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Bon Ami vs Barkeepers Friend- Which is the Better Cleaner?

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As you know, a clean environment at home is inevitable for your health. But getting things clean around your house is one of the hardest parts. Cleaning is much time-consuming job too.

So the right cleaner eases your cleaning task considerably. Most of the folks prefer green natural cleaners instead of toxic household cleaners.

I know when you think of natural cleaners, two brands are renowned i.e Bon Ami and Barkeepers friend.

But do you know which cleaner is better for you?  Bon ami vs Barkeepers friend?

So, here I am going to compare these two cleaners that help you out to choose for your specific needs.

If you are in a hurry, here’s my favorite pick:

Barkeepers friend powder cleanser

Bon Ami Cleaner

What is Bon Ami Cleanser Made of?

 Bon ami cleaners are primarily manufactured in the United States. They manufacture high quality and effective cleaners with simple ingredients for more than one hundred and thirty years.

This is a natural cleanser. So, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. Bon ami powder cleanser is also known as earth-friendly.

Bon ami is a household cleaners that are hypoallergenic. It contains no, perfume, chlorine or dye.

It contains simple ingredients like Baking soda, limestone, soda ash, and biodegradable detergent.

So, you can use Bon Ami around your family and pets without any hassle.

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How to Use Bon ami?

Using Bon ami is very much easy and safe!

Using Bon ami is quite simple. You don’t need to wear dishwashing gloves while using this cleaner as it is non-toxic and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

You just need to wet the cloth or sponge and area to be cleaned with water. Sprinkle a small amount of Bon ami cleanser on the affected area. Rub the area gently with cloth or sponge. Rinse it thoroughly.

It is not recommended to extended contact with the surface to be cleaned.

What are the uses of Bon ami Cleaner?

As Bon ami is a multi-purpose cleanser, you can use it to clean a lot of things around your house.

Bon ami powder cleanser is absolutely safe to use on non-decorative hard surfaces like pans and pots, countertops, grills, cooktop, tile, microwave, etc.

You can also clean the toilet, sink, shower with Bon ami. It is an effective cleaner for stainless steel, acrylic, enamel, porcelain, fibreglass.

But you can’t use this cleanser for polished or brushed stainless steel appliances like dishwasher, refrigerator. It is not recommended to use of mirrors, windows, non-stick cookware, highly polished, painted or lacquered surfaces.

But Bon Ami 1886 original formula cleaning powder is made up of original formulation of feldspar and tallow soap. It can be used on all surfaces which are intended to use with Bon ami powder cleanser. But instead of this, you can use this on glass, window, mirrors and vintage auto windshields, etc.

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Barkeepers Friend Cleaner

What is Barkeepers Friend Made of?

 Barkeepers friend primarily manufactured cleaning product in powdered form in 1882. They still manufacture cleaner in powdered form till today. It was invented by chemist George William Hoffman from Indiana.

The Barkeepers friend has active ingredient i.e. Oxalic acid which is effective to remove rust and mineral deposits. It is naturally found in spinach, rhubarb, parsley.

The Barkeepers friend powder cleanser, polish powder and cookware cleanser and polish contain:

Feldspar, Linear Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate (DDBSA), Oxalic Acid

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser has the following ingredients:

Water, Oxalic Acid, Feldspar, Citric Acid, Nonionic Surfactant, Polymeric Dispersant, Orange/Lemon Scent

Bar Keepers Friend Spray & Foam Cleaner includes:

Water, Citric Acid, Oxalic Acid, Nonionic Surfactant, Orange/Lemon Scent

How to Use Barkeepers friend?

You can use barkeepers friend the same as Bon ami. Wet the surface and cloth or sponge with water.

Apply a small amount of barkeepers friend on the affected area. Clean the area with apt pressure using a damp cloth. Then rinse the area thoroughly.

You should not leave the Barkeepers friend cleaner for more than one minute. Metal surfaces could lead to discoloration.

