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Best Tape for Plastic Sheeting (Complete Guide)

best tape for plastic sheeting
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Are you looking to seal plastic sheeting?

When you’re working with plastic sheeting, it’s best to analyze the environment that you’re in.

These conditions will determine what kind of tape you should select for your work.

Is there moisture in your place of work or high humidity?

Is the sun shining over it constantly or it’s raining frequently?

Outside or inside, renovating a moist basement, the attic, or work in the bedroom, many factors determine what kind of tape will do best for your requirements.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the best tapes for plastic sheeting and help you pick one.

If you are in hurry, here’s our top pick:

Blue Summit Supplies Vapour Barrier Tape

How Do You Use Tape for Plastic Sheeting?

Plastic sheeting is mostly used as protection against dust that appears after some construction work or during an interior renovation.

Apart from that, you may also need plastic sheeting while giving your house a paint job to protect walls from unnecessary overspray on an adjacent wall, especially so if you are using a paint sprayer.

But how do you hang this plastic sheeting?

Step no. 1
Measure the height and length of the wall you’re supposed to cover and buy the plastic sheeting accordingly.

Step no. 2
Using scissors or a utility knife, cut the plastic according to measurements.

Step no. 3
Ask someone to help you hold the sheeting in place just below the ceiling against the wall.

Step 4
Now open up the tape and run it across the width of the plastic sheeting.

Then while making sure that half of the tape’s width firmly stays on the sheet, stick the other half to the wall.

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Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Tape for Plastic Sheeting

The tape is used for plastic sheeting depending on what you’re actually doing.

You might be using plastic sheeting renovating and protecting against the mess or preventing overspray during a paint job.

For seaming

Seaming calls for vapor tape that can resist well to polyethylene vapor retarders.

It’s waterproof and is specially formulated to make an excellent sealing around protrusions.

For easy working, it tears easy and is single-sided.

For attaching vapor retarding

There is a special tape that you can specifically use for attaching water vapor retarding plastic to foundation walls, in the leakage prevention layers, protrusions, etc.

This tape, often called butyl tape, has to be water-resistant, flexible, must have an incredible amount of tensile strength and high-quality adhesion.

UV resistance

UV light exposure can have an impact on adhesive systems.

It may cause degrading the adhesive properties of tape over time.

So, plastic sheeting in direct sunlight temporarily or permanently needs UV tapes that ensure a good UV resistant adhesive system.

Different tapes have levels of ultraviolet (UV) resistance.

UV resistant tapes have specific properties that allow working in direct sunlight and other external environmental conditions.

Fire retardant

These tapes need to be extremely adhesive in order to resist high temperatures in areas like fiberglass insulation, ductwork, high-temperature vents, etc.


The tape used for plastic sheeting should be durable. It should able to hold the plastic sheeting to a variety of surfaces. The tape should offer a strong bond.

Best Tape for Plastic Sheeting

Blue Summit Supplies Vapor Barrier Tape

Blue Summit Supplies Vapor Barrier Tape, PE 9mm Polyethylene Tape Sealing Moisture Barrier Seam and Seal Tape for Crawl Space or Marine Use, Waterproof White 9 Mil Poly Tape, 3.78 Inch, 180 Foot Roll

This Vapor Barrier tape by Blue Summit Supplies can provide you with high performance, moisture defense, and durability.

Its properties in design will help it withstand even the most demanding situations in making a vapor barrier.

Its design helps it to bind together PE films and allows it to seal underlayment of any kind with moisture barriers to fill up your crawl space easily.

The waterproof build of the tape may aid you with patching, house-wrap applications, bundling, metal separation, sealing etc.

It’s also effective with outdoor applications like instance outdoor masking, marine preservation, restoration, abatement and things like stucco painting or shrink wrap.

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  • Helps in plastic-to-plastic barrier formation
  • Pressure sensitive, synthetic adhesive
  • Very cheap compared to others


  • Works best with plastic only


Gorilla All Weather Outdoor Waterproof Duct Tape

Gorilla All Weather Outdoor Waterproof Duct Tape, UV and Temperature Resistant, 1.88" x 25 yd, Black (Pack of 1)

If you’re looking for something specific for the outdoors then Gorilla’s All Weather Outdoor Waterproof Duct Tape can really solve a lot of your problems.

In face of outdoor rains, humidity or even hydrated vents etc. you’ll need a waterproof tape so that its adhesive doesn’t get affected by it and so your repair projects in the garden, lawn or backyard keep going on successfully.

Apart from being able to withstand outside conditions, this tape can also withstand a wide range of temperatures and climates.

Despite having a strong build and hold, you can tear the tape by hand easily.

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  • Long-lasting durability and results
  • Can withstand any climate or temperature change
  • Has triple-layer strength


  • Can’t be used as an electrical tape


Frost King Clear Plastic Weatherseal Tape

Frost King Clear Plastic Weatherseal Tape, 2" x 100'

This 100 feet long Tape by Frost King can prove to be quite versatile for your home and your ongoing repair projects.

The Frost King Clear Plastic Weatherseal Tape is great for all sorts of outdoor or indoor applications.

Its weatherproof design can sustain an immense amount of weather strain and changes that the outdoors pose.

It is able to withstand huge temperature differences, high or low.

It could be very useful if you have an air seal leakage, planning to install a plastic storm window or repairing cracked glass.

Even if the temperatures are below zero at -10 °F, its special adhesives aren’t likely to fail you.

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  • Really well suited for colder temperatures
  • Can sustain weather changes well
  • Ideal for window frames


  • Adhesion problems


Duck Brand All Weather Indoor/Outdoor Repair Tape

Duck Brand All Weather Indoor/Outdoor Repair Tape, Clear, 1.88-Inch x 100-Feet, Single Roll, 281230

This 100 inches long clear tape by the Duck Brand is a transparent repair tape that you can use in your do it yourself projects on home weatherization.

Its clear design enables you to use it anywhere with liberty without fearing ruining the visual appeal of any surface.

You can use the Duck All Weather Repair Tape in any of your DIY projects whether they’re inside your house or outside, no matter what kind of weather prevails.

It can be useful if you need to tape a vinyl sheeting with a window frame for insulting it or if you’d want to seal any gaps.

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  • It’s a clear tape that helps maintain visual appeal
  • Weatherproof
  • Can work as a strong packing tape


  • Won’t stick to some walls


3M Clear Repair Tape

3M Clear Repair Tape, 1.88 inch by 20 yards, 1 roll

The 3M clear repair Tape is around 20 yards in total length is an extremely versatile option for plastic sheeting.

It can help you with your projects on surfaces like aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, vinyl board and glass.

Its design is well enough to support stretching and easy conforming to bends or uneven surfaces in order to ensure the best seal for you.

It is resistant to rain and sunlight UV rays, which helps make it a suitable option for you to use it indoors and outdoors both.

You can use it while installing a patch inside your tent using plastic sheeting or repairing the furniture outside.

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  • 5 times better conforming than typical duct tapes
  • Weather resistant
  • Versatile


  • A little bit expensive than other competitors


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