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Why is My Maytag Centennial Washer Keeps Restarting?- Here’s A Fix!

Maytag Centennial Washer Keeps Restarting
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When home appliances and equipment begin resetting on their own there might be a cause for concern.

Most electronic boards incorporated in these units have life spans and these can become problematic.

Even with the adequate and professional use of your unit, there might be instances that are a tad confusing.

If your Maytag centennial washer keeps restarting there might be added cause for concern.

This is not a small issue and might be linked to the central control unit, electrical problems, or malfunctioning connections.

If your Maytag machine keeps restarting it is best to shut it off completely.

Seek the opinion of an expert to avoid further damage to the washer or your home.

Maytag Centennial Washer Keeps Restarting – Causes

Voltage Issues

When power fluctuations are recurrent, the machine goes into what is known as a loop.

This is normally associated with demos or factory settings.

It can become annoying and sometimes hard to diagnose.

Even harder is to understand why the power fluctuations cause this to happen.

Finding out if this is indeed the problem requires the owner to enter the machine into diagnostics mode.

These voltage issues could be a result of not having a surge protector.

If you live in areas that experience power outages and fluctuations, it is more likely that this will happen.


Underneath the Maytag centennials are hoses and a water pump.

If the pump has any foreign object in it there is a likelihood of a continuous cycle.

It means the machine will constantly pump water in and out knowing the cycle is still at play.

This area is normally behind the flap, or rubber disc directly connected to the pump.

Any foreign object like a hairpin or excess lint could be the reason the Maytag centennial washer keeps restarting.

If the machine is still filled with water even after a cycle supposedly ended, a clogged pump could be the issue.

Faulty CCU

A faulty CCU could be another reason the washer keeps restarting.

The central control unit sends signals regarding wash and spins cycles and is responsible for ending programs.

It can become faulty with time due to lifespans and of course, the warranty might be running out.

The CCU is harder to diagnose and could also be the lead to knowing why the machine keeps restarting.

If the CCU needs troubleshooting, it will be exceedingly difficult to say without a doubt that it is the problem.

This will require other diagnostics measures which an expert will be better equipped to carry out.

Test Mode

This should be easy to diagnose if you never tuned the machine into a particular wash cycle.

Some machines have test modes, used in retail stores, during maintenance, or as factory tests.

The centennial washer might be running a continuous test which seems like it might be faulty.

This test mode should be shown clearly on the control panel.

If such readings are not appearing, check the following to eliminate all other possibilities.


Everything related to bringing in and taking out water from the machine can cause such problems.

If the pipes are not bringing in adequate water, the machine will keep restarting cycles to finish them.

More importantly, if the water pump sensors malfunction, cycles will be never-ending.

Connections to inlet valves are less likely to be a cause for concern.

However, sensors and drainage pumps signify an end to cycles.

If these are disconnected or faulty the machine will run and restart continuously.

Maytag Centennial Washer Keeps Restarting – Fixes


Open up the back panel of your Maytag washer and release the hoses.

These hoses will be connected to the pump.

Once the area is clear there should be a small rubber item that resembles a flap.

Upon lifting it, you should be able to see inside the pump.

Check for any excess lint, debris, or remnants of any sort.

The slightest foreign object could be responsible for the restarts.

While down there it is important to have a basin or towels handy.

This is because the machine kept restarting and thus cycles never ended.

It means the pumps and hoses will be full of water.


Although the machine keeps restarting it is not exactly resetting.

It might be best to reset the machine by unplugging it.

Take the plug off the socket and let it sit for up to 20 minutes.

This should reset all programs including any malfunctions.

If the problem was more than basic programming issues, the Maytag centennial washer might continue with programs undeterred.

This reset approach is common when programs seem to be going haywire and could be a lasting solution.

If not, try the suggestions below.


Run the machine in diagnostics mode to fully understand the restarting issues.

This involves turning the knob a few times leftward and then resting at the upright position.

The centennial requires one click to the left and a slight half-second pause, then another click and a pause, and a last click to the left too, and a pause.

After the aforementioned, click it counterclockwise and wait for another half-second pause.

Try again severally if at first, you don’t succeed.

Running diagnostic mode should be covered in the service manual too.

If it proves difficult, consult an expert to help move from diagnostics to repairs soonest.


Check the central control unit for faults that might lead to a replacement.

If the central control unit has problems nothing will work properly.

Put the machine in diagnostics mode and run the machine in test mode.

This should cover every aspect of the machine.

If the CCU itself isn’t working, it means none of the tests will pan out.

It also means you should be able to ascertain the problem quickly.

Once it is established that the CCU indeed has problems, there will be an impending need to source the right OEM parts.

Do this on credible online sites and avoid shady local stores.

It will save money and time in the future.


If cold water inlets are okay yet drainage pipes are not, the machine acknowledges something else.

It might read that the cycle is only just beginning; hence the machine will be filled with water.

Check to see that all pipes are unobstructed, especially drain hoses.

These work hand in hand with sensors to ensure washing and spin cycles end when they should.

If they are obstructed, there is a likelihood that the machine will behave abnormally.


Several sensors could be responsible for this problem.

The water pump and water level sensors detect water levels and can be responsible for ending a cycle.

If the sensors don’t work, you might experience never-ending cycles.

These sensors could be linked to any number of activities within the machine.

It is crucial to make use of experts in the field to avoid purchasing and replacing things unnecessarily.

Bottom Line

The Maytag centennial washer boasts incredibly modernized components that need special attention.

With time, there are troubleshooting issues that might arise.

These are not as complicated as they seem at first.

However, it is well-advised to seek the help of professional electricians to sort the messes.

Any electrical problems could result in further damage to the unit.

Avoid buying non-genuine parts to enjoy the centennial washer longer.




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