Frigidaire Refrigerator SY CF Error Code – Common Causes and Quick Fixes!

Frigidaire Refrigerator SY CF Error Code
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Do you have one of those Frigidaire refrigerators and get SY CF error?

Are you looking for the meaning of this error, its causes, and fixes?

Welcome, you’re at the right place!

Frigidaire is a leading brand, famous for the manufacturing of the best quality home appliances.

Frigidaire refrigerator is one of their products available in the market at a reasonable cost.

Sometimes the consumers observed SY CF error code on Frigidaire refrigerators.

This error code has certain meanings and indicates a problem in your refrigerator.

The meaning of this error is a communication issue caused by either bad wiring, controller board, or bad user interface.

You can follow this article to know more about SY CF errors causes and their fixes on the Frigidaire refrigerator.

What Does SY CF Mean on the Frigidaire Refrigerator?

Refrigerator companies design the control boards in such a way so they can easily detect if there is any problem in the system related to wiring, compressor, fan, controller hardware, or software.

SY CF error code meaning on Frigidaire refrigerators also indicates similar issues.

The issues could be anywhere in the refrigerator that breaks the communication of different parts with the main controller board.

These errors alert the consumer that the refrigerator needs expert care due to malfunction.

This malfunction can be due to any reason including wiring damage, controller board damage, or interface board damage.

Somehow these problems increase difficulties to communicate with the part during power-up.

Why Does My Frigidaire Refrigerator Says SY CF?

Some common causes of SY CF error in Frigidaire refrigerator are as follows:

Wiring Issue

With the passage of time, the communication wires wear out.

This is due to the effect of external environment or heating issues.

The external environment has humidity in the air which causes oxidation.

The connectors of wires get rusted due to oxidation reaction.

In this way, the connection of these wires is lost from the main controller board due to loose connectors.

The flow of current also causes problems to some extent.

When the refrigerator draws maximum current, heat is produced in wires.

The covering of wires gets damaged that may cause a short circuit.

These issues can also cut the wire communication with the main controller board.

Controller board problem

The Controller board is an electronic printed circuit board PCB that controls all the inputs and outputs of the Frigidaire refrigerator.

Due to variation in AC current supply, components of the controllers get damaged.

Sometimes, the internal circuitry of the controller board is affected that blocks the communication with other parts of the Frigidaire refrigerator.

This problem generates SY CF error code in Frigidaire refrigerators.

Besides this, the damage may be due to incorrect handling of the refrigerator during transport.

The components of the refrigerator are damaged accidentally if the unboxing is not done in the proper manner.

This damage can either be in the controller board, wiring, or any other component.

So, proper handling procedures must be followed to prevent unexpected damage.

User Interface problem

The last thing is the problem with the user interface.

There is a very nice little screen at the front of the Frigidaire refrigerator which acts as a control panel of the fridge.

This is a user interference panel that is used to control different features of the fridge like temperature control, defrost control etc.

This user interface of the Frigidaire refrigerator is linked with a controller board.

Sometimes, too many commands or incorrect use of interface may cause software issues.

The user interfaces may become laggy or corrupt due to incorrect usage.

This problem might be temporary or permanent based on troubleshooting steps.

The bad user interfaces losses their communication from the main circuit board and it becomes unable to control different features of the refrigerator.

How to Fix SY CF Error Code on the Frigidaire Refrigerator?

There are several methods to fix SY CF code of your Frigidaire refrigerator.

These methods are mentioned below that are arranged in the form of simple fixes to professional repairs.


This is the simplest method to clear SY CF code error on Frigidaire refrigerators.

Sometimes there is a false positive error in electrical appliances due to incorrect use of the controller interface.

To solve this problem, just unplug the electrical cord of your refrigerator from the AC socket.

Keep the refrigeration off and wait for 15 minutes.

Then plug the wire again and the error will be gone. If this fix does not work for you, then follow the next step.

Visual inspection

If rebooting does not eliminate the SY CF code error of your Frigidaire refrigerator then follow the below steps for visual inspection.

You will need some basic tools to do the following troubleshoots including, a screwdriver and plier.

1.Unplug the refrigerator from your main AC socket.

2. Use a screwdriver to open the controller board comparts of the refrigerator. Usually, it is placed on the back of the refrigerator.

3. Give a visual inspection of all the wires, connections, and parts.

4. If you find any cable damages or wear of wire cover, use tape to cover the wire.

5. If you find any loose connectors, tighten them with the screwdriver.

6. If you find any visual damage like component burns out on PCB, replace that part.

If there are not any problems with wires and noting can be judged about component failure via visual inspection, then proceed to the next step

 Disassembling and reassembling

Sometimes there is the disconnection of wires due to loose contacts.

By following this step, the SY CF code on my Frigidaire refrigerator can be fixed.

Use the technical manual of the refrigerator and open the wiring section.

Then use the screw driver to disassemble the controller board and interface board one by one.

Clean the wire connector with the brush to remove dust.

This dust might have served as an insulator between connectors that broke the connection.

Then reassemble all the parts.

Controller board replacement

Frigidaire 5303918558 8 Main Control Board Refrigerator

If the above mention steps do not work and still your Frigidaire refrigerator is showing SY CF error, then you have to replace the controller board.

You can easily get this Frigidaire Refrigerator Main Control Board which is easy to install also.

The control board is like the brain of your human body. It receives the input signals from various parts of your refrigerator and processes it considering the pre-programmed conditions.

If the signals satisfies predetermined conditions, it gives corresponding output signals to the concerned parts.

The failure of the PCB would lead to signal errors and the inputs won’t be processed properly so as the output.

Hence it is prudent to replace the faulty PCB as soon you find one.

User interface board replacement

Frigidaire 242058230 Refrigerator User Interface

If SY CF code error of the refrigerator still exists, then you have to replace the user interface board.

You can easily get this Frigidaire user interface board which is made specifically to be compatible with Frigidaire.

This interface board replacement is OEM authorized.

Just make sure it is fitted to your Frigidaire refrigerator model.

Final Thoughts

If you are noticing the SY CF error on your Frigidaire refrigerator, don’t get panic.

Now you know how fix the SY CF error code easily on your Frigidaire refrigerator.

Follow the above steps to fix this issue and you will get your refrigerator back on working.




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