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How to Choose The Best UV Lamp for Curing Resin?

Best UV light for curing resin
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Are you tired of shaking your hand frantically out in the sun hoping to get your nail polish resin cured quickly?

It can be quite frustrating especially when you need to speed up the cure time and the bright sun outside along with its heat is no help at all.

The best answer for curing resin-based nail polish coating fast is using high voltage UV lamps that emit an intense spectrum of light in the UV region and generate a cross linked network of polymers through photo chemical reactions.

We’ll go over some of the best UV-light lamp options available for curing resins effectively.

If you are in hurry, then this my favorite pick:

Terresa’s UV LED Nail lamp

Will Any UV Light Cure Resin?

Every wavelength of the UV light isn’t capable for curing resin. Typically, the light intensity in the wavelength range of 240 – 270 nm and 350 – 380 nm initiates or kicks off the curing process with the exact values depending upon the nature of the application.

For instance, UV repair resins adhering hardened-glass used in windshields and car windows starts curing at an average wavelength of 366 nm.

These wavelengths are extremely short, in general, and consequently produce high-frequency light beams that can not be seen with the naked eye. Using a lamp with a longer wavelength light bulb might not cure the resin effectively.

What Are The Advantages of UV Curing Lamp?

Resin based craft

Making resin based craft is much easy with right UV Lamp!

The most basic benefit of using a UV light lamp for curing polymer resin is that it is tremendously quick.

You can leave your resin-coated products out in the sun to cure or dry but it will take a large amount of time and exposing the resin outdoors can increase the chances of dust, flies or other airborne micro-objects getting accumulated on it.

Using a UV light lamp instead can reduce the time required to cure the resin, prevent external contamination and increase its overall finish.

Apart from this, UV radiation curing is also  very Eco-friendly and is known to have a better impact on the environment ensuring material safety.

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How Long Does It Take For UV Resin to Cure?

Curing with UV light energy is a high-speed process and takes fewer than 10 minutes, in most of the cases and applications.

The duration of the process depends on two things mainly: the composition of the resin and the intensity of the light lamp being used.

Generally, if any kind of colorants are added to the resin, it will take more time than normal to cure. The darker and denser this color is, the longer it will take the resin to be cured.

The other factor is the intensity rating of the UV lamp. For example, most of the synthetic resins take 2-10 minutes on an average to get cured with a 36W UV light lamp.

What to Look For Before Buying The Best UV Lamp For Resin?

Choosing a UV Light Lamp can be a little too overwhelming sometimes because there are so many products available online. It is better to know more about certain factors before deciding to buy one.

The most important factor you need to be looking into is determining whether the nail polish brand you mostly use will work with the lamp you’re interested in buying.

If you find yourself using a specific nail polish brand then it is a lot better to buy the lamp manufactured by the same company.

Bulbs inside a UV lamp can have varying life span depending on the manufacturing company but usually last for around 100 hours.

A new bulb for a UV lamp costs somewhere between $25 to $30. The lamp size also determines the ease with which you can get a manicure or pedicure done.

If you prefer to cure both your hands or feet at the same time quickly, then it’s better to opt for a bigger lamp that can accommodate your feet and hands easily otherwise you will have to put up with a low-cost lamp that can only fit four fingers at a time with no option for a pedicure.

Best UV Light Lamps for Resin

Terresa UV LED Nail Lamp, 72 Watt Faster Nail Dryer for Gel Polish

 If you want a brand that devotes itself to making professional and helpful curing lamps then Terresa’s UV LED Nail lamp is your go-to company.

You will get a two times faster curing from their upgraded 72W acrylic nail dryer. Thanks to its broader design, it can accommodate 5 fingernails or toes quite easily.

Terresa UV LED is automatically operated and its 3-option low-heat timer mode settings allow you to enjoy a sublime finishing without any pain or difficulty.

It works equally well with all your gel nail polish resin collections. The preinstalled LEDs with 50,000-hour life will not disturb you asking for replacements any time soon.

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  • LED digital time display
  • Works with every gel
  • Very spacious
  • Removable Tray
  • Works well with resin


  • No switch off button
  • The power cord isn’t very long

SUNUV SUN2C 48W LED UV nail Lamp with 4 Timer Setting

SUNUV SUN2C 48W LED UV nail Lamp presents a 4-option time control of 10 – 90s. It is an exceptional Nail Lamp if you want to save some money by avoiding the salon.

Its LED-based design gives you fast and super-efficient curing with large intensities of white light that is gentle on your skin and eyes, even during long periods of usage, as compared to traditional UV lamps that can prove to be harmful to eyesight.

The 33 lamp beads powered by 48W of energy can last for up to a staggering 50,000 hours. It comes with a detachable tray that makes it ideal for a pedicure.

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  • 4-preset time control
  • Smart auto sensor for start and stop
  • Large space for 5 fingers and toes
  • Automatic-on sensor


  • No timer-display screen
  • No timer memory

MelodySusie 36W UV Nail Lamp Dryer UV Gel Nail Polish Curing Light Professional Nail Art Lamp

 MelodySusie 36W UV Nail Lamp Dryer is a great option if you want an amazing, fast and salon-standard curing, compatible with all kinds of UV gel nail polishes right at the comfort of your own home.

Four large, traditional UV lamps leave no room for error when you decide to cure your nails with its targeted lightening technology. It will deliver to you a broader scope of light and make hand placements insignificant, unlike LED lamps.

UV light-bulbs usually require replacement after 100 hours of use, so the package includes an extra UV bulb along with the convenient pack of 4.

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  • 1 extra bulb
  • Good for other resin projects
  • Large space
  • Lightweight


  • No timer-display screen
  • No switch off button
  • Only works at 110V

Wisdompark UV Nail Lamp 54W LED Nail Dryer Lamp

Wisdompark Nail Lamp can prove to be the ideal assistant for professionals and do-it-at-home enthusiasts with its decent build and convenient curing.

You don’t have to worry about messy housing as it is fingerprint-proof which makes it nice and clean.

While it may look a little complex to you at first but its four-button interface makes it very simple to use and clearly details the different timing modes, low heat, and the double power mode.

The thing that makes it a very likely choice is that it includes all the competitor features within a very convenient price.

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  • 4-option timer settings
  • LED timer display
  • Power switch option
  • Memory function
  • Space to accommodate 2 hands at same time
  • Low heat modes


  • Some users complain it takes too much time to cure properly


So, these are the best UV lamp for curing resin. If you require a great drying lamp that would suit all your resin curing needs, we highly recommend you to purchase the Teressa Nail Lamp.

Its 36 lamps deliver a total output power of 72 Watts that gives you enough energy to cure every single type of gel, quickly and effectively.

The Teressa lamp is rated with a 10-second complete dry, which puts it far ahead of any other competitor within the price range and establishes it as one of the most preferable choices.


Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons: Ritzee Rebel