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Top 10 Best Front Load Washing Machine In India (Buying Guide)

Best front load washing machine in India
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Are you looking for a high efficiency washing machine that removes the tough stains of your clothes? Then front load washing machine is best you can buy. They are quite popular for their stylish design and expedient features. As it has a large capacity, it washes the clothes in fewer batches, saves your time and energy considerably. The high spin speed helps to efficient drying. It is gentler on fabrics with tumbling wash action, protects the fabric from loosening and fading through the washing process. You can get a better cleaning with less water by using this front load washing machine. So, here we compiled the list of 10 best front load washing machine in India. Before jump to list of best front load washers go through our buying guide that will help you to choose your best.

What is Front Load Washing Machine?

Best front load washing machine in IndiaA washing machine is an appliance used to wash laundry. Now a day, front load washing machine is quite dominant design in most of the countries. It is a high-end washing machine with horizontal axis design.

Front load washing machine is an appliance where loading is done through a door at front of a machine. The inner basket and outer tub fixed horizontally. There is a transparent door to most of the front load washer. It rotates the clothes back and forth. The gravity removes the water from clothes to make it dry completely.  Back and forth rotation of cylinder and gravity provides agitation.

However, they are pricier than other the types of washing machine, saves your water and energy bill, worth the extra bucks you invested in it.

Advantages Of Front Load Washing Machine

Following are advantages of having front load washing machine.

  1. Generally, front load washers have a large capacity, capable to wash bulky items.
  2. Due to tumbling axis, it cleans clothes better with less water.
  3. With vibration control technique it generates less noise during spin process.
  4. The front load washer uses less energy and detergent to wash clothes.
  5. It doesn’t fix with agitator or impeller in a wash drum allows for more space and gentle washing of clothes.

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Front Load Washing Machine Vs. Top Load Washing Machine

You should choose a washing machine prudently as it is a major investment that you pay for.  The biggest dilemma rises in front of you that whether to buy a front load or top load washing machine. So, here we mentioned head to head comparison between front load and top load washers.

Front Load Washing Machine Top Load Washing Machine
Energy and efficiency More efficient Less efficient
Water and detergent usage Less More
Washing action Tumbling Churning
Features More luxury features Fewer features
Load size Larger Smaller
Gentleness to clothing Yes No
Door lock Yes No
Price More expensive Less Expensive


How To Use Front Load Washing Machine?

Best front load washing machine in India

Front load washing machine is a highly reliable appliance for folks who are very busy and need to wash cloth quickly as possible. It is easy to use a device which has a little learning curve for getting used to. You can use front load washing machine precisely with the following easy steps.


Best front load washing machine in IndiaBefore loading the clothes in washing machine check out for the tags for washing instructions. Most of the clothes are machine washable but some are can’t be washed as they labeled as ‘Dry Clean only’ or ‘Hand Wash only’. Sort them and keep aside.

Separate the dark colored clothes and light-colored clothes. Remove coins and any other objects from a pocket.


Check out for a manual for a maximum load of the laundry. If the machine is overloaded it adversely affects the efficiency of cleaning. Open the door of the washing machine and load the laundry in it.


Open the detergent receptacle located at the front and fill the detergent in recommended amount and close it. It is advisable to use liquid detergent reliable for front load washing machine.


In a detergent receptacle, there is a compartment for fabric softener. Add fabric softener or bleach if required.


Close the door of a washing machine and lock it. If it is not locked properly, a machine will not start.


Best front load washing machine in IndiaCheck the manual for the wash cycle and other different options choose the correct cycle to wash. Set the water temperature according to the cloth type. Use cool water for the delicate clothes, warm water for dark clothes and dirty items. Use hot water setting for white clothes, bed sheets, tough fabric.


Hit the ‘on’ button and let the machine run through all cycle. Unload the clothes when all washing process is completed.

How To Clean Front Load Washing Machine?

Front Load washing machines are highly efficient requires a special process to clean it thoroughly. The negligence towards cleaning may result into the rapid growth of mildew and sometimes mechanical problems too. If you notice the unpleasant smell from your front load washer, it is time to clean it thoroughly.

Following is the easiest way to clean your front load washing machine.

You will need only 4 ingredients-

  1. ¼ cup water
  2. ¼ cup baking soda
  3. 2 cups vinegar
  4. Scrubber


  1. Mix the baking soda and water in a bowl. This will be the detergent for cleaning your washer. Transfer the vinegar into the measuring cup.
  2. Transfer the baking soda into a detergent container of a machine and pour the vinegar into the drum. Set your washing machine on normal load and water setting at hottest level. Close the door of machine and press start switch. Now, the baking soda and vinegar work amazingly to clean your washer. They easily remove the mildew and mineral deposits grew inside the washer.
  3. Clean the gasket at the opening of the washer with a scrubber. Wipe down with fresh water.

