Kenmore Washer f20 Error Code: How to Fix Guide

Kenmore Washer f20 Error Code
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With appliances that offer time savings, convenience, and excellent results, Kenmore, which has been regarded as a top appliance brand for 100 years, introduces a new level of performance.

Kenmore is the most honored brand in the sector, offering fast beverage chilling and rapid wash loads.

Washers have established themselves as high-quality, versatile, and long-lasting machinery.

However, even the most dependable method could fail.

This always occurs without warning and calls for quick intervention.

An error code may occasionally be present.

Some error codes can be resolved at home, while others necessitate the services of an expert.

In Kenmore washers, one of the most common error occur is error F20 which indicates that the washer is either filling slowly or does not fill at all.

What Does Mean F20 Error on Kenmore Washer?

In Kenmore Washers, sometimes there exists an error F20 which represents the insufficient water supply for the washer.

The error F20 code represents No Water Detected Entering Machine OR Pressure Switch Trip Not Detected.

It also indicates that the washing machine didn’t seem to be getting any water in it.

The washer is either falling slowly or does not fill at all.

The intake valves or pressure switch can be malfunctioning.

If the error continues to display, then this issue cause disruption in normal functionality of washer.

Due to this, one cannot distinguish whether washer is working perfectly or not.

Therefore, it is necessary to figure out the causes and possible solutions to avoid this error.

Reasons of Error Code F20 On Kenmore Washer

The potential sources of error F20 in Kenmore washers are discussed below:


The very first possible source of error F20 in Kenmore washers is related to faucets.

There are strong chances that the reason behind this error is faucets.

It is quite possible that faucets are worn out due to which it is unable to do the job perfectly.

The smooth functioning of faucets is necessary in order to avoid water supply issue.

Faucets are related to intake valves.

If there is an issue in intake valves, then faucets will fail to do work properly.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the functionality of faucets before the start of washer.      

Water Inlet Hoses

Another potential source is related to the water inlet hoses.

Hoses for washing machines link the valve that controls the water supply to each wash cycle with the top- or front-loading washer.

The two water supply lines are required for the washing machine but are a common source of water damage in homes since they are prone to breaking.

Water Inlet hoses may be kinked, pinched, or worn out.

It may be due to poor water quality, installation errors, and worn rubber washer.

The supply hoses must be in clean and working condition in order to prevent the error F20.

Water Valve Filter

Water valve is used to connect water filters to the main water source.

Inlet valve and screen play a vital role in proper water supply without interruption.

It can be seen that due to continuous supply of water, there are chances that inlet valve becomes clogged with massive water deposits, dirt, and debris, and hard particles.

Due to the presence of these, there appears an error F20 which show that the water supply is insufficient or there is a problem in water supply.

Therefore the problem indicates that the filter is causing issue which result in error F20.

Water Pressure

Another possible reason of error F20 in Kenmore washers may be due to the pressure of water.

The pressure levels on all taps in the house must be in certain range to rule out the water pressure issues.

If the water pressure is too low, the washer may not properly operate due to which the error F20 appears.

Low water pressure erupts the functionality of the washer since it fails to deliver the water supply efficiently.

The water pressure needs to be regular in order to get the work done by the washer properly.    

Miscellaneous Issues

In addition to the above mentioned sources, there are various other factors that must be considered in order to prevent error F20.

For example, pressure switch hose may cause problems which may be due to improper connection or bad condition.

All other electric connections must be checked for smooth supply of water.

The chances of human negligence, instrumental error or random error always exists.

These errors disrupt the functionality of washers which may lead to cause an error F20.

To minimize these errors, the potential solutions are discussed in the next section.

How to Fix Error F20 On Kenmore Washer?

Possible solutions to fix F20 are discussed below:

Check Faucets

Firstly, check the faucets.

Check to see if the faucets are worn out; if not, turn the water faucets on to the highest setting.

If the faucet is damaged, replace it.

Next, turn on the water. Make sure that the hot and cold water taps are both switched on at the household faucets.

To ensure a correct fill, make sure both faucets are fully opened.

The washer supply must be turned on and linked to both hot and cold water.

When there is only one source of incoming water, the washer will not function effectively.

For the washer to finish its cycle, the water valve inside the appliance must be under “pressure” from both attached hoses.  

Water Hoses

The next step is to check water hoses.

For this, it is necessary to inspect the washing machine hoses regularly to make sure they aren’t twisted, damaged, or corroding.

Every three to five years, replace the hoses on the washing machine.

A water hammer arrestor can be installed which reduces pressure in the hose by absorbing the shock of water that occurs after the washing machine cycle is finished.

When not in use, turn off the water supply to washing machines.

By doing this, the hoses’ exposure to water pressure will be reduced over time.

Water Inlet Valves

The water inlet valves must be taken into account in case of error F20.

In the washer’s back top, look for the water inlet valve.

To get to the inlet valve, just unplug the inlet hose and then adhere to the directions as per the instruction’s manual.

The finger should fit through the valve opening to pull the filter out.

Utilize a toothbrush or soft brush and cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the inlet filters.

After giving it a thorough cleaning, repair it.

By following the method, one can successfully reduce the error F20.

Wire Connections

It is an essential and foremost step to make sure that all connections are working properly.

Check wire harness connection between inlet valves, pressure switch, drain pump and Central Control Unit (CCU).

One must make sure that wire harness connections among switch, central control, and pressure switch are secured firmly.

There are chances that these may become loose due to which the error arises.

It is quite possible these wire harness connections may get damaged.

In this case, it needs to be replaced.

After replacement, make sure that all connections are secured tightly and there must not be any loose connection.

Hence, it will eliminate the issue.

Water Pressure

It is necessary to maintain a standard pressure range while working on washer.

Since low pressure disturbs the working of machine, it is necessary to check the water pressure periodically, it is usually advised that the water level must not fall below 10 psi.

To find out the exact pounds-per-square-inch (psi) value, it is good idea to contact the local water utility company.

In case of wrong pressure levels, it is necessary to take help from technician in order to avoid any losses.

Pressure Switch Hose

The pressure switch hose must be in proper condition and must be connected properly to pressure switch.

For this, it must be verified firstly that there must not be any siphon problem.

Unplug the washer or disconnect the power.

The next step is to check all hoses for possible leaks.

Then, make sure that all wire harness connections are working perfectly.

Then plug in the washer and reconnect the power supply.

Again check the pressure switch operation.

Finally, recheck the CCU operations.  




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