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How to Fix Kenmore Elite Washer f5 Error Code?

Kenmore Elite Washer f5 Error Code
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 Not all errors on a Kenmore washer are signs of distress or causes for alarm.

However, when a problem involves electricity and possible damage to electrical parts, it should be deemed important.

When a Kenmore elite washer f5 error appears, chances are there is miscommunication between parts.

This Kenmore elite washer f5 error pops up when temperatures aren’t being read correctly.

Essentially, the control board is not receiving temperature readings as required.

Anything concerning electrical miscommunication, loose wiring, or burnt breakers is a technician’s problem.

Be sure to engage professionals to diagnose and provide feedback.

Also, replacements should be carried out only by professionals.

What Does Mean f5 Error Code On Kenmore Elite Washer?

The meaning behind the Kenmore elite washer f5 error code is mainly breakdowns or faulty connections.

There will likely be an issue with resistance, the control board not receiving the right temperature readings, and the like.

While heating elements and relays might be involved too, this error code requires expert analysis.

There might be instances whereby multi-meters need to be used along with other electrical tools.

Water temperature sensing components and heating elements might be compromised too.

This means without a proper diagnosis the problem is likely to persist.

It also means one could incur further costs if the issue isn’t handled immediately.

Kenmore Elite Washer f5 Error Code- Causes

Water temperature sensor

This is not an easy part to test for workability nor is it easy to fix.

Having a technician look at it is well-advised.

The temperature sensor and other related parts are located within the tub.

If they malfunction the water temperature cannot be sensed and the control board receives errors.

This sensor can be accessed after opening the top panels and looking around the tub.

It may not be that easy to locate or easy to remove.

Bad connections between the sensor and the central control unit can be a reason the machine posts the f5 error code.

Heating element

These are common problems in kettles alike, and they can cause temperatures to fall or become unreadable.

The element varies with model types and this also determines their location.

Check the heating element for defectiveness and if that is the case, it would need a professional to repair it.

If the heating element cannot produce the right temperature, most washes will be cold and certain programs might not be as effective.

This could be the reason for the Kenmore elite washer f5 error code popping up.


The relay drive circuit as it were might have a problem.

This occurs for simple reasons like electrical surges, bad connections, or disconnected bits entirely.

The relay and resistance might be reading lower than usual numbers, meaning there is a problem with the electrical input.

It is particularly harder to diagnose a relay or bad connection problem, but professional technicians should handle the issue accordingly.


The main control board might experience faultiness and cannot perform.

If the readings are coming off as f5 errors yet everything seems intact, therein could lay the problem.

The main control board can get fried with power outages and surges, or simply die out due to aging.

Whatever the reason for the faults, the f5 Kenmore washer error code might appear for no reason.

Testing and diagnosing the board is no walk in the park and only accredited agents should be given the task.

Upon verifying that the above are causes of the Kenmore f5 error code appearing, follow the below fixes.

These fixes should get the unit up and running again in no time.

Kenmore Elite Washer f5 Error Code – Fixes


The quickest way to verify if you have a major problem is to reset your washer.

Simply unplug the washing machine and let it sit for a while.

Once the machine has been idle for a few minutes plug it into the power source.

This should reset it and remove any settings or programs you had initiated.

If the machine had a simple shot circuit that sent signals flaring, it will reset and the code will disappear.

This simple step should remove the f5 Kenmore washer error code completely.

If it persists, try the steps listed below being careful to tread carefully with any step involving electrical parts.

Verify the code

If the f5 Kenmore washer error code appears on its own, it might be for the reasons above.

If there are numbers following the f5 numerals, these signify other problems.

These other issues might involve anything from lid switches to too much soap.

Whatever the reason, be sure your front or top loader is only issuing an f5 error code.

The user manual and an approved local technician should be able to quickly diagnose the problem.

However, if the f5 code appears alone, the fixes below should remedy the situation quickly and effectively.

Replace CCU

Central control units get fried occasionally due to power surges or outages.

If the machine experienced a power outage, you might get error codes erratically.

This is a problem that needs professional diagnosis.

The technician needs to remove the unit and check if it is indeed malfunctioning.

Simply test it to see if other errors are popping up and if they can be cleared.

If the f5 Kenmore washer error code is the only one appearing, it might be for the reasons above.

Are you noticing other codes are appearing for no reason at all, the CCU needs to be replaced.

Shop new main control boards from credible sources only to avoid unnecessary future replacements.

Sensor replacement

If the sensors are having problems replace them immediately.

This will prevent noises from the alarm that warns you of temperature problems.

The sensors cannot be accessed as easily as presumed.

If, however, you are a savvy handyman and electrician, feel free to locate this sensor around the tub.

Most sensors should work regardless of the temperature set.

If it prompts the same codes regardless of the wash cycles, replace it as soon as possible.

Heating element

These are also harder to remove and replace.

The heating element is located at the bottom of the tub, together with the sensor.

This requires one to remove the lower access panel and unscrew a few screws.

Once the panel is off, locate the heating element and check for burnt wiring or malfunctioning connections to the element.

The heating element needs to be tested using adequate tools and likely will need to be removed.

Chances are you will need to remove and replace this component.

Be sure to check the manual if any difficulties arise will you remove it?

Additionally, you can seek professional technicians to handle the task.

Resistance checks

This requires ohm readings to be carried out, using a meter.

The readings can be taken along the elements’ solenoids and the heating element terminals.

Readings across terminals and solenoids should come to about 15 ohms.

For room temperature, the readings should fall to approximately 9k ohms.

This is something a little more complex to accomplish without the time and a little knowledge.

The technician you seek should be able to analyze the readings accordingly.

It is the fastest way to diagnose which part has a problem.

Bottom Line

With or without regular maintenance a unit is bound to bring up error codes.

The Kenmore elite washer f5 error code might seem overwhelming to diagnose but it is nothing to fret about.

Simply engage a professional to resolve the issue promptly.




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