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Best Starbucks Ceramic Travel Mug with Lid

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Coffee is definitely the best early morning drinks you can ever have every day which is surely why it is the world’s most popular and favorite beverage in households, offices and all kinds of food and drink restaurants.

But times are changing and people are adapting to modern, fast-paced lifestyles that include doing multiple things simultaneously to save time.

This includes eating and drinking while on the move and to drink your daily cup of coffee like that, you definitely need travel mugs made with durable temperature-conserving material that retains your its warmth and freshness for a longer time.

So, today we come up with the best Starbucks Ceramic Travel Mug with a lid which enhances your coffee experience to the next level.

If you are in hurry, here our favorite pick:

Starbucks Tristan Eaton travel mug

Why Ceramic Mugs are Good?

Ceramic is a solid, neutral material. It neither gives off its taste nor does it absorb any flavor, keeping your coffee’s finishing well-preserved like it should be.

Ceramic also retains heat for a longer period of time than many other materials like glass, steel or plastic, hence preserve the deliciousness of your drink for a longer duration.

Ceramic mugs can be customized according to personal desires and there are an overwhelming array of styles and shapes available in the market.

Apart from all that, a handmade ceramic coffee cup is great for the environment as an ideal replacement for paper or Styrofoam-based cups.

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Ceramic vs Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Stainless steel may have a better lifespan, durability and might be great for outdoor trips, it can and does merge its own flavor into your coffee.

It doesn’t necessarily absorb flavor but depending on the quality, it might impart the metal finishing into your beverage.

According to researchers, there are more than 1,000 substances in coffee that can react with a metal container, giving your coffee a different finish than normal.

This also means that those compounds can be dangerous for your health too. Steel travel mugs can also be a little heavier than their ceramic counterparts especially if double-walled.

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What to Look for Before Buying the Ceramic Mugs?

Coffee is something that most of us seemingly can’t live without. It can be enjoyed when you’re on the go and that’s what makes travel mugs all the more important.

There is a huge amount of companies and varieties available in the market making the process of selecting one extremely overwhelming.

You can help yourself out a little by keeping these factors in mind:

  • Heat Retention

Proper insulation and heat conservancy are an essential component of any travel mug made of ceramic. They must be accurately structured with proper insulation system for optimum heat holding capacity.

  • Leak or spill resistance


This goes without saying. You must know that spilling and leaking are two different things and ensure that your mug is resistant to both.

Look out for cups that have tight flip lid mechanisms as you will be using them while traveling and a little spill or a complete leak can wreak havoc on your entire day.

  • Finishing

Opt for coffee mugs that are made with food-grade materials that don’t absorb color or flavor from your beverage.

  • Size

starbucks coffee mug size

Before looking for the correct size you need to determine the amount of coffee you consume at a given time in a day.

  • Cleaning

Because throwing a ceramic mug away isn’t practical, look for materials that are resistant to stains and sticking and can be conveniently cleaned at any time.

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Best Starbucks Ceramic Travel Mug with Lid

Starbucks Tristan Eaton Ceramic Double Wall Travel Mug Tiger Artist Edition, 12 Fl Oz (11085761)

 The Tristan Eaton Starbucks travel mug is an extremely aesthetic coffee container for your daily caffeine requirements whether you’re at home or on the go.

It has an array of exquisitely designed tiger-themed artwork that is very appealing to behold at any given time of the day.

With a volume capacity of 12 ounces, the Tristan Eaton Starbucks travel mug weighs around 1.2 pounds and is covered on top with a spill-resistant, push-in style, durable lid, coated in gold.

The double walls of the ceramic and its width can retain heat for longer duration than normal counterparts in the market.

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  • Double-walled construction for extra insulation
  • Spill and Leak-proof Gold-plated cover lid
  • Stain-resistant interior


  • A little too expensive

Starbucks Double Wall Ceramic Traveler, 12 fl oz

This Starbucks Double Wall Ceramic Traveler is one of Starbuck’s most popular travel mugs that have an updated version of Starbuck’s classic logo imprinted on the outside.

With its double-wall ceramic make, the mug can keep your coffee warm for longer durations without giving your hands a burning sensation on the outside.

It has a capacity to hold around 12 ounces of coffee and weighs just about 1.2 pounds making it suitable for your daily outdoor take away.

Apart from that, the travel mug also flaunts a splash-guard on the locking lid to minimize spills for an optimal and care-free drinking experience during travel and commute.

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  • High-quality tight lid covers
  • Stain-free inside
  • Simple classic design
  • Easy to disassemble and clean


  • Can’t be washed in a dishwasher
  • No rubber on the bottom

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Starbucks 2015 Anniversary Crown Double Wall Traveler, 10 Fl Oz

 2015 Anniversary Crown is a special release by Starbucks as a commemoration of their anniversary in 2015.

This tumbler has a unique design and a very captivating Starbucks logo on the outside that makes it all the more iconic.

It has a little more weight and less holding capacity than its other counterparts in the market but it makes up for that with a very high-quality double walling.

A rubber and silicone made ring is attached to the bottom to prevent leaks.

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  • Unique and exquisite design
  • High quality doubled walled insulation for preventing heat loss
  • Great travel mug at its price range


  • A bit heavy.

Starbucks LOS ANGELES Traveler 12oz Local Collection Double Wall Ceramic

 Themed after the City of Stars, Starbuck’s Los Angeles Local Collection coffee mug truly stands up to the city’s iconic stature that it flaunts with the beautiful graphic on the outside.

It works just as well too with a double ceramic wall to keep around 12 ounces of coffee inside warm and the hand holding it cold.

The traveler mug is a little taller than many others of the same kind are so it cannot be classified as a regular coffee mug as it stands at around 8 inches in height.

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  • Unique and iconic graphic design
  • Double-walled insulation
  • Durable ceramic make


  • Lid problems

Disney Starbucks Animal Kingdom Mickey Icon Double Wall Travel Tumbler

Starbucks and manufacturers have ensured that this Disney Starbucks Animal Kingdom Mickey Icon Double Wall Travel Tumbler retains all the needed heat for your coffee for up to 24 hours.

It is a vacuum insulated travel mug made from food-grade ceramic. Its slider lid is also well-designed and leak-proof to allow easy transport of your coffee’s container wherever you want to take it.

Apart from all that, it has a very distinguishing Disney Starbucks imprint on the outside that is exactly the same as that found at the Disney World so if you’ve lost or broken your Animal Kingdom Disney souvenir, Starbucks has got your back.

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  • You get to buy Disney World Starbucks merchandise from your home
  • Double-wall heat retention
  • Stain-resistant and easily washable


  • Can’t be washed using a dishwasher
  • Not microwave safe

Key Takeaways

After all our analysis and review, we can come to conclude that our winner here is the Starbucks Tristan Eaton Travel Mug.

This is an impressive product that is spill-proof and leak-free. For thorough cleaning, this product features an easily cleanable lid on the top while its lock offers the users a care-free commute.

The Starbucks Tristan Eaton fits most cup holders in cars etc. and can be hand washed. The lid is quite efficient for long journey use and can be removed and washed in a dishwasher separately too.