Do Madewell Jeans Shrink?- Complete Guide

Do Madewell Jeans shrink
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Madewell jeans well known for their exceptional quality and style.

The denim enthusiasts often pondering a crucial question that—do Madewell Jeans shrink?

These jeans boast top-tier denim craftsmanship.

They are usually pre-washed and pre-shrunk, to mitigate post-purchase size fluctuations.

Madewell jeans won’t shrink if they are washed in cold, warm, or hot water, even tumble drying in low setting.

But we recommend using hot water only for stains.

But, herein lies the intrigue—can they still shrink?

Let’s dive into it!

Do Madewell Jeans Shrink?

The current version of Madewell jeans is indeed prewashed.

This means they’re designed to withstand the cold, warm, or even hot waters.

So, they will not shrink in cold, warm, or hot water.

Additionally, drying these jeans on low heat won’t lead to the expected shrinkage disorder.

But if you want, you can shrink the Madewell jeans.

Because they primarily made up of 99 % cotton and 1% is elastane.

You may wonder that 99-100% cotton shrinks very quickly in the first wash to about 3-15%.

Then why do Madewell jeans not shrink significantly?

Research from Mary Pierson, a denim expert delving into the realm of Madewell jeans.

He reveals a fascinating evolution.

As per research of Mary Pierson, ‘Back in days, people complained that their jeans shrunk up to 3% on the first wash.

But since the 1980s Madewell is using a lot of washes in denim which don’t result in much shrinkage’.

The new generation of Madewell jeans are made with stretch denim which doesn’t shrink considerably.

How To Shrink Madewell Jeans?

Whether the jean is crafted of cotton or blended with synthetic materials, it won’t shrink if you wash Madewell jeans in favourable laundry conditions.

You have to follow below steps if you want shrink Madewell jeans.

Steps to shrink Madewell Jeans:

1.Take around 4-5 litters of water in a pot and begin to boil it.

once the water gets hot put single Madewell jean in it and again allow it boil hostilely.

2. After a few minutes of aggressive boiling, allow the water cool to the point in range of very warm to hot.

3. Now take out the Madewell jeans from the pot. Don’t squeeze any water and put them in the tumble drier.

4. Set the drier to the highest heat setting with maximum cycle count.

5. Once the cycle count is finished, remove your jeans.

Now it is shrunk smaller than previous length and width.

6. If you did this process in the 1980s then your Madewell jean may shrink up to 20-25%.

Because there was not latest technology to preshrink the fabric.

But the current generation of Madewell jeans may only shrink up to 5-10% because their jeans are nowadays heavily prewashed to reduce the potential shrinking.

So that Madewell jeans customers will have the consistent fit for years.

How To Stretch the Shrinked Madewell Jeans To Fit Loose?

If you want to stretch your favorite Madewell jeans, you have to follow below steps.

1.Wash your Madewell jeans in water with normal temperature.

2. Line dries your jeans.

3. While drying, hang some weight on legs of jeans with using clippers.

4. When you line dry the jean with additional weight at the bottoms the mass of the jean lead to draw downwards.

5. This leads to in an extension of the length of the jeans.

Do Madewell Jeans Run Small?

Madewell jeans does not run small or big.

Madewell jeans run true to size.

But some buyers experience that they run a bit large.

According to some reviewers, the Perfect Vintage Madewell jeans run a bit large.

Sizing down one size works well for them.

But we recommend that go through the right Madewell jeans size chart to get your perfect size jeans.

Before buying jeans, trying out jeans is the best option if possible.

How to Style Madewell Jeans?

Madewell brand offers nice range of cute tops and sweaters.

If you like to pair your jeans with shirt, this Madewell Central Drapey Shirt is best bet.

There’s nothing quite as stylish as the Madewell Central Drapey Shirt.

This button-up shirt stands out with its roomy fit and breezy fabric.

It is perfect for comfortable wear all day long.0

It features a spread collar, loose short sleeves, and subtle pleats at the back yoke.

Plus, its high-low shirttail hemline adds a nice touch to look.

This shirt is made up entirely of viscose, it’s a chic and comfortable choice.


You can also pair your Madewell jeans with this Madewell Women’s Hopscotch Henley Tee.

The fabric of tee is Lightweight jersey.

It is made up of 60% cotton, 40% polyester.

It comes with round neckline and long sleeves.

The striped pattern of tee is goes perfect with your jeans.

Final Thoughts

We recommend that before going to buy Madewell jeans, do some research about Madewell Jeans sizing and fitting.

So, you don’t need to go through the process of shrinking or stretching your jeans.

By doing so, you also don’t need to waste your time and resources for these processes.

Go through the right size chart of the Madewell before purchasing your favorite jeans.

If you are still facing the issue with jeans fitting, then refer to Madewell’s return policy and replace it with better fitted jeans.

If that’s also not possible then visit your professional tailor to get right fitting of your jeans.