How to Solve ERRF Error Code on Kenmore Refrigerator?

ERRF Error on Kenmore Refrigerator
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Owning a Kenmore refrigerator assures you of clean, chilled, and frozen foods all the time.

These refrigerators boast complex systems that help with diagnostics, meaning you are always aware of issues.

When a Kenmore refrigerator experiences issues with electrical parts, hardware, and software, there will be error codes.

If you own one of these units, the ERRF error code Kenmore refrigerator prompt is linked to controlling board miscommunication.

Essentially, there is a problem with the evaporator fan and the likelihood of issues with the entire line.

This line is concerned with connections, harnesses, control or main board, and the fan.

Checking these parts for errors or defects might be better left in the hands of professionals.

Errf Error Code Kenmore Refrigerator – Meaning

This error code implies something wrong with the evaporator fan.

It centers on a blockage or lack of communication between the control board and said fan.

This rarely happens that the control board is at fault in this case.

It means the connections between the evaporator fan and the control board might have defects.

These connections include the wiring harnesses, wiring, the control board and connections as well as the fan.

Incidentally, the fan motor might have jammed or has developed defects.

This can occur due to aging and indeed because of overuse.

Of course, if the fan itself is broken or defective then the errf error code on Kenmore refrigerators will appear.

An evaporator fan causes some discrepancies in room temperatures.

The cooling process might be compromised and food in the freezer begins to thaw instead.

In some cases, fresh foods will not cool but frozen foods in the freezer section will freeze.

Errf Error Code on Kenmore Refrigerator – Causes

Damaged Fan

If the fan is damaged there can be no proper cooling.

A fan that fails to operate optimally means temperatures will be less than adequate.

These compromised temperatures lead to the errf error code Kenmore refrigerator popping up.

It requires proper diagnostics either by a professional or with a handy guide from manufacturers.

Most parts of the Kenmore refrigerator are easy to access with the proper tools.


This motor might not run well due to aging or malfunctions.

With the motor not running, the fan won’t spin and eventually, the control board will send an error code.

Since the control board rarely fails, chances are the error code is a result of a dead motor.

Accessing this motor requires removing the back panel of your Kenmore refrigerator.

This should be done with the unit completely shut off to avoid electrical shock.


If the freezer or fridge has accumulated too much ice, this could compromise the evaporator fan.

If ice isn’t thawing it could be that you have too much food.

When there is food overload, the fan might not perform optimally.

It means compromising the adequacy of the fan and thus, prompting the control board to issue a warning.

Checking for ice buildup is easy and can be performed with the rear panel completely removed.

Wire harness

During moving or relocating, some parts of a refrigerator might get damaged.

Other times, there is no damage but rough movement causes parts to become loose.

A wiring harness can also come loose during other maintenance tasks.

These harnesses connect wires like the ones linking the evaporator fan and motor.

If these harnesses are damaged or wires have come off, there will be an errf error code.

Damaged fan

Your fan might be defective hence no freezing is taking place.

If the fan is defective, a working motor or proper wiring becomes useless.

A broken fan might be the result of excess ice buildup around it.

This is easy enough to note after removing panels and accessing the motor and fan.

It is also easy to replace if the need arises.

Loose connections

Aside from the wiring harness, there could be loose connections anywhere along this line.

This implies that the motor, wiring harness, fan, and control board might be missing a link.

Loose connections can also cause short circuits over time, making it crucial that you fix such errors and defects as soon as possible.

After accessing the Kenmore refrigerator and noting one of the above faults, it is important to seek professional advice.

This should also include a professional to help with fixes or replacements.

Here are 6 solutions to the above-mentioned causes of the errf error code.

Errf Error Code Kenmore Refrigeration – Fixes

Tighten wires

Check all wires along the control board and fan line and ensure tightness.

With the rear panel completely off and the unit shut down, checking wires should be a breeze.

It is important to check specific wiring linked to the motor, fan, and control board.

If any wires are broken or slightly worn off, consider replacing them.

These wires should be procured from legit online suppliers or a credible local store.

It is better to source them from suppliers recommended by the Kenmore refrigerator suppliers.


Check if the motor is malfunctioning and replace it immediately.

There are instances whereby the motor can be fixed as opposed to buying a new one.

This requires an expert to diagnose what exactly is the problem.

An evaporator fan motor can be sourced from local stores but requires expert advice.

You might buy a piece that is meant for older or newer models.

This motor should have a part number or at the very least, have the Kenmore refrigerator model number handy.

It will help ensure you get the right part.

Wiring harnesses

These are easy enough to fix or replace.

After opening the unit, check if the harnesses are broken or working improperly.

If wires don’t stay put, change the harness.

A wiring harness for a Kenmore refrigerator can easily be found on Amazon and other legitimate online suppliers.

A harness should be available locally too if the problem needs fixing immediately.


Removing and replacing the fan is easy once you locate it.

This could show damage due to ice buildup leading to a broken piece.

Replacing an evaporator fan might not require the help of a professional.

However, removing the wires and the motor should be carried out slowly and with a guide.

Failure to follow removal and replacement procedures could lead to added damage to your refrigerator.


The wires might need tightening or replacing.

With time, your wires might get worn out either due to temperatures or movement.

These should not be taped over.

Assume there is more damage that will occur if you simply cover the worn areas of the wiring.

Sourcing wires is easier online as long as you use the right websites.

If you need expert opinions, seek help from suppliers offering Kenmore units.


Removing ice buildup anywhere and everywhere within the unit.

This ice will compromise the movement of the evaporator fan and prompt the errf error code.

Removing ice doesn’t require expertise or too much time.

It is however important to scrape stuck pieces of ice using a plastic spatula.

Using metal objects could damage the interior of your Kenmore refrigerator.

Bottom Line

Ownership of a Kenmore brand refrigerator ensures you clean and healthy food with minimal electrical issues.

When the errf error code Kenmore refrigerator appears, seek consultation immediately.

It could make a difference between healthy and unhealthy foods.