How to Tackle Kenmore Elite Washer Error Code fdl?

Kenmore Elite Washer Error Code fdl
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Kenmore washers are one of the most reliable washers in the world since large loads are quickly cleaned, and stains are removed with steam during the washing process in an efficient manner.

With its two main appliance brands, Kenmore presents a wide range of washers.

A separate professional line for laundries is the Kenmore Pro, and there are models for residential usage like the Kenmore Elite series that are also used by small companies.

Kenmore elite Washers have distinctive features which includes accela wash, smart control, stain boost, steam treat, and deep fill.

Despite of the numerous advantages, there remain chances of some malfunction.

Different error codes are observed.

One of the error code in Kenmore Elite washer is fdl that represents the door lock error.

What Does Mean Error Code fdl On Kenmore Elite Washer?

In Kenmore washers, it is observed that sometimes error fdl appears on the screen.

This error indicates that there is a problem with the door lock.

The fdl-Door Lock Error- occurs if the door cannot be unlocked.

It will try to lock it 6 times before displaying the error.

An issue with the door latch assembly is indicated by the “fdl” error code.

When a clicking noise is heard, that is the door latch trying to latch.

The wash cycle won’t start, an error code will appear, and there will be an audible beep if it doesn’t latch.

Potential Causes of Error fdl on Kenmore Washer

Various sources of error fdl in Kenmore washers are discussed below:

Door Lock Mechanism

One of the potential reasons of error fdl is related to door mechanism.

It is quite possible that door lock assembly is broken or removed from the door.

The door lock in washing machines is intended for safety; if a door lock indicator sign shows on the washing machine dashboard, it implies that the door cannot be opened because the drum is hot or the cycle has not finished.

There are chances that door lock mechanism fails to function effectively when the error fdl appears.

It must be checked that door lock is working properly to ensure the smooth functioning and working of washers.

Drain Pump Filter

The drain pump’s job is to move water from the washer via the drain hose so that it can be dumped elsewhere.

The pump filter is in charge of guarding the pump against the accumulation of lint and other obstacles.

For easy water drainage, it ought to feature a retractable pipe on the side.

Either the filter is visible at the front of the washing machine or it is concealed behind the kick-strip.

It is possible that drain pump filter may become clogged therefore not working properly.

This may lead to cause an error fdl.

Door Lock/Switch Assembly

Sometimes it appears that door switch/ lock unit fail which generate an error fdl.

There are potential chances that door lock assembly might be defective.

This in turn generate an error fdl.

The door lock/switch assembly must be in working condition and fully functional for smooth functioning of washers.

In case of any problem in switch assembly, the working of washer may get disturbed as the failure of assembly won’t deliver its job effectively.

This might lead to cause an error fdl.

Hence, this factor cannot be overlooked.

Wire Harness Connections

Verifying that all connections are functioning properly is the first and most important step.

Check the connection of the wire harness between the drain pump, pressure switch, and inlet valves (CCU).

Wire harness connections between the door switch/lock unit and Central Control Unit (CCU) must be solidly fastened.

There is a potential that they could get loose, causing the error.

There is a good chance that these wire harness connections could become faulty.

It should be changed in this instance.

After replacement, check to make sure all connections are firmly fastened and free of any loose connections.

As a result, the problem will be resolved.

Door Strike

When the washer door is closed, the door switch is turned on by the door strike, which is attached to the washer door.

The door strike on the washer makes it possible for the door to lock correctly and function effectively.

It’s possible that the door strike needs to be replaced if you discover that the washer’s door won’t open or close, leaks, or the washer won’t start or spin.

In such case, it is necessary to take into account the door strike.

Kenmore Elite Washer Error fdl- Solutions

Different possible solutions to avoid error fdl are discussed below:


The very first step to minimize the error is to restart the equipment to avoid any glitches.

For this, press down firmly on the door near the door lock.

Next, press and hold the Power button for a minimum of three seconds.

If the hot cycle is chosen, wait until cool-down has finished before pressing and holding the Power button for a minimum of three seconds.

Then activate the washer.

This must eliminate the error fdl if there is not any other problem in washer.

However, if the error continues to appear on the screen, other solutions must be considered.

Cleaning the filter

If the restart solution does not work, the next step is to check the drain pump filter.

If the error code still displays, look for and address any potential causes for the “Clean filter” problem.

The foreign objects may get clogged.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean the filter.

The washer should then be turned back on.

Touch and hold the Power button for at least three seconds if the door still won’t unlock.

The machine’s door might not open if there is still water inside.

It could be necessary to clean the Drain Pump Filter.

Door Latch

If the error fdl continues to appear on dashboard after restart and cleaning of filter, it means there is another problem with Kenmore washers.

The next step is to check the door latch assembly.

Inspect the assembly to check if it is working normally.

For this, unplug the washer and turned off the water.

Then the screws must be tightened for the latch in the door using screw bit.

Then, remove the front bottom panel, reach inside and pull the emergency release several times.

After this, remove the top panel, unplugged the wiring harness from the panel in the back and plugged them back in.

Then jiggle the wiring harness to door latch.

Plugged the washer back, turned the water on, put a load of clothes and the door latch locked with its usual loud noise and the washer started working.

Main Control Board

The next step is to check the main control board in order to minimize or avoid the error fdl.

It is quite possible that the primary control board might be broken.

This is rarely the case, though.

The replacement of main control board is difficult.

Therefore, it is essential to check each part of the lock mechanism before replacing the main control board.

If any of the components comes out faulty, then that component must be immediately replaced.

But if none of these components is broken, one must consider changing the main control board.

Door Strike

The door strike factor cannot be overlooked when there is an issue of error fdl.

One must inspect the door strike assembly in a proper way.

Hence, one can easily detect the fault in case if issue exists in door strike assembly.

All the damages to the door strike assembly must be checked.

Replace the door strike if it is damaged.

If the door strike breaks, it becomes necessary to replace it because it cannot be fixed.

Therefore, by replacing the door strike assembly, the error fdl can be reduced to a greater extent.

Wire Harness Connections

It is vital to make sure that all connections are properly secured.

Therefore, one must check the wire harness connections to the door switch/lock unit and Central Control Unit (CCU).

In case of any loose connections, there are potential chances to generate different errors in washers.

Thus becoming the major source of error fdl.




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