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Top 10 Best Front Load Washing Machine In India 2018

1. Bosch WAK24268IN 7Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Bosch is new brand compared to IFB, LG. But it captures the market in the very short period due to its innovative features and quality performance. Now, it is among the TOP 10 Bestsellers in the line of front load washer.

Bosch WAK24268IN Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine is the best front load washing machine in India. It comes with 7Kg. capacity incorporated with advanced features. Do you know the best part of this washer? i.e. its unique Vario drum technology. Now you don’t need to worry about your expensive clothes gets damaged due to several washes. Its unique Vario drum technology allows for deep cleaning of your delicate fabric with no any damage. It washes the clothes by using 20% less energy and 65% less time than other washing machines. This technology makes it stand out from competition with other washers.

The super 15’/30’ program is really convenient for busy folks. It washes, rinses and spins the laundry up to 2 kg in 15 to 30 minutes. The active water feature helps to adjust water level accord to the amount of load.


1. The anti-vibration design assists for more stability as well as less vibration and noise.

2. Its unique Vario drum technology works tough on stains and gentle on clothes. This technology also helps to save time and energy.

3. The water plus system helps to increase the water level if required during the wash and rinse process for the perfect wash.

4.The time-delay function allows you to delay your wash cycle from 1 to 24 hours.

5. The monsoon wash is working perfect for laundry that needs extreme dryness.

6. It comes with 2 years warranty on product and 10 years long warranty on motor.


1. There is installation delay by Bosch.

Following is the video that shows closure look to this Bosch front loader. Take a look.

2.Bosch WAK20160IN 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Bosch is WAK20160IN Fully Automatic front load washing machine is another quality appliance by Bosch which is  the best front load washing machine in India with a lot of convenient features . It has 7 Kg. capacity apt for large laundry at one go. The maximum speed of spin is 1000 RPM. It is designed with anti-vibrations system helps to reduce vibration and noise throughout the wash cycles. The construction of the washing machine is solid and robust as it weighs about 70 g. You wash your light soiled laundry with super quick 15 functions and make it clean in 15 minutes. It has use friendly LED display and foam detection system. The active water technology makes it water efficient as it reduces the water consumption. The self-cleaning detergent drawer helps to maintain cleanliness as it cleaned automatically after every wash. So, now the cleaning of washing machine is a breeze. It is considerably quieter than other washing machines available in the market out there.

So, this Bosch WAK20160IN fully automatic washing machine is all in one durable appliance with smart features that make it perfect choice.


  1. It has volt check function as it detects the voltage fluctuation and adjusts the wash cycle accordingly.
  2. Sturdy build quality with stainless steel drum housing assures durability.
  3. It is easy to use an appliance with single dial selection program.
  4. The Vario drum technology enables to wash delicate and new clothes gently.
  5. It offers a 10-year warranty on motor ensures the quality of washing machine.


  1. This front load washer does not have a pre-wash facility.

3. IFB Senorita Aqua SX 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB has manufactured and marketed home appliances over three decades. They are well known for their quality and technology. It manufactures appliances such as washing machine, washer dryer, laundry dryer, chimney, hobs, microwave oven, dishwasher and other cooking appliances. They launched India’s first front loading washing machine and clothes dryer.

Senorita Aqua SX is Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine by IFB brand comes in a mid-range category with its high-quality performance. It has 6.5 kg. load capacity and 1000 RPM spinning speed. The washing machine equipped with a lot of washing programs such as express 15, baby wear, mixed fabric, wool and hand wash, delicate and cotton etc. that are suitable for different types of clothes. It comes with the unique feature of 3D wash system uses dynamic movement to the water to clean dirt effectively and get a richer wash. If you are living in the area where hard water is supplied, now don’t need to worry. Its aqua energy filter helps for treating the hard water and uses only treated soft water for efficient washing. The crescent moon cast drum helps for a deep and gentle wash of clothes. Now, there is any no possibility of damaging of your favorite delicate clothes.


  1. 1.It is equipped with foam control system that maintains the quality of the wash.
  2. 2.The washer has additional cover at the bottom to protect against possible damages.
  3. 3.It has a convenient tub clean function to get rid of bacteria, impurities and, unpleasant smelling.
  4. 4.The washing machine had user-friendly laundry add function allows you to add clothes even when the wash cycle is in progress.
  5. 5.It has child lock for safety purpose.
  6. 6.The product covers 4 years of warranty and 10 years of spare part support.


