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Best Meat Grinder Under $300 Review(Updated 2019)

Best meat grinder under $300
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Are you looking for the best meat grinder under $300 for making delicious meat recipes? Then you came at right place.

In Earlier day’s meat grinder came in huge sizes and shapes. But with the advancement in technologies, they are now available in user-friendly compact size. Nowadays meat grinder becomes very popular appliance for commercial as well as household use.

It is the essential appliance to grind meat at your own that is free from chemicals and additives. Pre-packaged ground meat contains preservatives as well as remaining parts of the animals which cannot be used for other cuts. It is the best way to perk up quality of food and healthy lifestyle. So, check out for the Best meat grinder under $300.

If you are in hurry, then this one is our top pick:

Lem Products Stainless Steel Big Bite Size #12 Meat Grinder

What Is Meat Grinder?

Best meat grinder under $300

The Meat grinder is a kitchen appliance which chops the raw or cooked meat or vegetables into small pieces. The first meat grinder was created in nineteenth century.

It was hand crank meat grinder by German revolutionist, Karl Drais. After some period, it is operated by using electricity.

It is always safer to grind your meat at own.  You can get better flavour and texture of meat than buying pre-packaged ground meat. You can not only grind the meat but also grind vegetables, fish, fruits, by using the meat grinder.

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Types Of Meat Grinder

Following are the types of the meat grinder.

  1. Manual meat grinder

Manual grinders are primarily used to process meat in small quantity. These hand-cranked meat grinders can grind 2 to 3 pounds meat per minute. Due to small capacity, they are not intended to use for commercial purpose. They are less expensive than the electric meat grinder. It consists of various cutting plates which rotate against the cutting knife that produces ground meat.

  1. Electric meat grinder

If you are regularly deal with ground meat, then electric meat grinder is a reliable appliance. They work great for processing food in large quantity. It comes in various sizes with the more complex design. It comes with reversing function which is useful to get rid of the jamming problem of a grinder. They are faster as well as costlier than manual ones.

What Size Should You Go For When Choosing A Meat Grinder?

If you are planning to buy a meat grinder, then you should determine which size of meat grinder do you need? Measuring the plate is the right way to determining the size of a meat grinder. To know the grinder size, you just have to measure the distance from the center of the grinder plate.

Following is the chart that shows industry standards for meat grinder sizes.

 Grinder Size  Diameter Of Outlet
#5  2 1/8”
#8 2 1/2”
#10/ #12 2 3/4”
#20/ #22 3 1/4”
#32 3 7/8”


Small grinders have small feeding tube whereas big grinders have the large feeding tube.

The size of the meat grinder also depends on for which purpose you will buy the grinder? How frequently will you use? Are you planning on making big batches or small batches? These questions will help you to determine meat grinder size.

If you are grinding in a small batch and irregularly, then you should buy small meat grinder. If you are processing a large batches often, then it is wise to invest in large meat grinder. It has more power to grind large quantity at a fast rate.

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Best Meat Grinder Under $300 Review

Following are the Best meat grinders under $300. 

1. Lem Products Stainless Steel Big Bite #12 Electric Meat Grinder

As the name depicts, this Lem #12 meat grinder comes with unique big bite technology. This heavy duty meat grinder has a sleek design. This is one of the popular products by Lem, highly rated by customers.

If you require a powerful meat grinder, competent for dealing with large quantity, this lem meat grinder is the best option. It is designed for home use for frequent usage. If you are relatively on budget, this is one of the best meat grinder under $300.


  1. The gears of this Lem meat grinder made of metal. They are not plastic. Theses metal gears have roller bearings which help to improve the performance of a grinder.
  2. It has three stuffing tubes having a diameter of 3/8, 3/4, 1 ¼ inches.
  3. This meat grinder comes with large product tray having the size of 11.5 x 8.5 x 2.25 inches.
  4. The feed tube having 2 inches opening to feed the meat as the grinder head is of 12 standard size.
  5. It is ETL certified product comes with 5-year factory warranty.


  1. It is equipped with .75HP powerful motor runs at 550W. The motor can easily handle heavy loads. So you can grind meat in large quantity with the fast speed with this grinder. It is the permanently lubricated motor, so no need to oil regularly.
  1. This meat grinder has all stainless steel housing with metal gears. The internal gears are made up of metal. So it is able to take heavy loads without any breaking possibility.
  1. When you handle a meat grinder, safety is a very important aspect. The Lem has taken care of safety while designing a meat grinder. There is a circuit breaker in a grinder for immediate shut off when motor will overload.
  1. The grinding speed of the meat grinder is fast. You have to prepare meat beforehand for continuous feeding of meat. Some users reported that this meat grinder can grind 80 lbs of deer in less than 20 minutes or 200 pounds of meat within 30 minutes.


  1. This Lem Big Bite grinder is heavy appliance as it built solid. It weighs about 47 pounds. It cannot move easily everywhere. But it comes with a built-in handle which solves the problem to some extent.

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Following is the video that shows comparison of Lem .75 Hp meat grinder with competitors meat grinder.

