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Can’t Get Your Hands On Butter Extract? Here’s a Few Butter Extract Substitutes!

butter extract substitute
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If you absolutely can’t resist the tantalizing flavor of butter, but don’t want to add numbers to your waistline, then you can cook without the fat with some savory butter extract.

Another noteworthy trait of butter extract is that it lasts forever i.e., maintains its freshness until it evaporates, so you don’t have to every worry about it going bad in your kitchen cabinet.

If favorite your recipe calls for butter extract and you don’t have in your pantry, the question that comes to is there any substitute for butter extract?

Then the short answer is yes.

You can swap butter extract in your recipe with Almond butter, vanilla extract, apple sauce, Greek yogurt. You can also replace butter extract with some specific extra virgin oil such as coconut oil and olive oil.

Real butter is another healthy butter to use as a replacement for butter extract.

In this guide, you’ll get to know best butter extract substitutes out there.

There are some really great alternatives to choose from that you can find something suitable to try out here from our guide. 

Keep reading to learn more about the butter extract substitutes. 

What is Butter Extract? What it is Made of?

Butter extract is made from real butter and simulates the real taste of butter.

It is a highly concentrated solution that does not contain any resins, compounds, or alcohol-soluble volatile oils.

In fact, the FDA states that butter or any other extract must contain at least 35 percent alcohol by volume to be deemed an extract.

Depending on the brand, butter extract can be made from several different ingredients, most notably water, alcohol, natural flavor, and extractives of butter (milk).

Pure butter extract in most cases is also non-dairy, sugar free and gluten free.

What is Butter Extract Used for?

Butter extract is used to amplify an assortment of tantalizing recipes, and is especially great for low-fat or low-calorie recipes where real butter is not an option.

The Butter extract recipes include orange almond poppy seed bread, and Norwegian Krumkake.

Butter extract is regarded as a secret cooking ingredient for many dieters, because it renders the succulent butter flavor, but not the fat.

For example, if you’re cooking vegetables, you can simply add a small amount of butter extract to the pot for a rich buttery flavor.

How to Use Butter Extract?

Butter extract can be used in myriad different ways to enhance the flavor of your recipes.

Butter extract is what gives your baking recipes the cake batter flavor.

If you’re baking cake batter sugar recipes, which are slightly crisp on the outside and soft and rich tasting on the inside, you can use butter extract along with other ingredients.

If the recipe calls for butter and butter extract, you can skip the butter by adding more butter extract.

Butter extract works similarly to butter, so you will add it with most of the other ingredients in a mixing bowl, create the cookies and bake for approximately 10 minutes.

You can even add butter extract to enhance pancake and waffle flavor.

Butter extract can even be added to homemade pastry dough such as cinnamon rolls or pie crust.

How much Butter extract should be used is really deepens the flavor of baked goods.

But you should Be careful with how much you add.

If you like the real flavor of butter, you’ll love this replacement of butter.

Does Butter Extract Contain Dairy?

Since butter is a byproduct of milk, and butter extract is extracted from butter, the answer is yes — butter extract does indeed contain some form of a dairy product.

Butter extract is made by extracting part of the raw material aka butter by using a solvent such as ethanol or water.

Butter extract is usually sold in thick liquid tincture form, and contains an all-natural flavor.

With regards to flavor, butter extract adds richness to the taste just like pure butter does, but doesn’t add considerably highly noticeable butter flavor.

Where Can I Buy Butter Pecan Extract?

Butter pecan extract and just like butter extract is an ideal choice for flavoring for an array of desserts including cakes, cookies, fudge, ice cream, candy, sauces, and dips.

In terms of where you can buy butter pecan extract, it is sometimes hard to get your hands on just like butter extract.

But you can probably buy butter pecan extract by different brands both on Amazon and at your local grocery store or cake shop.

The Silver Cloud Flavors butter pecan extract can be ordered on, and is a nut-free product that can be used for baking beverages, ice cream, and much more.

Adding to this, it is water-soluble, gluten-free and sugar-free, and is also kosher-friendly.

Butter Extract Substitute

Butter extract can be hard to find at times, and if you can’t get your hands on the following products, then you can try using a butter extract substitute.

J.R. Watkins Imitation Butter Extract

The J.R. Watkins Imitation Butter Extract offers full lasting flavors and strength.

It can be used for syrup, frosting, breads, candies and a whole lot more, and contains water, natural flavors, alcohol, milk, and extracts of butter.

Butter Extract Substitutes

Almondee Almond butter

Almondee California Almond Butter - 16 Ounce Jar

The Almondee Almond butter is a great butter extract substitute, and contains all-natural ingredients.

Further, it is keto and paleo friendly, and is a non-GMO product made by the almond farmers in California.

Adding to this, the Almondee butter extract substitute does not contain any sugar, salt or palm oil, and is perfectly suited for a wide assortment of recipes including protein shakes, ice creams, overnight oats, and butter cookies.

Viva Naturals extra virgin coconut oil

Depending on the recipe, you can use the Viva Naturals extra virgin coconut oil as a butter substitute, because it provides almost the same characteristics as the unique and versatile nature of butter.

