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What Does Mean Error Code OE Kenmore Elite Washer?- 6 Quick Fixes!

Kenmore Elite Washer OE Error Code
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 Kenmore washing machines are meant to provide a new-age laundry-washing experience.

These machines are produced in different areas and under different plants.

The models might differ in design but one thing remains the same – error codes.

As long as you own a Kenmore washing machine the error codes stand universal.

With the Kenmore elite washer code oe appearing, the unit is experiencing an outlet error.

This code implies something is wrong with the pump, around the pump and its components, and all things drainage related. 

This warning could occur for several reasons.

It is more often a problem needing professionals to handle it.

Kenmore Elite Washer Code oe – Meaning

This code implies that something is wrong with the drainage pump.

Essentially, the machine is not removing dirty water as it should.

More often, the Kenmore elite washer code oe pops up if the machine has not completed draining in approximately ten minutes.

This is true for the Kenmore elite washing machine.

Parts holding dirt and trapping socks and other foreign objects can hinder the draining process too.

Filters and hoses are responsible for free-flowing water out of the washing machine.

If these don’t work efficiently you will have the Kenmore elite washer code oe appearing.

Seek professional technicians to access all necessary panels and examine these parts.

Kenmore Elite Washer Code oe – Causes

Dirty trap

If the dirt trap is full, the machine may not drain adequately.

This is usually located at the bottom of the machine.

It also depends on whether you have a top or front loader.

Ideally, the dirt trap holds foreign objects that might get trapped during washing.

These objects could be anything from socks to coins and other paraphernalia.

A dirty or clogged trap will undoubtedly prompt the Kenmore elite washer code oe to appear.

Drain pump

Perhaps the drain pump is compromised and thus it won’t completely remove all the water.

This could happen for several reasons like an aging or defective pump.

While opening up to check if it is active might not be a problem, diagnosing it as the problem should be done professionally.

Drain pumps might make unusual noises too if they err.

It means aside from the Kenmore elite washer code oe showing up, you will know through sounds.

A drain pump can also be moved out of play or work inefficiently if installed incorrectly.

This installation might occur during repairs or replacements in the past.

CCU errors

If the machine doesn’t make any funny noises and water leave the unit as expected, the CCU might be faulty.

The central control unit can get shorted out, fried, or just miscommunicate with relevant parts.

When this happens, any error can pop up and continue doing so.

Checking if such errors are simply due to short-circuiting and fixing them is explained herein.

The main control board might need not only diagnosing but repairs or replacement too.

This should be advised accordingly with the help of expert technicians.


The drain pipe might be kinked, or clogged.

This can happen for any odd reason, and with any number of parts in it.

The drain hose fills with dirty water hence anything could find its way into this pipe.

Seeing as there are filters, which hopefully aren’t cracked or torn, the hose might feel up with debris over time.

This dirt buildup could also be from dust over the years, debris, and some mold or grime.

This would have to be a relatively large amount of dirt build-up to raise the code oe.

However, an irregularly cleaned machine will with time develop large amounts of dirt buildup.

Kenmore Elite Washer Code oe – Fixes

Examine for kinking and clogging

Fix clogging and kinking issues around the drain hoses.

These hoses are easy to access as most stick out the back of the machine.

If the hose is kinked it will be easy to fix.

Simply straighten it out to prevent any bent parts from blocking the free flow of water.

If there is clogging from dirt or other stuck materials, have it cleaned and if possible vacuumed too.

This will help remove any mold buildup and grime that might be obstructing the flow of water.

Drain pump fixes

Ask a technician to take a look at the drain pump.

The process of finding this pump involves removing panels to have full access to the pump.

On some units, the screws on the bottom panel, where the filter lays, give access to the bottom of the tub.

If no access is granted from the sides, simply have the machine lifted and you will have access to the bottom.

This is where the drain pump is found and can be examined to identify the problem.

If it is indeed the problem, removing it won’t be a problem but sourcing a new one needs to be done diligently.

Find a credible online supplier of Kenmore washer pumps to avoid regular replacements in the future.

Coin trap

Examine the dirt trap for alien stuff that might be caught on there.

These foreign bits could be socks, coins, jewelry, and other tiny items responsible for clogging.

Small things become one big mess when they accumulate.

Clean out the dirt trap and check the connected hoses, if possible, for anything stuck in there.

Removing the trap requires twisting the cap anti-clockwise.

This always has some residual water left in it, so be sure to have a mop or pan handy.

After the trap has drained you can replace the cover and run the machine again.

If after another cycle the problem persists, try the suggestions below.


All electronics go through some miscommunication during blackouts and surges.

Thus, if electricity was the issue, it might have short-circuited the control panel.

This requires a complete rest which is easy to do after unplugging.

Simply unplug the unit for a few minutes and return it to the power source accordingly.

Once connected, start the washer on a wash cycle.

It should work normally and rinse and drain normally too.

If this doesn’t work and the above-mentioned fixes didn’t work either, consider the fixes below.

However, if all else fails do not touch the machine anymore and seek professionals instead.

Drain hose adjusting

Few machines have this requirement but if yours does, the height of the hose might need adjusting.

This hose should be hanging high off the floor, but not too high for the water to drain.

Most washing machines have suggested heights or recommended settings for the drain hose.

If this is not met, the Kenmore elite washer code oe is likely to appear.

It is also the simplest cause of the error to diagnose and fix.


This can be a problem regarding any machine and many other unrelated problems.

Essentially, the central control unit might need to be tested to be eliminated as the problem.

If all components and electrical parts are working properly, the main control board might malfunction.

Seek a technician to properly diagnose the CCU and recommend the way forward.

You could be checking pumps and cleaning out filters to no avail.

Bottom Line

These washers are created with longevity in mind and should offer peace of mind in the home.

If they begin to misbehave it could be a cause of wear and tear, and not necessarily misuse.

Be sure to practice regular maintenance to avoid unnecessary and expensive repairs in the future.




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