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5 Best Deer Meat Slicer Review (Complete Buying Guide)

Best Deer Mear Slicer Review
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Are you from those families who make venison jerky regularly? Then you should get hold of best deer meat slicer which saves your time and money. It is really difficult to slice meat precisely to make perfect venison jerky.

If you are dealing with small batches i.e. under 10 pounds then the jerky cutting board is reliable. But for large batches electric meat slicer is perfect.

A meat slicer is not only suitable for meat  but also can be used for slicing vegetables, fruits, cheese and much more. It also saves your bucks spending on pre-sliced meat. So, best deer meat slicer will be a great investment to enjoy your different deer meat recipes.

Deer Meat- Good Or Bad For You?

Best deer meat slicer

There are various kinds of meat that can be consumed, but venison is safer to eat than most other meat. It is also favourite of many of folks. Deer meat is known as venison. Venison has the great nutritional value that contains protein, iron, calcium and saturated fats. There are various health benefits of consuming deer meat.

  1. Reduce risk of heart attack

Deer meat is high in vitamin B which aids to the formation of red blood cells. As it is rich in B12 and B6 vitamins, helps to lower the homocysteine build up in blood, that lower the risk of heart attack.

  1. Maintain blood cholesterol level

Deer meat is low in saturated fats. It helps to lower your ‘Bad’ cholesterol and increase your ‘Good’ cholesterol.

  1. Regulate metabolism

It regulates the metabolism as this contains vitamin B2 and B3.

  1. Rich source of protein and iron

Deer meat is high in protein as 3 ounces of broiled top round venison comprises 26.8g of protein. It is known as complete protein as it comprises all 10 of the vital amino acids.

It is fully loaded with iron as 4 ounces of venison fulfills the 50% of the dietary reference intake of iron.

  1. Alternative for food allergy

Some nutritionist claims that consumption of venison helps in chronic conditions like a food allergy and other digestive problems.

  1. Helps during pregnancy

As deer meat is a rich source of iron, it helps to prevent iron deficiency which is common during pregnancy. It also helps to get rid of anemia problem during pregnancy.

But take care when consuming venison during pregnancy, that the venison should be properly handled and cured to prevent any foodborne illness.

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Is Deer Meat Considered Red Meat?

Yes, wild deer meat is an ultimate red meat. It is healthier and safer than other red meat. It contains lower total and saturated fat than other red meat. For safer side, you should take venison from healthy deer which is field dressed and butchered appropriately.

How To Easily Process Deer Meat Your Own?

Watch out the following video that shows how to process your own deer meat with ease.

Deer Meat Vs Beef

The main difference the deer meat and beef is the modes they are raised. Venison is getting from wild game and beef is grown up by a human.

Venison contains low fat and calories than beef. Beef includes almost three times more cholesterol than venison. If you are conscious about your cholesterol and fat intake, venison is a better option. Venison includes more vitamins and minerals than beef. So the deer meat is always a better option than beef to consume.

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Deer Meat Vs Chicken

As you know, Deer meat has lower calories than beef and pork; but it is comparable to chicken in terms of calories. Even you found fewer calories and fat in deer meat than chicken breast meat. Though chicken is considered as white meat and deer meat as red meat, deer meat is one of the healthy alternatives to chicken which is low in fat and rich source of protein.

How To Smoke Deer Meat At Home?

Following is the video that shows how to smoke deer meat at home.

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5 Best Deer Meat Slicer Of 2017

Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Chef'sChoice 6150000 Food Slicer, 15 x 11 x 11 Inches, Silver

Why are you paying premium prices on deer jerky, if you can easily slice it at home?

Chef’s choice 615 is perfect for home cooks and professionals who craving for innovative creations with deer meat or freshly sliced venison.

This budget-friendly and versatile slicer makes slicing job easy at home. It is high-quality slicer with affordable price.