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2. Happybuy 1.5HP/1100W Meat Grinder

Happybuy 1.5Hp/1100W meat grinder is the best option for home use as well as commercial purpose. This is the good option for restaurant, butcher shop and supermarket. It is fixed with super powerful 1.5HP motor.

This is capable to grind large quantity meat and bones in few minutes. It can grind fruits, vegetables and sea food apart from meat. The happybuy heavy duty meat grinder is a good investment.


  1. The Happybuy meat grinder comes with powerful motor that operates at 220RPM.
  2. It is capable to grind 450lbs meat per hour.
  3. This meat grinder offers stability as it comes with steady base plate with 4 plastic nozzles.
  4. X8.5 x1.5 inches feeding tray holds large quantity meat.
  5. It comes with one grinding plate, one replacement plate, stainless steel tray and a pusher.


  1. It is constructed of high quality stainless steel which makes it more durable.
  2. The dual heat dissipation design helps to extend service life of meat grinder.
  3. This meat grinder is easy to use with one button operation.
  4. It comes with the attachments which are easy to assemble and take apart.
  5. The removable grinding head and feeding tray makes cleaning breeze.


  1. The motor of the meat grinder gets locked up.

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3. KWS SL 8 Meat Electric Meat Grinder

KWS SL 8 heavy duty meat grinder comes with solid construction capable to grind wild games efficiently.  You can also grind bones, make sausages, ground beef with this meat grinder. Its ½ HP motor makes it reliable to use for commercial purpose. This heavy duty grinder is also good for home use.

The grinder can grind 176 lbs of meat per hour. It comes with 4 sausage stuffing tubes, 2 grinder plates, replacement knife, pusher, gasket and stainless steel tray.


  1. The meat grinder is consistent with International Sanitation Standard and CE, LFGB approved.
  2. There is a handle attached to the top of the grinder which allows ease in use.
  3. It comes with 5” long power cord which makes it convenient to use.
  4. The grinder has 450W ½ HP powerful motor which makes it perfect for commercial use.


  1. The stainless steel housing makes it long lasting.
  2. This grinder is easy to operate.
  3. Its heat dissipation system extends the service life of unit.


  1. The grinder does not have reverse function.
  2. There are many sharp edges on the unit. So you need to be careful while cleaning.

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4.Hakka Brothers TC8 Electric Meat Grinder

Hakka brothers TC8 electric meat grinder comes in a compact design which is perfect for open kitchen application. The powerful motor comes with precision gear drive.This heavy duty meat grinder is reliable for commercially as well as home use. It can grind any tough meat.

The meat grinder has no any sharp edges or corners. Its spiral propeller design prevents from clogging issue and ensures smooth functioning.

This meat grinder has permanent lithium grease into the gear box which doesn’t need oil or changing. It comes with all necessary attachments-2 pressure plates, 2 crossing knives, 1 sausage tube.


  1. It is easy to operate with forward reverse switch and reset button.
  2. The grinder is complied with all safety standard.
  3. It is fixed with energy efficient motor having cooling fan.
  4. The rubber feet ensure stability during operation.


  1. It comes in compact and aesthetic design.
  2. It has powerful motor with overload protection.
  3. The exterior is made up of stainless steel which allows for ease in cleaning.
  4. The meat grinder complied with hygiene standard. So there is no need to worry about hygiene of food that processed in this device.


  1. Sometime this meat grinder gets clogged.

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5. The All New Patented Model STX-4000-TB2 Turboforce II “Quad Air Cooled” Electric Meat Grinder

STX 4000 TB2 Meat Grinder comes with a stylish and gorgeous design which complements any kitchen counter. This meat grinder is fixed with 2000W high powered motor. It is capable to grind 175 to 225lbs meat per hour. This meat grinder comes with different attachments that add versatility in meat production. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble that makes cleaning breeze.


  1. STX 4000 Turboforce 2 meat grinder has a stylish and attractive design. It comes in the black or white finish.
  2. This meat grinder operates at three speeds: Low, High and reverse.
  3. The large sized beaner plate to process maximum meat as you can.
  4. It comes various attachments such as 3 sausage stuffing tubes, 3 stainless steel blades, 1 kubbe attachment.
  5. This ETL certified meat grinder comes with 3-year guarantee.


  1. It is designed with innovative and patented cooling system that keeps the grinder motor cool under heavy load. The grinder  has four cooling fans that help to double the life of the grinder.
  2. It has a circuit breaker which prevents the appliance from overheating or burning out.
  3. This meat grinder has wide feeding tube having 2” diameter. It helps for fast meat feeding.


  1. The STX 4000 TB2 Meat grinder weighs about 13 pounds. It is a quite heavy to move easily anywhere.

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Watch the following video that shows closure look to the features of the meat grinder.

Following is the video of unboxing that shows closure look to the features of this meat grinder.

Wrap Up

So, these are the best meat grinders under $300. Before buying a meat grinder you should verify motor power, speed, attachments etc. Select a meat grinder that suits your needs. You can enjoy freshly ground meat at home as well as save your time and money considerably by owning a right meat grinder.


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