Hence, if a recipe calls for ½ cup butter, you can use ½ cup of Viva Naturals extra virgin coconut oil.

Just as the name would suggest, it is made from fresh, organic coconuts, and is great for those following a keto, paleo or gluten-free lifestyle.

Additionally, it is USDA certified as being organic and non-GMO, and is an ideal choice for baking, frying and sautéing.

GoGo squeeZ Applesauce

The GoGo squeeZ Applesauce may not seem like a butter extract substitute, but it is indeed a great one for baking recipes.

It is in fact a healthy substitute for butter, and is infused with vitamins and minerals.

If you like less sugar, then the GoGo squeeZ Applesauce is a great choice for you as it is unsweetened.

It is made from 100 percent fruit, is BPA-free, nut-free, and contains no added colors and flavors.

Fage Total Greek yogurt

The Fage Total Greek yogurt can be a great low-calorie butter extract substitute, and provides a rich and tangy flavor to baked goods.

If you’re going to use Greek yogurt as a butter extract substitute, then your best bet is to follow a 1:1 ratio.

Pompeian extra virgin olive oil

The Pompeian extra virgin olive oil is another preferred butter extract substitute, and touts just 120 calories per tablespoon.

If your recipe calls for half a cup butter, you can use ¼ cup and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

The Pompeian extra virgin olive oil is farmer crafted, and works well as a dip and glaze for breads and pastries.

It comes in a plastic bottle, and is designed to meet United States quality standards.

Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is considered a key ingredient in many Western desserts in baked goods like cakes, cookies, brownies.

It is also used in making custards, ice creams, and puddings.

Vanilla extract is produced by macerating and percolating vanilla pods in a solution of ethanol and water.

Vanillin is a primary flavor compound in vanilla extract.

You can add a vanilla extract for the replacement of butter extract in various baking recipes.

But it is not a good idea to add vanilla extract in regular bread-making recipes but you’d add it in dessert bread instead.

As you know, butter extract gives your baking recipes the cake batter flavor.

Vanilla extract would still be a good alternative, but wouldn’t give the cake batter taste to your recipe.

If you are a bit conscious about vanilla flavor, you can do a test.

Add a drop vanilla extract to half a cup of milk or dairy substitute to get a general idea of the strength and flavor and then you can adjust how much I use in cooking accordingly.

Real Butter

If you are not lactose intolerant, then real butter is a good substitute for butter extract.

For those of you concerning about your cholesterol or dairy intake you can use other dairy-free alternatives, but there’s no need to worry that butter will screw with your health as real dairy is a good alternative for you.

So, using real butter is a healthy option all the way.

But keep in mind, if you are adding butter in replacement of butter extract, it may change the texture of your dish. So, adjust the other liquid in your recipe while adding the butter.

Bonus Recipe: How to Make Homemade Butter Extract?

Homemade butter extract is pure and easy to make which adds better butter flavor to your cooking.

You can make the butter extract with these simple instructions. You can make it at home with quality ingredients without any filler, corn syrup, and imitation flavor.


1/3 cup butter

1 cup vodka

Cheesecloth/ coffee filter


1.Mix the butter and vodka.

2. On low heat melt the butter and Vodka together. So that alcohol won’t evaporate.

3. For infusing it well, let sit at room temperature for about 5 hours.

4. Freeze the mixture overnight. It allows the fat layer to infuse flavor into the spirit and freezes as a separate layer.

5. Then strain the mixture. Remove the hardened fat and strain the spirit for the removal of any residual particles. You can strain it with a cheesecloth once or twice. You can also use a coffee filter to strain the mixture.

6. Refrigerate your homemade butter extract for longer shelf life.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does butter extract taste like?

As butter extract is made from real butter, so absolutely it tastes buttery. It is usually used to add a buttery sweet taste to baking recipes like cakes, cookies.

Is butter extract the same as butter flavoring?

The short answer is No.

 Because butter extract contains a small concentration of alcohol, whereas butter flavoring is basically an artificial butter extract that is made with water.

Since butter flavoring is mixed with water, it has a thinner consistency compared to butter extract and imparts a more subtle flavor.

Final Thoughts

If you like the taste of butter, but don’t want to stack on the calories, then butter extract is what you need.

Butter extract can be regarded as a specialty product, and offers a long life, as it stays fresh until it evaporates.

Butter extract is used in a wide range of recipes, especially those that ask for low-fat content such as orange almond poppy seed bread, and Norwegian Krumkake.

But one of the downsides is that butter extract is not always available easily.

However, there’s no reason to break a sweat just yet, as there’s several butter extract substitute to choose from.

If you can’t find the J.R. Watkins Imitation Butter Extract, the Almondee Almond butter is a great choice in the butter extract substitute segment.

Depending on the recipe, there are several different cooking oils you can use as a butter extract substitute such as olive oil or coconut oil.

You can also use applesauce or Greek Yogurt as a butter extract substitute for a few recipes.




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