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Is Gaffer Tape Waterproof? Everything You’ll Need to Know!

Is gaffer tape waterproof
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Gaffer tape is one of the leading adhesive products which is most popular due to its unique properties.

It performs heavy-duty applications efficiently and is praised for its strong adhesion properties.

Initially, it is made for filmmaking, theatres, and photography studios.

But today its application is expanded to homes, garages, and many more.

So, nowadays the demand for gaffer tape is tremendously grown due to its versatile applications.

Is gaffer tape waterproof?

This is a frequently asked question when it comes to gaffer tape.

Then my answer is, “No”

Gaffer tape is not ‘waterproof’, but it is ‘water-resistant’.

As it is coated with specific compounds that help it to perform efficiently in a humid environment.

Here we get to know about the essentials of gaffer tape and its properties.

What is the Gaffer Tape?

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Gaffer tape is also known as Gaff tape, Gaffa tape, Gaffer’s tape, Spike tape.

Gaffer tape is made from cotton cloth. This pressure-sensitive tape comes with strong adhesive and tensile properties.

Initially, it is used for filmmaking, theatres, photography studios as well as industrial stagging work.

The most common use of gaffer tape is temporarily holding and securing cables to walls and floors.

The gaffer’s tape is used on wiring for reducing the visibility of trailing cables and lower the risk of hazardous snagging and tripping.

But sticking down the wire is not just the use of gaffer tape.

The gaffer tape has unique strength over many other temporary adhesive materials that make it the perfect choice for short-term fixes for several applications.

Today, its application is not just limited to filmmaking, theatres, photography studios, industrial stagging work but it can be used at home, garages for several applications.

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How is Gaffer Tape Made?

Gaffer tape is a cotton cloth tape generally with a matte finish and synthetic adhesive.

It holds strong but comes off clean without leaving behind residue. Though it is durable, can be torn by hand.

Gaffer tape is made on very large factory rolls.

It has a base material i.e the heavy cloth weave, coated with different other strengthening elements.

It is unwound from a single large roll and passed through a machine to apply a hot adhesive mix on one side.

In this way, a sticky side of gaffer tape is produced.

Before further machine slices it into several rolls at standard retail widths, the gaffa tape is re-rolled back onto a single large reel.

Types of Gaffer Tape

There are different types of gaffer tape available. They are as follows:

Cloth Gaffer Tape

Almost all gaffer tapes are made from cloth. A true gaffer tape is made from heavy-duty cloth backing material.

It is produced from a robust fabric material with high-quality adhesive at backing.

Standard gaffer tape has rugged, tight woven fabric waving which is coated with different synthetic materials and compounds for enhancing its durability.

Matt Gaffer Tape

Matt gaffer tape is popular for hiding the cabling and wiring that you don’t want visible from distance.

So, it is widely used for film and stage work.

This gaffer tape doesn’t reflect light. Black gaffer tape is used in a darkened environment.

Gloss Gaffer Tape

Gloss gaffer tape is used for the opposite effect of matte gaffer tape.

It is used for highlighting secured cables or other components.

This is generally done for safety purposes. It is used in locations where reduced light and visibility may cause a possible hazard.

There is reflective and fluorescent gaffer tape also used for highlighting effects.

Colored Gaffer Tape

You can find gaffer tape in different colors such as white, silver, yellow, green, red, and brown other than black.

Most folks prefer specific colored gaffer tape to blend it into its surroundings easily.

Eg. Brown gaffer tape is used for hiding cables on a wooden surface.

Red, blue, and green gaffer tape is used for outdoor events.

Colored gaffer tape is also used for other various purposes such as labelling and identification purpose.

Light color gaffer tapes make labeling easy as they make it easy to write on tape with a standard pen.

There is clear gaffer tape which makes easier to identify specific wire or component.

Heavy-Duty Gaffer Tape

As the name suggests Heavy-duty gaffer tape is suitable for heavy-duty applications such as sealing, wrapping, and repairs, etc.

It is ideal for industrial applications.

Is Gaffer Tape Heat Resistant?

Are you wondering, is gaffer tape is heat resistant?

Then I would say, yes, gaffa tape is heat resistant.

The adhesive of gaffer tape is more heat resistant than duct tape.

Actually, gaffa tape is made from fabric rather than vinyl or other plastic material which makes it heat resistant.  It won’t harm to the adhered surface.

Gaffa tape can be easily removed without leaving behind an adhesive residue. It doesn’t reflect light.

This heat resistant tape can withstand the high temperatures emitting from hot lights.

All this makes it popular among lighting technicians.

Is Gaffers Tape Water Resistant?

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If you are looking for gaffer tape that is moisture resistant, then you have good news, yes, there is gaffer tape that is water-resistant.

The gaffer tape is coated with specific compounds that help to enhance the performance in a moist environment.

The moisture-resistant properties of gaffer tape make it suitable to use in a humid environment.

Even I was also looking for water-resistant gaffer tape for outdoor use. Then I found this YYXLIFE Premium Grade Gaffers Tape on Amazon which has water-resistant and heat-resistant properties.

This industry standard premium grade gaff tape comes with the strongest adhesive.

It allows ease in tearing and adherence. This tape is easy to remove without worrying about leaving a messy residue on the used surface.

I would say, it is amazingly easy to use overall.

It can withstand the lowest temperature of -40℉ of humidity and a heat resistance of 50-200F that ensures that this gaffer’s tape can work normally in any environment.

You can use it on the wall, windows, photography gears, cameras art, metal, computer, TV, as well as in theatre, studio, automotive, etc.

It can be used commercially as well as for household purpose.

Is Gaffer Tape Waterproof?

Did you know, is Gaffer tape waterproof?

Then my answer is, “No”.

The gaffer’s tape is water-resistant rather than totally waterproof.

As gaffer’s tape comes with a cloth base and a synthetic rubber-based adhesion system, they are not entirely immune to water and dampness effects in the environment.

So they do not withstand spillages, rain, high humidity levels.

While there are most of the gaffer’s tape that coated with several compounds that aids to enhance performance in a moist environment.

They don’t have a polyethylene backing, so they are not waterproof.

But it has barrier properties in coated cloth backing that makes gaffer’s tape moisture resistant in most cases.

They are quite good options for protection against wetness.

This means that gaffer’s tape is not a perfect choice for waterproofing applications.

It is apt in humid and moist environments.

So, gaffer tapes are ‘water-resistant’ but do not have entirely waterproofing properties.


Now you know that gaffer tape is not waterproof but it is water-resistant.

As the gaffa tape is cloth based and synthetic adhesion properties, it doesn’t have entirely water proofing properties.

So, you can use gaffa tape in a humid and moist environment as they are water-resistant. But they are not entirely immune to water, so cannot be used for waterproofing.

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