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Best Tape for Epoxy Pours-The Ultimate Guide

Best tape for epoxy pours
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Epoxy resin has a very good gluing property, but during mold pouring, we shall need to know the surfaces to which resin doesn’t stick to.

When you are building epoxy pours, you have two options to prevent the sticking of the epoxy resin to the base mold substrate.

One option is to use the material of the mold or forms or pours that the epoxy is not gonna stick to.

The second option is to provide some protective lining over the mold to which the epoxy shall not stick.

For the second option, we need to use tapes along with mold release sprays or wax.

While making my art jewelry, I wanted to use tape in my epoxy pour.

After doing a lot of research, I came to know that there are a variety of tapes available to avoid epoxy resins getting stick to molds.

Today, Here we are gonna discuss, best tapes for epoxy pours, so that you can select the right one for your application.

If you are in hurry, here is our top pick:

Tuck Tape Construction Grade Sheathing Tape

What is the Use of Epoxy Pour Tape?

 Tapes act as a protective barrier between the epoxy resin and the mold.

On one hand, it prevents the epoxy from getting absorbed into the mold material and on the other hand, it helps in easily releasing the resin jewelry and castings from the mold after curing.

This also ensures that the mold doesn’t get damaged and distorted while extracting the final product from it. Otherwise, it would affect the quality of subsequent output from the mold.

Some tapes don’t work well with epoxy resins and it absorbs the epoxy instead of releasing it with ease.

Using the right epoxy resin barrier tape is essential for making decent and neat resin art and crafting work.

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When to Remove Tape from Epoxy Mold?

When we use mold release tape on the workpiece, to prevent dripping of resin over the work piece, it is worthwhile to note that the tape shall be removed as soon as the epoxy resin is dry to the touch after pouring, but before 24 hours from the start of curing.

This is because when the resin is still in the process of curing, it is soft and pliable and it becomes easy to remove the tape before 24 hrs mark.

You can then pull the tape off later as well, when the resin sets fully, but removing the tape that time becomes quite a task partly because of its sticky property and partly because of the cured resin drips over it.

How to Create an Epoxy Resin Dam With the Tape?

If you simply want to make thick epoxy resin work like river table, we need to create a dam over the workpiece for that it is necessary to mask off the edges with suitable tape.

Using the right tools and epoxy resin kit makes the job much easier, isn’t it?

Below are the steps to be followed.

  1. Cut tape of required length depending on workpiece size.
  2. Fold the tape over itself such that its half-width is sticky and the other half is non-sticky and it shall face the dam.
  3. The sticky portion needs to be pasted to all-around side faces of the workpiece and the bottom edge of the non-sticky portion is to be kept just in-line with the top face of the table.
  4. The seams formed between the tape and workpiece can be filled with suitable primers so that the resin would not seep in and to arrest leakages if any.

Here you go! The Resin Dam is ready!

Sticky portion shall not come in contact with epoxy pour otherwise it will become difficult to remove the tape and it will leave residue behind on the epoxy pour artwork.

After epoxy pours curing, when the tape is removed, you would notice that the resin has formed raised edges and it is not flush with the plane of the workpiece due to surface tension of resin, what is known as the meniscus effect.

One way to deal with it is to rework the edges like sanding down or use an X-acto knife over the entire perimeter and apply another coat, but it is a time-consuming and costlier affair.

One technique to avoid meniscus getting formed is to keep the height of the tape just a fraction of an inch above the workpiece plane, so that resin just drips over the tape.

But need to ensure that the tape is properly sticking to the sides and bottom face of the workpiece and the right amount of resin is used for the given area of the workpiece.

What to Look for Before Buying Tapes For Epoxy Pours?

Let’s discuss some of the points you need to consider while buying tapes, so you know what you should be looking for in the product.

Adhesion strength

Different tapes provide various degrees of stickiness and can retain its adhesion properties for certain period of time, depending upon the tape brands.

A low tack results in bonding failure. For epoxy resin artwork heavy tack adhesion level is required to act as an epoxy sealant.

Tape Width

If you are planning for a very thick epoxy pour, then you need to select the width of the tape accordingly.

Especially when you are creating a dam sufficient width shall be available for folding tape over itself to ensure the non-sticky portion faces the epoxy.


One of the good qualities of tape is that it needs to be strong and shall not stretch.

If it stretches, it may sag in usage and would not provide the  desired leak-proof sealing joint, and also you could not get neat tape for reuse if any.

Surface texture

Basis feature that the tape shall have is that its non-sticky surface portion shall be flat, smooth, and has some glossy finish.

It ensures a quick release of the epoxy resin after curing.

If the surface is rough, there are high chances of epoxy getting stuck, and removing the art piece neatly becomes difficult.


While selecting tape, it is essential to consider the ease of application of tape on the mold surface.