  1. It has extraordinary 120W high torque motor and smooth gear drive for continuous operation.
  2. This slicer comes in a sleek design with tilted food carriage for quick slicing.
  3. The chefs Choice 615 slicer is constructed of cast aluminum and stainless steel which makes it durable and long-lasting.
  4. It has tilted food carriage that enables fast and competent slicing function.
  5. This slicer model comes with convenient cord storage and serving tray.


  1. Easy to clean

This slicer is designed in such a way that makes you easy to clean. It has a removable blade, thickness control plate and food carriage for easy cleaning.

  1. Safety

The slicer has intermittent On/Off switch for operator safety. This slicer has a special button to secure food carriage in lock position that prevents access to blade when the slicer is not in use.

  1. Versatile

Chef’s Choice 615 is a versatile slicer as it is fixed with multi-purpose 7’’ stainless steel blade. It can slice deli-thin level up to 0.75 inches effortlessly. So this is one of the multipurpose slicers in your budget.

  1. Large carriage

This slicer can handle large capacity of food as it has a large carriage. You can slice a large roast or full ham with this slicer.

  1. Light-weight

It is light in weight compared to other slicers that make it portable and convenient for home use.

  1. Affordable

You can get this slicer under $150 to slice your deer meat. This is one of the affordable slicers that will real bang for your bucks.


This slicer comes with serrated blades. So you will have to pay extra bucks for non-serrated blades to slice deer meat efficiently.

Following is the video that shows how this slicer works efficiently with various kinds of foods.

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 Globe Food G12 G-Series 12″ Medium Duty Manual Slicer

Globe Food G12 manual slicer is an excellent choice for small and medium volume tasks. It can handle approximately 2 hours of slicing job per day. This device can slice meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruit with absolute precision. This is one of the expensive but best deer meat slicers.


  1. This globe slicer is equipped with 12’’ chrome ground knife which is durable and easy to sharpen.
  2. It is featured with manual overload protection which enables you to reset the slicer manually.
  3. This slicer has separated On/Off push buttons which are sanitization sealed and moisture protected.
  4. The removable slice deflector is securely fastening the slicer.
  5. It is designed with large 10″ x 8 1/4″ x 10 1/4″ food carriage. and large product receiving area for user-friendly operation.
  6. This globe model is fixed with powerful ½ HP belt driven motor for efficient slicing operation.
  7. It has 35degree angled feed chute for easy slicing.
  8. This slicer has anodized aluminum construction with seamless edges and radius corners.
  9. It is also featured with no voltage release relay system.


  1. Excellent meat grip and stability

It is designed with pyramid-shaped teeth that helps provide excellent meat grip and stability. The side of the end weight has pointed to seize large products. So you can slice products larger than chute length without any trouble.

  1. Easy to clean and maintain

As it has stain resistant anodized aluminum finish that makes it easy to clean. This slicer also includes a supply of oil for lubrication, makes maintenance easy.

  1. Safety

This Globe slicer has non-slip rubber feet to prevent an accident during operation. It has permanently attached knife ring guard and knife cover interlock system which ensure safety during the cleaning process. This appliance meets the safety standard imposed by NSF and ETL.

  1. Quiet operation

It is fixed with Powerful ½ HP fan cooled motor and permanently lubricated ball bearings which ensure quiet operation.

  1. Dual purpose handle

This slicer has dual purpose end weight handle which is ergonomically designed. It enables strong product grip, easier slicing and operator motion.


  1. Expensive

This Globe 12’’ slicer is higher-end model that is quite expensive. But looking at overall performance, it worth the money.

Watch out the following video for closure look to the features of G series slicer.

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Weston Heavy Duty Food 9’’ Slicer

Weston is one of the popular brands as they designed appliances for food enthusiastic, hunters or gardeners who are passionate about farm-to-table or field-to table foods. The Weston Heavy Duty Food Slicer is heavy duty food slicer offers you freshly sliced deer meat for private parties or functions. This slicer is fixed with removable stainless steel blade and belt driven powerful motor. It works perfectly for cold cuts and evenly sliced sticks.