Using it for plastic or porcelain may need more than one minute to cleanout. But it is recommended to test on inconspicuous area at first.

Uses of Barkeepers Friend

Barkeepers Friend works great on stainless steel!

Barkeepers friend powder cleanser is one of the powerful cleaners. It can clean many things around your house. Let’s get to know the various uses of this cleaner.

There is a long list of uses of effective Barkeepers friend. It can remove rust from ceramic, knives, dishwasher, etc.  This cleaner can remove grease from the stovetop, stainless steel pots, and pans.

This also uses to polish tarnish paper, brass silverware. It also deep cleans induction cooktops.

You can use it to clean out your bathroom fixtures. It cleans the sink, tile, bathtubs, shower doors dingy faucets, etc.

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What’s the Difference? – Bon Ami vs Barkeepers Friend

Bon ami and Barkeepers friend both are different cleaners but almost have the same uses for cleaning.

But do you know what are the key differences between them? So, here we get know!


Bon Ami has no oxalic acid or chlorine. Feldspar is the main ingredient in Bon ami which is the more abrasive than the maximum of things you need to remove from pan. But it is less abrasive than pan itself. It is known as a less abrasive cleaner in the market.

On other hand, Barkeepers Friend product includes abrasive particles except for more spray and foam. All other Barkeepes friend cleaners contain Oxalic Acid which is its main ingredient. It works chemically.  The cleaner has very mild chemicals. But binds to oxides mainly. So, comparing to Bon ami, it is more abrasive.

If you don’t want to use a cleaner which is harsh, it is better to go with Bon Ami. It doesn’t mean Bon ami has no chemicals.

Rust Removal

The Bon ami can remove rust. But due to Oxalic acid content in Barkeepers friend, it is the more effective rust remover.

Cleaning Pots and pans

All-clad recommends Barkeepers friend for cleaning. So, If you have all-clad cookware, you can use it without any doubt. There are so many happy users of Barkeepers friend to clean stainless steel cookware.

Bon ami needs much more elbow grease than Barkeepers friend for cleaning pans.

Eco-friendly cleaner

Comparing Bon Ami with Barkeepers friend, Bon Ami is a winner in the context of eco-friendliness. Bon ami is an eco-friendly cleaner. It contains totally different ingredients than Barkeepers friend.

Bon Ami gets the high-grade from EWG. Bon ami powder cleanser has an ‘A’ grade from EWG. But Barkeepers friend powder cleansers and other most its cleaners receive grade ‘F’ from EWG.

Clean out different types of Surfaces

Generally speaking, Barkeepers friend intended to use on hard surfaces. Whereas Bon ami is aimed to use on softer spaces.

Kosher Certification

Bon Ami powder cleanser (with gold label) is certified Kosher for Passover. But Bon ami 1886 original cleaning powder (with red label) is not Kosher as it contains Tallow.

Earlier Barkeepers Friend certified as Kosher, but currently, it is not.

Liquid Cleaning product

Currently, Bon ami doesn’t have liquid cleaning products. But earlier they had been manufacturing which is discontinued in 2014.

Barkeepers Friend is has been manufacturing liquid, powder, spray cleaning products. The liquid product contains Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Soft Cleaner, Barkeepers friend liquid cooktop cleaner, More spray and foam.


Bon ami and Barkeepers friend both the cleaners are pretty inexpensive. But comparing in between, Barkeepers friend is slightly pricier than Bon Ami.

Comparison Video: Bon Ami Vs Barkeepers Friend

Wrap up

If you want to select between Bon ami or Barkeepers friend, you cannot go wrong with any of these cleaning products.

But I personally like Barkeepers friend cleaning products. Because they offer wider range of products than Bon ami.

Though BKF is slightly abrasive and pricier than Bon Ami, but BKF is more effective cleaner.

But if you want a less abrasive cleaner with no fragrance, bon ami is the best bet.