Kenmore Coldspot Ice Maker Not Getting Water?

Kenmore Coldspot Ice maker Not Getting Water
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Having ready ice is important during warm weather and particularly so when entertaining.

With whisky at hand, having to source ice cubes elsewhere makes for a glum party.

With the Kenmore coldspot ice maker, ice-making should go smoothly.

When there is an issue producing ice, there could several issues at play.

With your Kenmore coldspot ice maker not getting water, there could be a kinked water supply.

This along with water valves and problems with the supply of water could be the main culprits.

Checking pipes for free-flowing water is nothing complicated.

If the refrigerator is functioning well in other aspects, the Kenmore coldspot ice maker might have a small compromise.

Kenmore Coldspot Ice Maker Not Getting Water? – Causes

Water pipe

The water pipe supplying water to the dispenser is located at the back of your unit.

This might be kinked for several reasons.

This pipe might also be blocked with dirt, perhaps when water was flowing in.

If the dispenser is not receiving any water, chances are the icemaker isn’t receiving any water either.

Most Kenmore refrigerators house a plastic pipe responsible for introducing water into the fridge.

This plastic water line is easy to replace too once located and the problem is fully diagnosed.

Water fill valve

This piece opens and closes when prompted to fill the ice maker.

A malfunctioning water valve means no water will enter the icemaker or dispenser.

If the dispenser is not malfunctioning, that is not the problem.

The water valve can become clogged with debris from ice and dirt.

Inspect the valves after unplugging the refrigerator from the wall.

All inspections of the Kenmore refrigerator should be carried out with the unit completely shut off.

Control board

It is unlikely that this could be the problem, but it is worth checking.

The control board sends signals for ice to be made, and these signals may not be reaching the water valves.

If the control board has issues, you might receive error codes too.

However, if the CCU is exhibiting problems chances of proper error codes appearing are slim.

This is why it is necessary to have a professional open the fridge and manually check if any water is entering the refrigerator.

If you have water, try the above-mentioned checks for a better diagnosis.

In-line water filter

Water filters build up with dirt and can become compromised with time.

This filter is normally easier to locate and fix than other parts of the water supply line.

A water filter is also easy to source if you use credible suppliers.

Be sure to navigate to renowned sites like Amazon or seek the help of a credible local supplier.

Kenmore refrigerators use OEM parts and sourcing secondhand or generic parts might be ill-advised.

Ice maker

This is meant to send signals or volts to the water inlet valve.

The icemaker can become defective through aging and usage.

Checking if the ice maker is functioning requires the simple steps listed below.

If the ice maker is faulty, no amount of water will turn to ice.

It simply means the water valve won’t open and if it does, you will have spillage within the unit.

Ice buildup

Some owners notice blocks of ice and blockage within the bin holding the ice.

This buildup can sometimes stretch to the parts dispensing ice into the bin.

It seems like an easy enough fix, which only requires you to remove blocks of ice.

Once you check for such ice buildup, be sure to follow the steps below for proper removal.

Using metallic and other rough tools to scrape off the ice might not be the best approach.

Kenmore Coldspot Ice Maker Not Getting Water –  Fixes


Remove ice with a plastic spatula or anything with minimum chances of damaging the interior.

This ice buildup might be compromising the dispenser.

When removing ice doesn’t help, follow procedures linked to water supply and valves.

Chances are the problem is an easy fix and nothing to fret about.

Ice maker

Diagnosing this requires some expertise and an electrician might offer additional help.

The ice maker needs to be accessed after removing the bin and possibly unscrewing the housing.

Repairing an icemaker might not be the best approach.

Buying a new icemaker is not difficult nor will it be too expensive.

The expense you incur will help moving forward as you are less likely to replace it ever again.

Check renowned suppliers online to find new parts with warranties as opposed to buying generic parts.

Water inlet valve

If this is unresponsive even after the icemaker sends signals, you will need to replace it.

The water inlet valve needs testing using a wire and bypassing a few connections.

You would need to remove the inlet valve from the refrigerator.

After disconnecting this part, ensure that the water supply pipe is connected to the valve.

Place a pan or pail underneath the water valve.

Once this procedure is complete, connect a wire between two suggested ports.

This part of the process should be done by a professional electrician.

If manually running the cycle still produces nothing, you will need a voltmeter to check for continuity.

In-line water filter

If this is the problem one shouldn’t have problems replacing it.

Buying a new water filter should happen after the water supply has been verified as adequate.

If the in-line filter is compromised, damaged, and malfunctioning, sourcing a new one can be done over the internet.

You would require the part number to ensure that you purchase the correct OEM part.

Water line

The plastic pipe or water line supplying water to the dispenser could be damaged.

If so, and if it is kinked, replacing it might be in order.

This supply pipe is made of plastic and damaging it is very possible.

Through moving or relocating, it could be broken or improperly connected.

The inlet tube supplying water to the icemaker might be blocked with ice and not necessarily damaged.

Be sure to check such specifics before purchasing a new inlet tube.


Connections play a major role in sending proper signals to different components.

These connections might be damaged when wires break from the aging and movement of a fridge.

Checking these connections for voltage and continuity requires a voltmeter or multimeter.

You can inspect ejector arms for movement while reading voltage.

If no ice is produced and inlet valves are not working, there could be a problem with the electricity supply.

Resetting the refrigerator might be in order.

This will remove all settings and bring the unit back to default settings.

How Do I Reset My Kenmore Coldspot Ice Maker?

There is no reset button on Kenmore refrigerators, but one can follow the steps below to reset this component.

1.Unplug the unit from the power source and allow it to sit for a few minutes.

This time will be enough for the refrigerator to reset and remove any mixed signals.

2.Re-plug the unit and allow the ready lights to come on.

These signify that the refrigerator is now ready for use.

Some units have a blue light showing that the ice maker can be used.

3. There are also switches available for icemakers.

These can be turned on or off depending on the requirements of the user – including resetting the icemaker.

Bottom Line

Be sure to use your Kenmore refrigerator according to recommendations.

Failure to apply proper procedures leads to malfunctions and sometimes, expensive repairs.

With your Kenmore ice maker not getting water, the above-mentioned issues might need your attention.

If you need to find new parts, be sure to source them from renowned suppliers.


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