  1. The after sales service by IFB is not satisfactory.

Watch the following demo video of this IFB front loader.


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4. LG FH0B8NDL22 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG Electronics brand was established in 1958 with an innovative start. It has been offering an optimum solution and new experiences to its customers through its innovation. Now-a-day, it is popular as a smart global brand.

LG uses its unique Inverter direct drive technology in LG FH0B8NDL22 front load washing machine. The motor is directly allied to the drum without any belt or pulley. It also helps to generate negligible noise and vibration during operation. The capacity of the washing machine is 6Kg. which is suitable for a family of four. For the larger family, we would recommend the washing machine with higher capacity. It offers powerful washing performance with its 6DD motion technology which is a combination of pulsation and agitation. Hence it is suitable for most types of fabric without any damage during the wash process. The maximum spin speed of washer is 1000RPM. You can set the speed manually to 400, 800 and 1000RPM. You can use a lower speed for a gentle wash. 1000RPM speed is apt for tough stains. The tub-fresh technology assists to maintain washer’s freshness all the time by cleaning the drum. The baby care option is suitable to wash baby clothes gently in hot water.

LG provides a smart diagnosis which is very easy and fast to tackle issues related to washer if any without having a call to a technician. It comes with 2-year warranty on appliance and 10- years warranty on motor.


  1. The washer makes very less noise while in use.
  2. Its unique 6 motion DD technology is always a smarter choice than either pulsation or agitation.
  3. It vibrates less due to its direct drive motor.
  4. The LG provides smart diagnosis system to solve the issues related to the product.


  1. The outlet pipe is provided with the washing machine is very small.

Watch the following video to know more about this product.


5.Bosch WAB16060IN 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

WAB16016IN is basic front load washing machine by Bosch with 6 Kg. load capacity. It is an entry level washing machine does not come with fancy bells and whistles. But it works great to wash your clothes super-clean. The water consumption per wash is 60 liters and energy consumption of 153 unit per year. It uses hot water to clean wash drum helps to enhance the life of washing machine. The Bosch provides feature of super 30’ that is convenient for today’s fast-paced life. It washes, cleans and spins the 2Kg. laundry in 30 minutes. The 3D aqua spa feature helps to enhance washing performance and saving of water. The maximum spin speed is 800RPM. It has a pre-wash function to remove tougher stains of clothes. You can adjust the water temperature from cold up to 90 degrees Celsius. The active water technology reduces the water consumption which leads to cost saving. It doesn’t generate noise compared to other models.


  1. It adjusts the water level by sensing the volume of load.
  2. The child lock function ensures safety.
  3. It has sturdy and durable housing with the affordable price range.
  4. It comes with 2 years warranty on product and 10-year warranty on motor.


  1. It lacks time-delay function.
  2. There is an absence of audio alert indication.

6.IFB Senator Aqua SX 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Senator Aqua SX is another noteworthy front load washing machine by IFB as it introduced some extra features in the product. The load capacity is 8 Kg. which is higher than previous Senorita Aqua SX model. This washing machine is introducing as Gen next front load washing machine by IFB. They incorporated some user-friendly features and programs in this model.

The washing machine comes with the advanced feature of Air bubble wash system. It creates air bubbles and releases into the water during rinse cycle that infuses freshness into the clothes and helps for the perfect wash. The 3D wash system helps for deeper and cleaner wash. It is a special water system with nozzle and circulation of water 360 degrees in a drum that helps for an efficient wash cycle. The crescent moon drum assists for gentle and thorough cleaning. The washer comes with auto imbalance system which detects the uneven distribution of wash load. It redistributes the load inside the drum and helps to balance it for the perfect washing cycle. The LED display helps to control and monitor different programs. It has additional cover provided at the bottom for protection against rodents. The laundry adds feature offers you complete control of the wash. It allows you to add clothes during the wash cycle.


  1. It operates quietly.
  2. The washing machine comes with higher load capacity.
  3. It is equipped with more than 100 wash care programs.
  4. The product comes with 4-year manufacturer warranty.


  1. IFB customer service is not available in some areas in India.

Watch the below video that shows how to use this front load washing machine efficiently.


