How to Organize Your French Door Fridge?: Step By Step Process

How to Organize Your French Door Fridge
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If you already own a French door refrigerator, you might familiar with classic style that is- its two half-width doors and a space-maximizing layout.

These fridges come up with specialized storage compartments that offers greater visibility to help you quickly grab items in fridge.

The knowledge of how to organize your French door fridge also help you maximize storage space and get the most out of your favorite fridge.

Today, we dive into the art of organizing the French door fridge.

So that it transforms it from a mere appliance into a statement piece in your kitchen.

What is the Advantage of a French Door Fridge?

The major advantage of a French door fridge is that they are easier to organize than other types of fridges.

French door fridge comes with both doors on the top, so that food items stored inside are easily visible as well as tracking of your food is very quick.

You can find the things inside at eye level, and you don’t need to search through the bottom to find anything.

This fridge comes with wider shelves and larger pull-out bins.

So, it maximizes storage capacity and helps you to organize all of your food items.

In a nutshell, the French door fridge isn’t just an appliance but it is a witness to culinary modification and organizational prowess.

Best French Door Refrigerator Options

Our Top Pick: GE Profile PVD28BYNFS 36″ 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

Second Choice: LG LFDS22520S 30 Inch French Door Refrigerator 

Third Choice: Kenmore 72695 29.5 cu. ft. French Door refrigerator

How To Organize Your French Door Refrigerator?

You can follow below simple and easy steps to organized your French door refrigerator.

In fact, these steps can work for any fridge, even if you have a different size or style than this fridge.

Take everything out of your fridge

The first step is to take out all of the food out of your refrigerator.

It’s very easy to organize your fridge once the space is completely clear.

Also go through the dates of food packets for expired foods and throw them out.

Clean inside and outside of the Fridge

Now it’s time to clean your fridge -inside and outside of the fridge.

So, grab an all-purpose cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth and wipe down the entire refrigerator.

You need to clean the exterior of the fridge, the interior surfaces, the shelves and the storage bins.

Deep clean your fridge precisely.

Avoid to make use of abrasive cleaning tools or harsh cleansers to protect the appliance from any damage.

To clean inside area of your fridge follow these steps:

  • Unplug the fridge and take out all storage shelves and bins.
  • Hand washes the fridge walls, the door and permanent shelves. You can use microfiber cloth and a mild detergent with warm water.
  • Thoroughly dry all parts of fridge and surfaces with a clean cloth.
  • Put back all parts inside the fridge and plug in the fridge back.

Clean the outside of your French door with a all-purpose cleaning spray.

If you have a traditional stainless-steel fridge without a fingerprint-resistant coating, consider using a cleaner like Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner for dedicated care of your stainless steel appliances.

Choose Containers

Glass Containers

The glass container enables you to view the contents in them easily.

So, they are much convenient to use.

You can use these excellent sealable glass containers from Rubbermaid.

You can easily transfer the leftovers into these containers as they are compact and stackable.

The best part of container is they are microwaveable.

Produce Containers

When it comes to organizing fruits and vegetables, I found these best containers- Amazon refrigerator organizers.

It keeps away excess water from produce as they have a little water drain tray.

It is great way to store vegetables and fruits after being washed, rinsed, and ready to use.

It means the food gets eaten more readily.

In this way you can grab something and immediately enjoy it.

So, it avoids food wastage ultimately.

Select right Organizing Tools

Soda Can Organizer

Soda can organizer is great tool to organize soda cans.

This dispenser is amazing and makes it easy to remove the containers from the fridge.

Egg Container

Egg containers are incredible to store eggs in fridge.

You can keep to the side of fridge.

These slender clear container that works gorgeously.

Big Bottle Containers

You can grab these big bottle holders to store wine, or any other oversized bottles.

If you facing issue with organize bottles aesthetically in your fridge, these wine rack organizers are best bet.

Fridge doors organization

French Door Refrigerator door organization

When you open your French door refrigerator, the often-visible content is content placed at door.

So, this is the best spot to arrange frequently-used items, like butter, condiments or dressings.

By storing this smaller stuff in the fridge door is also helps to free up valued space on the shelves.

But avoid storing temperature-sensitive content such as like milk or eggs in the door as the fridge doors are few degrees warmer than other parts of the interior.

Organize the upper and lower shelves

French Door shelves organization

While organizing the shelves of your French door refrigerator consider the differences in temperature throughout the fridge.

Store the content in lower shelves that are best suited for cooler storage environments.

The less sensitive items store on the warmer upper shelves.

E.g. store the prepared foods, leftovers at upper shelves as they are suitable spots for storing regularly used items, such as milk or eggs.

Store meat, dairy and other perishable items on the lower shelves.

Organize fridge drawer

Fridge drawers allows for greater control over storage environments and conditions as well as keep your fridge clutter-free.

Most French door fridges come with crisper drawers to store ingredients according to humidity.

They are great for keeping fruits and vegetables.

You just need to adjust the airflow in each drawer with the slider as per requirement.

It allows at least ⅓ of space in the drawer which provides sufficient breathing room for fresh food and ingredients.

Also, you can store sandwich meat or cheese in the deli drawer.

Organize the freezer

Freezer organization

You can keep your freezer compartment looking clean by organizing items according to their type.

Labelling your food items helps to keep track of expiration dates of food.

So, label the items with dates and names to prevent wastage of food.

Additional Tips

  1. You can use a replaceable absorbent liner on the bottom of your storage bins as it helps to reduce spills for easier cleanup.
  2. Prevent low airflow by not blocking vents with contents inside the fridge cabinet.
  3. Make an “eat first” bin so that you can keep track of expiration dates and prevent waste.
  4. Assign a storage bin for easy access to snacks and juice for kids.
  5. Adjust the refrigerator shelves for improved storage flexibility.