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How To Fix Maytag Washer Error Code f3 e1?

Maytag Washer Error Code f3 e1
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When your Maytag washer begins displaying error codes it is not necessarily a cause for concern.

These codes are there to make life easier regarding maintenance and small issues.

If the Maytag washer you own has no provision for error codes, it will be difficult to diagnose problems.

The Maytag washer Error Code f3 e1 hints at water level problems.

These could stem from piping issues to internal sensor and switch problems.

The unit is meant to offer solutions too under the service manual, but there might be quicker solutions herein.

Peruse our Maytag washer Error Code f3 e1 causes and dive into the fixes thereafter.

Most solutions might require a more in-depth examination of the machine which needs expertise.

What Does Error Code f3 e1 Mean Maytag Washer?

This error code implies that the machine is not detecting the water levels adequately.

When this happens, the unit will not work properly and might require diagnosing.

The problem could be part of the CCU or indeed a problem with the wiring.

Either way, the machine will not be able to detect water levels meaning cycles might not work properly.

With Maytag and other washers boasting of this error code, the first letter/number indicates a sensor malfunction.

The second letter/number in this case signifies a specific damaged component or problem.

The problems in this case are related to hoses, pipes, and the sensor itself.

Maytag Washer Error Code f3 e1- Causes


The hoses might be kinked and bent meaning less water is entering the machine.

This is a common problem, especially with home units whereby space is limited.

For instance, the Maytag washer Error Code f3 e1 could be an issue with tight spaces restricting pipes.

Most homes have tight-knit areas where washers and dryers are placed.

Sometimes the washer is placed anywhere with access to a drain pipe for the hoses.

This is almost always a restricted space that hinders the flow of cold water into the machine.


The unit under your custody boasts a water level sensor that might be malfunctioning.

This component is not easy to locate and might require consulting an expert.

When the sensor is out of whack the machine cannot detect proper water levels.

It means the Maytag washer Error Code f3 e1 might be misdiagnosed.

If the sensors are reading incorrectly, the machine could have adequate water levels yet be misbehaving.

This is all due to a malfunctioning sensor.

Power Surges

When machines experience power surges and the like, there will be miscommunication between electronic boards and sensors.

These power surges send the wrong signals and can be responsible for misdiagnosing problems too.

If sensors experienced power surges, the CCU might not work well either.

It is an issue of electronics and thus requires more sensitive and expert approaches to fix them.

Faulty CCU

The central control unit operates and monitors all activities within your washer.

Any time signals are sent through the machine, the CCU is involved.

If the Maytag washer Error Code f3 e1 appears it could be a CCU problem.

This central control unit might have experienced power surges or is simply aging.

With time, all electronics within a Maytag washer experience a few issues.

Troubleshooting CCU problems is not for laymen as it involves diagnostics, repairs, and possible replacement.

Sourcing a CCU should be done on credited online and offline spots to avoid shady parts.

Maytag Washer Error Code f3 e1 – Fixes

Check Pipes

Check pipes bringing water into the machine and ensure water is flowing freely.

These are usually two pipes holding either cold or hot water.

The cold water pipe normally exhibits issues primarily because of dirt.

This dirt or clogging could be from direct water flowing into the home or accumulated dirt over the years.

While checking pipes it is important to straighten any hoses.

Some pipes end up kinked, or full of air as opposed to water.

These airlocks are rare in water hoses but a bent or cracked pipe has more air than water.

It needs to be straightened to allow the free flowing of water through it.

Inspect Sensors

Locate a technician using Maytag customer care or a local and experienced electrician.

Sensors on any washer need to be tested using a multimeter and other professional tools.

The service manual might not cover diagnosing such components.

If the water level sensor and other water-associated sensors are not working, procure them.

The best online sources offer OEM parts only, which reduces the chances of replacing them soon again.


A faulty central control unit might be easier to diagnose but much harder to replace.

The main electronic board will need to be removed for a new one to be put into place.

The causes of the Maytag Washer Error Code f3 e1 can be easy to identify but the CCU itself could be faulty.

If it is reading false problems, you could be fixing problems that never existed.

A Maytag machine still under warranty gives you less worry but paying for new parts should be carried out under advice.

Replace Pressure Tube

Your Maytag washer boasts a pressure tube that might be blocked or kinked.

This pipe might also be experiencing leakage.

This pressure tube needs checking for damage and if indeed damaged, needs to be replaced.

This is an enough fix and one that requires less expertise.

However, sourcing the right parts is still important to avoid imitation parts that need to be replaced sooner rather than later.


Unplug your machine to reset it to standard operating mode.

This requires unplugging it from the wall and letting it sit for approximately 15 minutes.

This is enough time for all presets and new settings to be removed from the machine.

You can thus start afresh with new wash and spin cycles.

However, plugging it back into the power source might still prompt the code.

At this point, you might consider resetting again.

Incidentally, this procedure should only be carried out once or twice.

If it does not turn out successful, consult an expert for further advice.

Damaged Wires

During moves and relocation, there is the likelihood of wires coming loose.

Not surprisingly using shady technicians causes this too.

It means while fixing one problem there could be some wires left loose during replacements.

These damaged wires are easy to notice after removing panels.

Removing panels should be carried out only after unplugging the unit.

Also, some harnesses need to be handled carefully or you risk having to replace those too.

If wires are damaged there will be miscommunication between the electronic board and sensors.

Replacing all such wires and harnesses is easy.

Finding these wires or damaged harnesses should be done on credible sites only.

These Maytag washers have several codes which are easy enough to read and understand.

The most important aspect of these exercises is having expert opinions when sourcing parts and indeed replacing them.

Bottom Line

That Maytag washer you own is meant to make life easier and more convenient.

Whether you use the machine once weekly or several times a day, it is important to perform regular maintenance.

Learn how to diagnose the machine to avoid having to seek consultation every time error codes pop up.

It will save money and time moving forward.


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