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7. IFB Elena Aqua VX 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB Elena Aqua VX is fully automatic washing machine with some decent features which are value for your money. This front load washer is suitable for small family with 6 kg. washing capacity. This compact appliance requires small space for storage. It is featured with unique 2D shower system that enables the water nozzle to circulate water entirely to 360 degrees in a drum. This enhances dynamic movement of the water to get cleaner clothes. It is fixed with an aqua filter to treat hard water that improves the performance of washer. It has 15 wash programs for a different type of clothes. It consumes 2300W power and operates at 220Volt. It has tub clean system which is attached to the timer. The auto-imbalance censor helps to enhance overall life of the washing machine. It comes with 4 years warranty.


  1. This is compact front load washer doesn’t cover up too much space.
  2. It has 2D shower system for dynamic movement to the water to get fresher and cleaner clothes.
  3. As it is light in weight easy to move anywhere.
  4. This user-friendly appliance is easy to use with few simple functions and control.
  5. It consumes lower power and water compared to competitor model at this price range.


  1. The washing machine has no digital display.

8. IFB Elite Aqua SX 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The IFB Elite Aqua SX fully automatic washing machine comes in an elegant silver finish with attractive and stylish appearance. It has 7 Kg. load capacity which is apt for the medium sized family. It has maximum spin speed is 1200 RPM that is enough for getting cleaner clothes. The wash cycle time for each load is about 147 min and water consumption around 52 L. The washer has wash care programs like Express 15, stains, curtains, mixed fabric, delicate, cotton, wool and hand wash that is suitable for most of the clothes. The effective air bubble wash system activates the detergent in the washing process ensures deep cleaning and removing odor. It has convenient Pre-wash soak system for clothes with heavy stains. The washing machine is fixed with a lint filter that catches hard dirt of clothes. The aqua energie feature treats the hard water ensures thorough cleaning of laundry.


  1. It has a built-in water heater which allows you adjust the temperature of the water. Hot water helps to remove strong stains of clothes.
  2. The washer has user-friendly LCD display and audio and visual indication.
  3. It is equipped with the fuggy logic system and washes laundry accordingly.
  4. The washing machine has memory back up option that useful in case of a crashed system.
  5. The self-diagnosing system adds utility to the product.


  1. This is a little costly appliance with high maintenance charges.

Watch the following video for in-depth information of this washer.


9. Samsung WW60M206LMW/TL 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung is the one of the market leading brands in the line of home appliances. They have been consistently delivering true innovation and convenience to its users. Samsung WW60M206LMW/TL is 9th best front load washing machine in India having 6 Kg. load capacity. Its simple design with crystal door will look very aesthetic in your home. The unique Dimond drum technology having smooth and diamond ridges wash the clothes extremely gentle. The small water exit holes assist to protect the fabric by averting clothes from being trapped. It is fixed with the Digital Inverter Motor that is energy efficient and delivers long-lasting performance. The volt control technology protects against power surges and voltage drops helps to increase the life of the appliance. It has quick wash program which is a real time-saver.


  1. The quick heating system enhances energy efficiency which ultimately saves your cost.
  2. It has a user-friendly wide display and ergonomic designed dial.
  3. It has 2-year warranty on product and 10-year warranty on DIT motor


  1. Samsung provides the exhaust pipe which is short in length.

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10. BPL BFAFL65WX1 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

BPL BFAFL65WX1 Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine comes in stylish and contemporary design with smooth contours and chrome paneling. It is engineered with a high-grade copper motor which is efficient for every wash. The spin speed of the washer is 1200 rotations per minute. It has ergonomic drum design which constructed of stainless steel. The drum featured with ‘s’ shaped ribs for improving cleaning performance. It is fixed with in-built spray technology for deep cleaning of clothes. The door of the machine offers you easy access to 180-degree swing.


  1. It comes with eight pre-set programs suitable for different fabric types.
  2. The washer has program selector knob with LED display.
  3. It is a reasonable washer by trusted brand BPL, worth the money.


  1. There is no reliable after sales service provided by BPL.
  2. The motor of washing machine vibrates a lot in last spinning mode.
  3. BPL gives only one-year warranty on product and 3 years on motor.

Wrap Up

So, these are the best front load washing machine in India that is bang for the bucks. Though you need to invest higher initial cost for front load washing machine, it saves your water and energy bill in long-term considerably. If you are looking for durable and extra powerful performer in front load washer, then IFB, Bosch and, LG brands are worth to consider. If you are living in an area where there is hard water supply, then IFB is the best option. Bosch is well-known for competent technology. Where LG brand designed its front load washer which is reliable for Indian demographic.


  • very nice information sir,
    thanks, by the way can you please solve my confusion on which washing machine to buy among all these?

  • Hi,
    I would suggest IFB and Bosch in front load models. I bought the IFB before 7 years ago with no issues. LG front load washer is worth your consideration as well.