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Kenmore Washer drn Error Code?- Meaning, Causes and Fixes

Kenmore Washer drn Error Code
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The Kenmore washer you own operate is meant to offer seamless washing capabilities.

It was created to make life easier, not more complicated.

Saving your time and money is the essence of a decent washing machine.

With time, these units require repairs especially if regular maintenance has been avoided.

Part of the machine’s features is to let the owner know when something is wrong.

With the Kenmore washer drn code appearing, there is likely to be a drainage issue.

Clogging and hardware issues with the pump might be reasonable.

All repairs or replacements involving the drain pump are likely to require tipping the unit backward, or placing it on its side.

Seek the help of a trained technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

What Does Mean drn Error Code On My Kenmore Washer?

When your Kenmore washer displays this code, you are likely to have a drainage problem.

This could revolve around the pump itself and other factors surrounding the same.

Electrical issues might be at hand linking the pump, control units, and sensors.

Also, there could be dirt and other debris clogging the drain pump.

These elements factor into the pump not working and the Kenmore washer drn code appearing.

If opening up the unit seems like a tasking project, be sure to engage a professional to fix the problem.

Attempting this as a do-it-yourself task could lead to additional problems.

Kenmore Washer drn Code- Causes

Inefficient draining

The first cause of this error popping up might be the machine simply not draining properly.

If there are compromised pumps or something grander like clogging in pipes, the error will occur.

This inefficient draining is likely to be a problem of clogging.

It means the water hoses the drain pump and other parts responsible for removing dirt are backed up.

Thus, these parts including inlet screens need to be examined for such messes.

Inefficient draining might occur due to overloaded clothes or more likely because of too much soap.

Check the machine accordingly.

Drain pump failure

With age and proper maintenance, the machine will still experience wear and tear.

Such failures within the unit are common.

If the drain pump is failing the Kenmore washer drn code will undoubtedly appear.

This means that regardless of how much water is in the tub it cannot be removed efficiently.

Chances are that as the error appears; examining the tub shows excess water left inside.

This is a surefire sign that the pump is malfunctioning and might need repair.

If at all you are in doubt, do not access the drain pump without an electrician’s supervision.

CCU issues

When all components have been examined and nothing seems to be the matter, the control board is likely faulty.

This part should not be examined, removed, or replaced without expert supervision.

The control board might be malfunctioning in other areas too, making it easier to diagnose.

Even with all components functioning properly, there is the likelihood of the control board miscommunicating.


If other components are working well including the control board, then some pipes might be kinked.

This along with loose hoses or completely disconnected pipes can cause such an error.

If a hose is broken you will notice leaks.

If one is damaged or somewhat bent, less water will leave the washing machine.

Some hoses may have been pushed back and bent during installation or moving.

Such instances can cause alarm and prompt you to begin replacing parts unnecessarily.

Be sure to engage in the aforementioned steps before diagnosing a repair or replacement.

It is important to source the right parts too to avoid further damage to units.

Upon going through the above processes, it might be time to seek new parts from a credible online source.

Be sure to visit credible online resources to find OEM parts while consulting experts too.

Kenmore Washer drn Code- Fixes


The first step to fixing a Kenmore washer drn code warning is to examine the machine.

If water is indeed out of the washer, then it might be an electrical issue.

Turn off the machine and unplug it from the wall.

Let it sit a while then connect it back to the power source.

This should bring the machine back to default settings.

Resetting should be attempted with the machine empty if possible and not while it is on a cycle.

Avoid repeatedly resetting or other electrical issues that might arise.

Check hoses

Examine the hoses and pipes for kinks and other compromises.

If the pipes have holes in them or have become bent, try to straighten them and run another cycle.

This time around the machine should drain properly, without the Kenmore washer drn code appearing.

It is important to wash out all parts connecting to the drain pump.

Parts like the dirt trap need to be emptied too so as not to restrict water movement.

Drain pump repair

Have a handy repairman check the drain pump.

This needs to be accessed after removing the top panel and possibly tipping the machine onto its side.

The pump can then be removed and checked for defects.

If it needs replacement, one should find a replacement only from credible suppliers.

The drain pump can become damaged due to excess dirt or pressure from kinked pipes.

Wear and tear will kill a drain pump, so fear not.

It might not be caused due to misuse of the unit.


The control board is unlikely to issue error codes mistakenly.

However, if all components are indeed working properly and nothing seems kinked or clogged, check the CCU.

Also, water might be running in and out of the machine smoothly.

It means the central control unit has become faulty and requires replacement.

However, this is not a job for laymen.

It requires sourcing a technician to diagnose, remove and replace the parts accordingly.

A central control unit monitors and controls most of what happens within the machine.

If it is not working properly other components are doomed to fail too.  


Check hoses that might be installed improperly.

This includes not being connected all the way or having become loose.

With repairs and maintenance happening regularly some technicians might overlook certain things.

Go through the user manual and identify the exact installation procedures.

If the installation was done incorrectly, attempt to do it yourself or call for help if it seems overwhelming.

Ideally, hoses should be more than 36 inches above the floor.

This, along with bent hoses will have the Kenmore drn code popping up.

Water level control

This is true for most washers, be they Kenmore or others.

If the water level control is malfunctioning, the water won’t drain as it should.

This means regardless of a working CCU, non-kinked hoses, and clear dirt traps, the machine senses inappropriate water levels.

Check the water level sensor and other linked components for such defects.

Repair or replace accordingly and get rid of Kenmore washer drn error code.

Bottom Line

If you wish to avoid running into unnecessary repair and maintenance costs, maintain regular servicing.

This will keep fewer error codes appearing and provide you with a longer-lasting machine.

The lifespan of your Kenmore washer depends largely on servicing and usage.

Error codes are not always a sign of major problems but when such problems arise, be sure to seek the help of professionals.


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