.

If the installed LED strip lights have fallen off due to poor quality adhesive, reinstalling with tape will provide the right amount of support for a long period of time.

What Kind of Tape Do You Use for LED Lights?

You can go ahead and use clear packing tape to secure your LED strip lights, but packing tape does have an expiration date.

So, using packing tape to secure install LED strip lights can be considered as a temporary solution.

The best tape for LED lights is double sided tape, and here’s why!

Double sided tapes just as the name would suggest feature strong adhesive on both sides of the tape, which allows them to bond well to the surface.

Double sided tape when applied to the LED lights is also literally invisible, so it will not affect the appeal of the LED strips.

How to Keep LED Strips from Falling Off?

LED strip lights boast a low-profile design, are extremely versatile, and provide great accent lighting in areas where they are installed.

However, as mentioned earlier, some surfaces don’t bond well with the adhesive backing, hence the LED strips won’t stick to the wall for a longer period.

To prevent LED strip lights from falling off, the first most important thing to do is thoroughly clean the surface where you’re going to mount the LED strip lights to ensure it is free from dust, moisture, water, etc.

Next, it is recommended that you dab some extra adhesive along the LED light strip.

If you don’t want to use extra adhesive, you can use LED strip fixing clips, but the downside to using clips is that screwing them into place is a time-consuming process.

Adding double sided tape along every two inches or so to the LED light strip ensures that it gets twice the amount of support when installed in your desired location.

Plus, most of the best tapes for LED strips are waterproof, and offer strong resistance to moisture and humidity.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Tape for LED Strips

Since not all tapes for LED strips are created alike, here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best tape for ribbon light.

Tape Measurements

There are two variants of double-sided tape to choose from – thick and thin, where the former of often a better choice for hanging LED strip lights.

You should also check the width of the LED strip and then compare it with the width of the tape to ensure that it won’t stick out like a sore thumb when installed.

Temperature and Natural Elements

Check the double-sided tape before you buy to make sure that it can withstand the temperatures where the LED strips will be installed.

Some LED light strip tape may be better at resisting warm temperatures than cold weather temperatures.

Surface Type

LED strip light double sided tape will generally bond well to all types of surfaces, but it’s always wise to check the manufacturer label to see if there are certain surfaces the respective tape will not bond with.

5 Best Tapes for LED Strips

Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty, HitLights

Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty, HitLights Two Sided Adhesive Tape Picture Hanging Strips, VHB Mounting Tape Foam Tape Waterproof Double Sided Tape for Walls Poster, 0.4 Inch x 32 Feet

The HitLights double sided tape is our top choice for several reasons, starting with its compatibility with several different types of surfaces including wood, glass, plastic, metal and stone.

This industrial strength double sided LED strip mounting tape measures 32-feet in length, 0.4-inches wide, and has a slim 0.03-inch thickness.

Speaking of strength, the HitLights LED strip light tape can hold up to an impressive 3 lbs. per square inch at room temperature, and is resistant to water and high temperatures.

Further, it can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, and can be used for several other purposes such as name plates, signs, carpet fixing, and much more.

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  • Compatible with including wood, glass, plastic, metal and stone surfaces
  • Measures 32-feet length, 0.4-inches wide, and 0.03-inch thickness
  • Resistant to high temperatures and water
  • Can hold 3 lbs per square inch


  • Not recommended for wallpaper, fabrics, textured wall and brick

HitLights Waterproof VHB Mounting Tape

Slotting in at the #2 position on this list of best tapes for LED lights is another model from the HitLights product lineup.

This HitLights LED strip light tape is different from our #1 pick in that it is less longer at 16-feet, but wider at 0.94 inches and is thicker at 0.024 inches.

This industrial grade LED light strip mounting tape bonds well with myriad different surfaces including wood, plastic, glass, stone and metal, and is made from 3M VHB 5925 acrylic foam.

Further, it is coated with a high strength adhesive on both sides, and boasts superior holding power of 3 lbs per square inch at room temperature.

The HitLights LED strip mounting lights offer unmatched resistance to moisture, humidity, extreme temperatures and water, and are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

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  • 16ft length, 0.94-inch width and 0.024-inch thickness
  • Compatible with wood, plastic, glass, stone and metal
  • Made from 3M VHB 5925 acrylic foam


  • Removing the tape may be a bit challenging

3M Double Sided Tape, HitLights Heavy Duty Mounting Tape

The 3M double sided tape measures 32ft in length, 0.4-inch width, is 0.03 inches thick, and can handle up to 90 lbs per square inch, making it a great choice to hang LED strip lights, or heavy items such as posters, teaching materials, greenhouse tarp, and much more.

It works well with wood, cement and stone, and features foam on both sides, resulting in a string hold on a variety of different surfaces.

This waterproof LED strip light tape can be used both indoors and outdoors, and even in damp locations.

Further, this LED strip light tape is easy to use by simply peeling off the tape and sticking it to the surface of the LED strip, and then to the surface.

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  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with wood, cement and stone
  • Can handle up to 90 lbs per square inch
  • Foam on both sides
  • Width – 0.94inch; Thickness – 0.024inch, Length – 16FT


  • May be a little thin for certain applications

AWSOM LED Strip Lights Adhesive Tape

The AWSOM tape is designed specifically to hang LED light strips, and can be used to bond with a plethora of different surfaces including wood, glass, ceramic, metal and plastic.

This double-sided mounting tape offers top notch shock absorption properties, and is resistant to cracking, solvents and high temperatures.

The AWSOM LED strip light tape measures 32.8 feet in length, 0.4 inches in width, and is 0.04 inches thick, and can be used for several applications including hanging glass curtain wall attachments, and for automotive and manufacturing applications.

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  • Measures 32.8 feet – length, 0.4” width, and is 0.04” thick
  • Shock absorption, resistant to cracking
  • solvents and high temperatures
  • compatible with Wood, glass, ceramic, metal and plastic


  • not much strong adhesion

Lvyinyin Double Sided Adhesive Tape

The Lvyinyin double sided adhesive tape measures 33 feet in length, 0.4 inches wide, and is 0.04 inches thick.

It creates pressure sensitive bonds, and can be fitted easily, with no heating, and no screwing needed.

Further, it is resistant to water and moisture, and can also be installed outdoors or damp locations.

Both sides of the Lvyinyin LED strip light tape features modified acrylic adhesive, which allows it to bond with a wide range of surfaces including powder coated paints.

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  • Measures 33 feet – length, 0.4” wide, and is 0.04” thick
  • Resistant to water and moisture
  • Can be used indoors and damp locations


  • Limited to 1 color option


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