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Does PEZ Candy Expire? (Shelf Life, Storage, Expiration)

Does PEZ Candy Expire
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Pez is a candy that is sold in the form of a small, cylindrical brick-shaped tablet that is meant to be placed into a reusable plastic dispenser.

This plastic dispenser is designed to resemble a cartoon character which is unique about this candy.

These candies come in a variety of flavors such as cherry, orange, lemon, strawberry, and grape.

Are you wondering, does Pez candy expire?

Yes, PEZ candy expires.

But it will not spoil or go bad soon.

However, the flavor of PEZ candy can deteriorate over time, particularly if it is exposed to heat or humidity.

PEZ states that these candies expire 5 years from the manufacture date, though they do not print the manufacture date anywhere on the packaging.

Let’s get to know in detail about expiration, shelf life, and storage.

What is PEZ? Is PEZ Gum or Candy?

PEZ is a sweet but little hard candy that comes in the form of small bricks.

PEZ candy is sold in different colorful aluminum packages.

Every package contains multiple small “brick-shaped” PEZ candies.

Pez is made up of (ingredients) are Sugar, Corn Syrup, Adipic Acid, Palm Kernel & Palm Oil, Mono & Diglycerides, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Red 3, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 2.

PEZ often comes in toy candy dispensers that can take many forms.

There is the logo is drawn in a 3D appearance on the package.

It resembles the letters in perspective and is built like a brick.

The letter is made of a total of 44 brick-like pieces.

Those pieces are depictions of PEZ mints.

Does PEZ Candy Expire?

If you want to know, do PEZ candy expire, then the simple answer is, yes, Pez candy can expire.

But PEZ does not technically expire.

It means, they will not spoil or go bad soon.

PEZ states that these candies expire 5 years from the manufacture date, though they do not print the manufacture date anywhere on the packaging.

PEZ candy does not have an official expiration date, but it is recommended that you consume it within 5 years of the manufacturing date.

This is because the candy may lose some of its freshness and taste over time, especially if it is not stored precisely.

PEZ dispensers can last much longer as they are not affected by the passage of time.

If you want to PEZ candy stay fresh you should keep it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

If you keep this PEZ candy in a sealed container, it will help to preserve its freshness even longer.

However, it is important to note that if the PEZ candy or dispenser has been exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity, or if the packaging has been damaged, it should be best to discard it to avoid any potential safety or health issues.

How to Tell If PEZ Has Expired?

If you have old Pez candy and you are not sure whether your pet candy has expired, then you can check things.

First, check the expiration date on the package.

If the date has passed, it means the candy has expired.

Another sign is the condition of the candy.

If your candy is looking discolored or dried out, it may not safe to consume.

The smell is another parameter to check.

If candy smells off or rancid, discard it.

How Can You Tell How Old a PEZ is?

There are several ways to determine the age of a PEZ candy dispenser.

One of the most reliable ways is the Patent number.

You can check the patent number on the side of the stem.

PEZ dispensers have been produced with different patent numbers over the years, and each number corresponds to a particular era of production.

To determine how old your PEZ dispensers are, you can check for the following patent number on the side of the stem:

  • Patent number 2,620,061 was produced between 1952-1968
  • Patent number 3,410,455 was produced between 1968-1974
  • Patent number 3,845,882 was produced between 1974-1976
  • Patent number 3,942,683 was produced between 1976-1989

Another way to determine the age is a PEZ dispenser design.

You need to look at the design of the dispenser itself.

PEZ made several changes in dispensers design over the years.

Early dispensers have simpler designs compared to the latest ones.

Additionally, some dispensers were produced for a limited time, so if you can find the right version that is rare, it may date back to a certain year.

If the dispenser has square feet at the base, which is used to stand them up: those did not become standard till the mid-1980s.

So, it is obvious that a footless dispenser is older than that.

Dispensers from 1952-1968 will typically sell for more on the market.

How to Store PEZ Candy?

There is no expiration date on Pez candy.

However, it may eventually go stale and lose its flavor.

To extend the shelf life of Pez, store the candies in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

The candy can soften and lose its shape due to heat and moisture. So, don’t store them in the fridge or freezer.

Is PEZ Candy Vegan?

Yes, PEZ is vegans. So, it is suitable for vegans.

Because PEZ candy contains all-natural and plant-based ingredients.
These candies do not contain any dairy, artificial colors, and animal products which makes them a suitable treat for vegans as well as vegetarians.

PEZ is not only a favorite candy among kids but also among adults. PEZ comes in different flavors that everyone can enjoy.

Cherry, strawberry, grape, raspberry, orange, and lemon are all vegan flavors.

So, if you are vegan, you can enjoy PEZ without any worry!

Pez is not very nutritious, so it is best to consume it as an occasional treat.

Are PEZ Candies Gluten-free?

Yes, PEZ is gluten-free!

Pez candies are made up of sugar, corn syrup, palm oil, and artificial colors and flavors.

These ingredients don’t contain any of the Codex allergens as defined by Codex however PEZ is highly processed.

PEZ is also soy, peanut, and tree-nut-free.

So, it’s a good option for people with food allergies or sensitivities.

If you have any concerns about gluten or other allergens, it’s always important to check the ingredient label on the packaging.

The PEZ company should also have an allergen statement on its website.

PEZ isn’t nutritious, so it’s best to consume it as an occasional treat.

Related Questions

How long does Pez candy last?

PEZ stated that PEZ candies expire in 5 years from the date of manufacturing, however, they do not print the expiration date on the product.

So, it can last up to 5 years from the date of manufacturing.

Is PEZ candy halal?

On the basis of ingredients, Pez candy is halal.


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