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How To Fix Maytag Washer Error Code e01 f09?

Maytag Washer Error Code e01 f09
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As you enjoy the convenience that your Maytag washer offers, there will be a few error codes to keep things in check.

These error codes don’t necessarily imply anything majorly wrong with the unit.

It simply means some maintenance needs to be carried out.

When the machine poses a drain pump issue based on clogging or technical problems, the e01 f09 Maytag washer error appears.

This might also mean a problem with piping, water, and all things related to the drainage system.

Fixing these problems doesn’t have to be a money-consuming affair.

There are easy-fix solutions for anyone with a few tools to try.

Causes for e01 f09 Error Code on Maytag Washer


If the pipes within the machine are clogged up with dirt, the Maytag washer e01 f09 code will appear.

This means there are remnants or pieces of clothing, dirt, and lint that have accumulated within the pipes.

This clogging could also have hindered the drain pump to function fully.

When washing different types of clothing, the lint build-up and other materials accumulate and need to be drained.

This accumulation builds up at the bottom of most washers, within the appropriate tray.

When the dirt buildup gets to be too much, the error code might appear.

Electronic Board

If there is an error or short-circuit within the electronic board the error code could appear too.

This means the unit may not be having a draining problem but rather a communication problem.

This might occur when electricity surges are common or if someone unplugged and plugged the unit back in haphazardly.

Drain Pump

Perhaps the drain pump is performing inadequately and needs replacement.

There are other reasons for the e01 f09 Maytag washer code appearing.

However, this specific cause requires a more expert solution.

The drain pump might simply have buildup too or might require a more intense diagnosis.

Drain Hose

Most new homes and apartments boast a drain hose housing or outlet.

This outlet is meant to easily allow water to leave the drain hose and the home entirely.

However, the drain hose needs to be straightened as it leaves the washer.

It means there should be no restriction on the pipe and thus no hindrance to the flow of dirty water.

When the drain hose is bent most of the dirty water either accumulates within the unit or starts seeping through holes.

This is more than enough to cause an e01 f09 Maytag washer error code to appear.

It thus means that the unit is functioning well, including the control board.


These modern washers have sensors for almost all functions within the machine.

It means if one sensor linked to pressure has developed problems, there will be random error codes.

The pressure sensors on a Maytag washer are enough to cause other problems within the unit and thus should be fixed immediately.

These error codes can be fixed easily with a little spare time and knowledge regarding the machine.

However, it is of utmost importance to consult specialists when repairs and replacements need to be made.

Let’s examine a few possible solutions for an e01 f09 Maytag washer error code.

Fixes For e01 f09 Error Code on Maytag Washer


Remove the dirt trap from the bottom of the Maytag washer and clean it out.

This will normally have some sort of buildup.

The trap is used to hold material found within clothes or indeed from clothing.

Such materials like lint, or coins found in pockets accumulate within the trap.

Also, there is a need to clean out the drain hose which with time possibly held some dirt too.

The drain hose could only hold debris due to the dirt trap being full of rubbish in it.

Remove the trap and run a rinse cycle to ensure all dirt within the drain hose has been cleared.


Although unlikely, there is a chance that the electronic board or CCU is misfiring.

This means there is limited or incorrect information reaching the board and other related parts of the machine.

Seek guidance from an expert electrician locally or online.

There are specific forums that will bring the right Maytag technician to your desktop.

Additionally, it is crucial to replace such parts immediately.

If the CCU needs diagnosis or replacement, it means the machine should be declared out of order until further notice.

Forcing it to perform its duties will exacerbate the problems.


There might an easier solution than you think.

Follow the machine’s diagnostics setup to put the machine into test mode.

If this process doesn’t yield the results you expected, simply unplug it and plug it back into the power supply.

This should be enough to remove all error codes and reverse the unit to operational mode.

If indeed there was an issue that needs resolving, resetting it won’t fix the problem.

However, a reset helps you eliminate smaller issues like power surges.

If indeed the e01 f09 Maytag washer error reappears there will be bigger issues to fix.

CCU fixes

The CCU is the central control unit which is part of the electronic board.

This controls all operations within the Maytag washer.

If the unit is faulty nothing within the machine will work as it should.

This CCU and any related problems are not fixes for the novice.

It means there needs to be a scheduled diagnostic test run by an approved technician.

Find one under Maytag forums or call customer care lines to have one sent to you.

If the machine is still under warranty, it will be a quick and affordable fix.

However, if payment is necessary, be sure to source parts from credible online or offline sources.

Drain Hose

If the drain hose is bent and water isn’t flowing through then simply straighten it.

This is the simplest and safest approach to fixing the e01 f09 Maytag washer error code.

Simply straighten the pipe to ensure it is not restricting water flow.

Also, you might need to move the Maytag washer away from the wall.

If the machine sits too close to the wall it could be the reason for the drain hose not draining properly.

Straightening the hose does not require much expertise.

Drain Pump

This needs to be accessed using the service manual guides or at the very least an expert electrician.

The drain pump is not easily accessible and screws need to be removed from the sides.

With the right tools, accessing the drain pump should be easy enough.

Once you access the pump the motor needs to be tested for full functionality.

This might require a multimeter which again should be in the possession of an electrician.

If indeed the service manual is understandable, then any layman can remove it.

However, knowing which part to buy or how to procure is a matter of expertise.

Pressure Switch

This and all related sensors might be the most intricate parts of any machine to replace.

The pressure switch is accessible only after the removal of the side and top panels.

It might also require disconnecting a few wires.

Checking the pressure switch might require more than a diagnostic run.

The switch can be purchased in several accredited online stores.

It is of utmost importance to find OEM parts to avoid replacing the same parts unnecessarily in the future.

Diagnostic Mode

When washers prompt error codes there could be more than one reason for the errors.

As mentioned above, these causes can have easy or intricate fixes.

Running diagnostic mode on modern washers can also fix the problem.

It might be an easy fix requiring a reset, but not necessarily unplugging or re-plugging.

The diagnostic mode offers solutions that the service manual covers too, and the same fixes the electrician would carry out.

Bottom Line

The Maytag washer offers modern approaches to doing laundry and an easier lifestyle.

The best approach to using this washer is proper maintenance throughout the machine.

This reduces troubleshooting and other problems moving forward.

When sourcing or purchasing new parts it is crucial to use credited suppliers only.

This means finding suppliers of OEM products and sourcing experts to fix these parts too.

It helps not only with the installation process but reduces shoddy work, which could lead to future problems.



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