The tape shall flex easily and form itself to the shape of the mold to optimum utilization of time.

Job duration

How long your project will take to complete and cure may affect the type of tape you use.

Check the packaging to determine how long adhesive backing will stay fresh and can be lifted off easily and then decide.

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Best Tape for Epoxy Pours

 Tuck Tape Construction Grade Sheathing Tape

Tuck Tape Construction Grade Sheathing Tape

This tuck tape is specially designed for sealing joints of sheathing material like wood, timber, gypsum, etc., the feature which is primeval for epoxy pour molds unless one uses melamine boards for molds.

The size of the roll is 60 mm wide x 66 m long (2.36 in. x 72 yards).

It has got strong adhesive property & adhesion strength is 44 N/100 mm

This tape adheres well with plastic, metal, and smooth surfaces which makes it suitable for multipurpose use and can be used as a vapor and air barrier tape.

It is a very strong tape and would not tear easily. It is frequently observed that tearing of tape while doing the job increases the time required for the work completion to a greater extent.

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  • Works great with epoxy pour projects
  • Aggressive acrylic adhesive
  • Air proof (doesn’t allow bubbles to seep in)
  • Strong and durable
  • Smooth surface


  • Tape sides are sticky and attract dust in a workshop environment

 Tyvek Sheathing Tape

Tyvek Sheathing Tape 1.88" x 164'

One should not get misguided by the name. This Tyvek Sheathing Tape can be used for multipurpose use.

The size of the roll is 48 mm X 50 m (1.88 in. x 54 yards)

If you’re a home-handyman type and looking for a good roll of tape, this is a good tape.

DuPont’s Tyvek tape is strong and has high tack adhesion.

In terms of performance, it is simply unique in all aspects for epoxy projects and resin art will pop apart the resin, quickly without damaging the mold/form.

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  • Good adhesion strength
  • Lasts a long time
  • Super tear-resistant
  • Heat resistant


  • Less flexible

AGN 134338 Shurtape HW-300 Housewrap Sheathing Tape

AGN 134338 Shurtape HW-300 Housewrap Sheathing Tape: 2-1/2" x 60 yd, Red/Black (Оne Расk) (Оne Расk)

The AGN 134338 Shurtape HW-300 Housewrap Sheathing Tape can be used for repair in any house wrap materials in addition to its usefulness for the epoxy pour job.

This tape can withstand vast application temperature ranges from 14° F to 176° F and humid conditions.

The size of the roll is 63.5 mm X 55 m (2.5 in X 60 yards).

It is an aggressive permanent adhesive with high shear and holding power capabilities.

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  • Very sticky
  • Effectively seals gaps, cracks, and crevices where air can easily enter
  • Multipurpose use
  • Vast application temperature


  • Average tear resistant

 APT Advanced Polymer Tape

APT,2 Mil Polyester Tape with Silicone Adhesive, PET Tape, high Temperature Tape, 3.5 mil Thickness, Powder Coating, E-Coating (2" x 72Yds (1 Roll), Green)

APT Advanced Polymer tape is a Polyester tape with Silicone Adhesive and has high Strength, very resistant to chemical attack.

Since it is very thin, it conforms to any given mold shape and can withstand high temperature.

It helps in keeping epoxy resin from sticking to drip board or form.

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  • Removes cleanly after use
  • High temperature resistant
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Resistant to abrasion


  • Medium adhesion strength

Gorilla Black Tough & Wide Duct Tape

Gorilla Black Tough & Wide Duct Tape, 2.88" x 30 yd, Black, (Pack of 1) This Gorilla Black Tough Duct Tape is especially useful if the thickness of epoxy resin art which you are planning is more since it has comparatively more width than other tapes for folding tape over itself while dam creation.

The size of the roll is 73 mm X 27 m (2.88 in. X 30 yards).

The strong reinforced backing and tight weave contributes to the heft, but Gorilla Tape can still be torn by hand.

This double thick adhesive tape surpasses ordinary duct tapes, making the list of uses virtually endless

It is a bit stiff like a sheet of vinyl, so it is very easy to unroll a segment to an exact length.

Because of this feature, this tape doesn’t roll over on itself avoiding crinkling or ruining several inches, which is what tends to happen if you’re not careful.

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  • Very wide
  • Unusually thick and sturdy
  • Easy handling
  • can tear by hand


  • May leave some residue behind while removing tape


Working with the color pigment added epoxy resin is always exciting. The more you involve, the more you will find interest in working with epoxy pour projects.

Out of all the tapes, tuck tape is my favorite choice as it is designed especially for sheathing application and has got a smooth surface which is essential for epoxy pour jobs.

It is very strong and has very high tack adhesion which prevents the formation of air bubbles and does the job of perfect sealing.

Since it has got many features that suit epoxy pour work, it is the best choice for the given application!


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