  1. Weston 9” food slicer equipped with the150W belt driven powerful motor.
  2. It has  8-5/8’’ removable stainless steel blade convenient for almost all food types.
  3. This slicer has a sturdy base and four suction feet at the bottom that provides enough stability while operating.
  4. It has adjustable thickness control knob that enables you to slice food from deli thin up to ½’’ thick.
  5. This Weston slicer comes with large capacity stainless steel tilt-out food tray.
  6. It has corrosion resistant coated steel and aluminum housing.

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  1. Lightweight and compact design

It is lightweight appliance as weighs about 16 pounds only. This slicer also has a small footprint which makes it easy to store and move.

  1. CE and UL approved

This Weston slicer meets the standards of CE and UL approved. It ensures overall safety about the product.

  1. More controlled slicing

There are grooves where the food pusher glides in the slicer. It controls the force and meat cannot go fast through the blade.

  1. Multipurpose slicer

It is a multipurpose slicer as you can slice a variety of food to make various recipes with this slicer. You can slice salami, sticks, turkey breast and meat for jerky etc.


  1. Noisy motor

Some users found motor noisy. There is growling sound comes from the motor when in use.

  1. Slow speed

The speed of the slicer is very slow for slicing operation. There could be a more powerful motor to slice at fast speed.

Following is the video that shows how to use this slicer for perfect results.

 Rival 1042 Electric Food Slicer

The Rival 1042 electric food slicer makes deli styled slicing easy at home. It is convenient to slice meats, fruits, vegetables, and bread. The plastic housing is a lightweight that makes it convenient to use. It is perfect for small home jobs.


  1. It has 6 -½’’ stainless steel blade which is removable.
  2. This slicer is fixed with 75W motor for efficient deli styled slicing.
  3. The adjustable thickness control dial enables wafer thin to extra thick slices.
  4. It comes with storage convenient tray fold.
  5. This inexpensive slicer comes with 1-year warranty.


  1. Durable and BPA free plastic housing

The slicer is made up of plastic material. That doesn’t mean it is not durable. It has sturdy and BPA-free plastic. This ensures durability and safety of device.

  1. User-friendly locking system

This slicer has a switch that locks the food carriage. It limits the access to the blade when the appliance is not in use.

  1. Easy to clean

All slicing parts and tray of the slicer are removable that makes it easy to clean.

  1. Compact design

This slicer comes with compact design 4x 12x 10 in. That makes easy to store in the kitchen.


  1. Small size tray

The tray could be a little larger to hold larger food. It could also be higher so that the food hits the blade centered.

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 Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Maxi-Matic 130 Watt Die-Cast-Aluminium Electric Food Slicer

If you are a newbie for slicing meat and don’t want to spend more on the slicer, then this Elite Gourmet EMT-503B meat slicer is one of the best options for you. It works well for preparations of parties or dehydration. This inexpensive slicer packed with safety features. This slicer can handle frozen meat efficiently.


  1. This slicer is fixed with 130W motor power for consistent slicing.
  2. It comes with stainless steel removable 7.5” blade.
  3. This slicer has heavy duty die cast aluminum exterior that makes it durable.
  4. It has a large platform which is easily removable.
  5. The adjustable thickness system that slices razor thin up to ½’’.


  1. Safety

This slicer has rubberized suction cup feet for stable operation. It has a power switch to prevent accidental usage. The retractable blade makes it safer to use.

  1. Easy to store

As this slicer has a compact design, needs less counterspace. It is easy to store and move.

  1. Perfect jerky slices

It works perfectly for deer roast to make jerky. So, now you can enjoy venison jerky at home whenever you craving for it.

  1. Lightweight design

It is a lightweight device as weighs only about 10 pounds. So it is easily transferable or movable appliance.


  1. Some users found difficulty in blade adjustment.
  2. There are some plastic parts in the slicer, possibility to break with heavy duty task.

Our Verdict

This is the list of Best Deer Meat slicers of 2017 with comprehensive buying guide. Choosing the right model is not an easy task. We do hope this will help you to choose best one for you. Make slicing task easy and fun by selecting right meat slicer.

Happy slicing!!


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