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Maytag Washer Rinse Light Blinking? – 7 Main Reasons and 7 Solutions

Maytag Washer Rinse Light Blinking
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Washing machines are built for efficiency and when one or two things go awry, there will be error codes.

Some units have fewer error codes and more operating errors.

With the new-age Maytag washers, there are warning signs to look out for.

With your Maytag washer rinse light blinking there might be issues revolving around water.

This could be the cold water entering the machine or water within the drum that needs to be released.

Whatever the case, the Maytag washer rinse light stays on primarily because the water isn’t at optimal levels or has exceeded requirements.

Let’s dive into detail possible causes and solutions.

Maytag Washer Rinse Light Blinking? – Reasons

Check out some possible reasons for the Maytag washer rinse lights flashing, and possible solutions.


When the machine enters rinse mode, it needs water to complete this cycle and move to spin.

If the amount of water entering the unit isn’t enough or happens to be none at all, the Maytag washer might stall on rinsing.

This could be one reason your rinse light stays blinking.

The cold water valve and hot water valve are separate too.

This means you might have allowed hot water in and it flowed in seamlessly yet cold water never made it through.

There are ways to check the valves or the current flowing through them.


This piece of equipment moves the machine between different settings and modes.

The machine might get stuck on a certain cycle simply because the timer won’t proceed to the next step.

If the machine is stuck on rinse, the timer might have short-circuited.

This is a problem that might be solvable if the machine is entered into diagnostic mode.

Control Board

If the control board has issues, this is likely to happen.

The control board might be sending mixed signals to the timer and other parts of the machine.

For example, after setting the preferred washing program, the machine might begin a cycle, like rinsing, and stop in the middle of the process.

The control board facilitates all cycles including error codes and diagnostic mode.

If the machine is stuck on rinse, the control board could be the culprit.


Inlets and valves can sometimes slow the flow of water due to dirt.

This dirt could be from outside the machine.

Some of it might include accumulated dust or grime.

From the inside, the valves can pick up dirt from clothes such as lint and other foreign objects.

These are enough to hinder the smooth flowing of water into the machine.

If the Maytag washer rinse light stays blinking, it could be signaling a lack of enough water to complete a cycle.

Drain Hose

The washing machine needs a clear drain hose to completely clear out water from within.

It means if the drain hose is twisted, perhaps backed into a wall, or has been placed too far in, the rinse light might flash.

More specifically, drain hoses are inserted into laundry tubs or drainage pipes built into walls.

If they are slightly twisted it means less water leaves the machine and accumulates with every wash.

Water Faucets

The taps or pipes supplying water may be hindered slightly, causing the rinse lights to blink.

These faucets can have grime, and dirt or simply be outdated.

A tap can be turned on yet it will not release any water.

Some taps have screens that keep dirt away and if they are full of dust and other particles, it is tough for water to flow through.

Power Upset

At times, our electrical appliances experience power surges which send the machines haywire.

It could be that there was an instance of a power surge that was barely noticeable.

It means the machine never went off, or reset itself to force you to start afresh.

Instead, programs continued but the power upset the control board or settings.

This might be why the machine stalled precisely at the point of rinsing and the light is blinking.

It could be at this point that power fluctuated.

Maytag Washer Rinse Light Blinking? – Fixes

If the rinse light is flashing and won’t go off, it might be difficult to get answers based on codes.

Either way, try the following steps to fix the rinse light blinking problem.

Diagnostic Mode

This allows you to pinpoint problems after receiving error codes.

Put your machine into diagnostic mode using simple steps which involve turning the dial in suggested directions.

For Maytag, turn the dial three full turns counter-clockwise.

Afterward, turn it three clicks to the right, one turn or click to the left, and another to the right.

Once these steps are completed, the machine should be set to diagnostic mode.

You can then test the cold and hot water valves to see if they indeed have a problem.

Running tests under diagnostic mode helps reveal issues with drain valves and inlets too.

Clean Screens

The hot and cold water valves boast screens that hold dirt and prevent it from entering the machine.

These are tiny screens holding even tinier particles.

With time these screens need to be cleaned for smooth flowing of water.

Removing them entirely is better than simply spraying them with water.

Once cleaned and returned to the valves the rinse cycle should continue unimpeded.

Control Board

Check the control board for issues by attempting to enter diagnostic mode.

If the control board has developed problems, most programs on the Maytag washer will not work.

Run a diagnostic test and if the machine refuses to do so, it is likely the control board needs replacing.

Having a technician check the control board is the best option.

Do not attempt to simply source one and install it once you note that nothing works as it should.

It is an intricate piece of equipment that could cause more damage if installed incorrectly.

Check Faucets

Water faucets connected to washing machines are handled slightly differently.

Some washing machine owners shut off and then re-open taps to let water into the machine.

It means occasionally, the taps will remain closed even after turning on the machine.

The faucets need checking for dirt and foreign objects too.

It is hard to know when something enters these faucets from outside but it can be infuriating till you check.


If a power surge or fluctuation caused the machine to misbehave, simply turn it off and unplug it.

Let the machine sit for a couple of minutes then plug it back into the power source.

This is enough to reset all programs that were pending and let you start from where you left off.

Some machines won’t reset after unplugging and connecting to electricity again.

They will simply start where they left off.

Let the machine work as it is programmed to, and observe it to see if the problem is resolved.

If not, turn it off and let it sit a little while longer, or try self-test mode to fix the issue.

Drain Hoses

These should be stuck in a quarter way into the drain pipes with enough laxity for water to flow freely through them.

Water hoses should not be constricted in any way either.

It means ensuring they are not twisted, bent, or broken in a way that restricts water from flowing out of the machine.

Hoses can get dirt, lint and grime stuck in them too, along with other foreign objects from clothes.

Ensure these hoses are clean to avoid washing delays in the future.

Replacing Timers

This is likely to be the toughest piece of equipment to diagnose and would require adequate steps in diagnostic mode.

If the problem is the timer, it is well-advised that owners replace these after consulting with a veteran technician.

A time lets the machine transition from one program to another.

With the Maytag washer rinse light blinking it could be time to replace it.

This timer can be sourced from credible OEM suppliers on the internet and local vendors too.

Replacing or installing these parts should be left to professionals too.

Whether you own a Maytag washer or something with similar advanced technology, the idea remains the same.

It is important to understand the workings of your washer to diagnose it properly and to avoid mishaps moving forward.

New machines allow you to diagnose the units without calling for help; while some let you put them into self-testing modes.

How To Fix My Maytag Washer Green Light Flashing?

If your Maytag washer is blinking green light, it means the main control board is getting voltage to it.

It also means your electronic control board is faulty or need to rebooted.

For fixing the issue of blinking green light, you can unplug the unit for 5 minutes or more time, the give it power and check.

Unplugging the unit helps to reboot the electronic control board.

Bottom Line

A washing machine is only as good as the programs it comes with.

If programs are not working, it essentially takes you back to the stone-age or at least sets you back a few decades.

Keeping a machine working properly doesn’t always work according to plan which is why many offer self-testing and diagnostics modes.

These might work when problems are easy to identify, but greater challenges still need professionals.

With a multimeter, you can check OHMS and other readings within the machine.

However, knowing what these readings mean concerning repairs, maintenance, or replacements, is quite another thing.




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