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Maytag Commercial Washer Setting: A Complete Guide!

Maytag Commercial Washer Setting
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The Maytag commercial washer comes equipped with more settings and user settings than most owners ever enjoy.

These settings allow washing cycles of all sorts, including different temperature settings and spin cycles.

When using this commercial washer you might miss out on cool settings that help with convenience.

The Maytag commercial washer settings are enough for all kinds of washing requirements.

These include lighter clothing, heavy-duty loads, and simple spin cycles.

There are also other user-friendly specific settings like beddings, whites, press settings etc.

Using the Maytag commercial washer is easy and most programs should be completed in two hours or less.

This all depends on how soiled clothes are and thus how much cleaning is necessary.

Maytag Commercial Washer Settings


This setting offers a long-enough cycle for a normal wash of lightly soiled clothes.

The setting can be used for linen such as bed sheets and cotton garments.

Other material that could be washed under this setting includes mixed garments.

These, however, need to be of the same consistency.

It means not mixing rugged wear with cotton, or fast-color clothing with whites.

The normal setting uses high spin speeds and lukewarm water.

It is meant to last approximately fifty minutes to an hour.


This program is meant specifically for white-only clothes.

Ideally, the temperatures and settings allow for longer washes and better results when washing soiled whites.

If washing fabric is safe for bleaching, you can add bleach to this cycle.

It is important to note that this cycle and detergents used will be for white clothes only.

Do not mix white clothes and fast-color clothing especially if dealing with bleaches.

The whites’ cycle runs longer than other programs and uses hot water.

The approximate running time is one and a half to two hours and fifty minutes.

Cold Wash

This cycle is meant for slightly stained clothing on darker clothes.

The program uses cold water and runs slower than most programs.

It is used mostly for casual clothing, linen, and of course cotton items.

The cold wash setting also has a handy guide that helps decide which stains would require cold water removal.

This cycle and setting runs on cold water and runs for approximately fifty minutes to an hour, or an hour and a half.

The setting uses additional wash protocols to lift soft stains.


As the name suggests, this setting is meant for loose or lighter fabrics.

Ideally, the only fabrics that will end up clean under this setting are blouses, linen, wool, or pants with delicate or the word gentle written on tags.

This setting uses slow and low spin speeds to avoid damaging the fabrics.

These slow speeds also ensure less or no wrinkling on clothes.

The delicate settings work with cold water only and run for between 45 minutes to one hour and fifteen minutes.

It is meant for clothes that would ideally be hand-washed.

Rinse and Spin

This works well even with clothes that were previously washed.

If all you need is a thorough rinse and spin for quicker drying, this is the setting to use.

It is more commonly applied to swimwear and other clothes that are not necessarily stained.

The rinse and spin cycle don’t use detergents either.

This setting combines high-revolution spins and rinses.

It can be combined with various temperature settings for optimal results.

This cycle lasts between twenty-five to thirty minutes.

Quick Wash

This setting allows the washing of slightly soiled items.

It is ideally meant for lighter loads that need quick washing.

This could be baby clothes or work shirts that are needed soonest.

It also combines very high-speed spins and warm water for stain removal.

The duration of the program is also shorter because lighter loads are normally needed quickly.

This setting lasts between fifteen to forty minutes and can be applied before an upcoming luncheon or interview.

Press Settings

If you need to wash wrinkle-free clothes, this is the apt setting.

It normally is the option for professional clothing.

The cycle applies warm (not hot) water along with slow spinning cycles.

It is important to check the tag with washing guides on your clothes.

Any clothes with permanent press or wrinkle-free icons should be washed under this setting.

This setting runs for about fifty minutes to one hour and fifteen minutes.

Heavy Duty

As the name suggests, this setting can be applied on fully-stained clothes.

It is also a favorite for the daily washing of kids’ clothing.

Some use this setting for jeans and khakis along with tough stains on socks.

Some washers will have this setting under the power wash cycle and others on the extra power setting.

The unit will use extra washing actions along with warm water and extra high-speed spinning.

This setting uses very warm or hot water and lasts up to two hours and fifteen minutes.


Use this setting for all things bed related.

It includes bed sheets but is mostly associated with blankets, duvets, and other bedding.

Jackets can be washed on this setting too, as well as rugs or mats.

The tub will be filled with enough water to wet entire loads and sometimes more.

The setting allows bedding to soak completely and takes longer to finish.

The bedding settings last between fifty minutes to two hours and apply warm water.

Deep Water

This cycle is ideally meant for jeans and other rugged wear.

Such items might include heavily soiled towels.

The commercial washer boasts a deep fill option whereby one chooses the water levels.

This program works particularly well with warm water.

Deep water setting lasts between one hour and one hour and fifteen minutes.

Maytag Commercial Washer Settings Adjustment

The settings on your Maytag washer concern washing cycles and temperatures alike.

These settings can be adjusted to better suit washing requirements.

As far as the Maytag commercial settings table is concerned, the settings might vary depending on the year and model.

Newer models have a knob for easier movement from one setting to another.

Older models also incorporate temperature dials to adjust cold, warm, and hot water settings accordingly.

However, there are slight variations on newer models which essentially still perform the same tasks.

For instance, a newer Maytag commercial washer settings table might include a setting for bulky items.

This is not too far from bedding or deep wash cycles.

It means a majority of the settings are the same, just boasting different names.

Newer models boast LED displays highlighting temperature settings and applied settings.

Related Questions

What is the fastest wash cycle on a Maytag washer?

The fastest wash cycle on Maytag washers is Quick Wash.

It washes clothes in just about 15-40 minutes.

What is the power wash cycle on a Maytag commercial washer?

There is a PowerWash cycle on Maytag washer (also known as Heavy Duty Wash Cycle) which help remove everyday tough stains in a single wash.

It uses a combination of extra wash action and heated water.

Bottom Line

Take time to learn the workings of your Maytag commercial washer settings to fully understand and enjoy the unit.

This is a favorite washer among households with larger families and indeed in apartment buildings.

The Maytag washer settings allow you to wash all forms of attire, materials, and stuff around the house.

While washing everything is fun, always remember to check hoses and dirt traps or filters.

These will get clogged especially when washing sturdier clothing linked to sports and outdoor work.

The best approach would be to clean weekly to avoid heavier maintenance in the future.




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