Can You Put Hot Liquid in a Ninja Blender? Everything You’ll Need to Know!

Can you put hot liquid in a Ninja blender
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Ninja blenders have impressive build quality as they are solid and durable.

They are the most popular blenders due to their durability and they are easy to maintain as well.

The Ninja blenders are tremendously versatile as you can make everything from smoothies, cocktails, frozen drinks to soups.

It caters your most of the culinary needs in very little time.

Probably you tried most of the recipes with your Ninja. But if you to make something like hot such as hot soup.

The question may grapple in your mind, can you put hot liquid in a Ninja blender?

Then the answer is, “Yes” and “No” both.

Some Ninja blenders can handle hot liquid and some are not.  You should check the manual and check whether your Ninja blender handles hot liquid or not.

Then only decide about making hot soups or putting hot liquid in them.

If your Ninja is capable to handle hot liquid and other hot ingredients, you should take extreme caution while making hot recipes.

Here you’ll get to know more about how does ninja blender handles hot liquid.

About Ninja Blenders

 Ninja is the most popular brand in the line of blenders. Ninja blenders are durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

If you are thinking that you can just make smoothies in it. Then you are wrong, it is an amazingly versatile blender.

You can make smoothies, frozen drinks, cocktails, dips, dressings, ice crushing, and much more you ever think of!

It is perfect for entertaining guests and the entire family.

When it comes to blenders most of you concerning about cleaning as cleaning is an inevitable part of blending.

But you don’t need to worry about ninjas!

The Ninja blenders are easy to clean as most of their jars, blade assemblies, lids can go into the dishwasher.

Some of the Ninja blenders come with unique attachments like micro-juicer, food processor. It enhances the versatility of Ninja.

Can You Put Hot Liquid in a Ninja Blender?

If you want to make hot soup with your Ninja blender, but can you really put hot liquid in a Ninja blender?

Then my answer is both- yes and no.

You can put hot liquid in some Ninja blenders but some ninja blenders are not able to handle hot liquid.

So, you should check the manual of your Ninja blender, follow the instructions, and use the blender accordingly.

If the manual says, your ninja blender can handle hot liquid. Then you can use your Ninja blenders for making hot soup and other hot liquid drinks.

You should exercise extreme caution while blending hot liquids.

As per Ninja, you should not process food or liquid hotter than180°F/82°C.

If the ingredients are very hot, allow these very hot ingredients to cool before processing.

You should take care of little things while blending the hot liquid. The hot liquid should blend with extra caution.

While processing hot liquid or food, always open the pouring spout cap. It helps to vent the steam inside the jar.

You can cover it with a clean cloth or kitchen towel folded over several times, holding it in place while you puree with a blender.

Keep the hands and other exposed skin away from the opening. So that it prevents possible burns and scalding.

Secure the blender lid on the jar properly. Never leave blender unattended.

When you are done with blending any hot liquid and you are going to clean your blender, you should allow the appliance to cool after blending hot liquid.

So, wait for some time and then take off the parts of the blender. Then start the cleaning of your blender.

You should also be careful while moving the appliance containing hot food or water.

Do not overfill the container. You might need several batches. But it is very essential to avoid spillage and burning of your hand.

While blending the soup, make sure to limit the amount of liquid added to the container. You can use probably about half the container.

You’ll have to play around to check what works for you.

Don’t fill the container to the top. It may lead to leaking the hot soup which may cause a hazard.

You can add solid bits from the soup and fish them out by staining it with a strainer.

Let’s say, you are going to make broccoli soup. Then you can add some solid bits of Broccoli. Add enough liquid to allow it to blend properly.

It won’t create perfect puree from fibrous veggies. But enough good to consume.

How to Blend Hot Liquid Safely In Ninja Blenders?

 If your Ninja blender can handle hot liquid, you can use it for making different types of soups and sauces.

For this, you need to follow the below steps to blend it safely and avoid any hazards.

1. Fill the Ninja blender container one-third to one-half full. Don’t fill the full container.

When you fill the container more than half, it results in too much steam to build up and there is a possibility of blowing off the blender lid.

2. Remove feeder cap of blender lid.

3. Place the blender lid excluding the feeder cap, firmly on the blender.

4. Cover the blender lid with a clean kitchen towel.  You should use the folded kitchen towel a little larger than the lid.

The hot steam inside the container can easily remove out through the feeder cap and then go out from the edges of the towel.

So, when the blender is started, steam pressure will not create.

5. Hold the lid firmly and start blending at the lowest speed. Don’t use the blender at high speed initially, while blending something hot inside.

You can increase the speed gradually as per the need.

If you follow these steps this can prevent severe hazards. But still, you need to take extreme precautions while blending hot liquid in a blender.

Best Ninja Blender for Hot Soup/Hot Liquid

Ninja Chef Professional 1500 W High Speed Blender  (CT815A)

There are a lot of Ninja blender models in the market, but all the Ninja blenders cannot handle hot liquid.

The Ninja chef CT 800 series is best for making hot soups.

Ninja Chef Professional 1500 W High Speed Blender (CT815A) is one of the best Ninja blenders for handling hot recipes.

You can blend hot liquid in the pitcher that comes with this unit. You should not blend hot or warm liquid or ingredients beyond the MAX HOT LIQUID fill line.

10 Auto-iQ programs that come up with pre-settings that allows you to make different recipes from ice creams to nut butter.

You can blend hot liquids or ingredients using the Soup IQ Program.

The 10 manual mode speeds allow you full customization so that you can attain the right consistency every time.

The cleaning is a breeze with this Ninja blender. You can clean the blender at the touch of a button with Clean Program Setting. The attachments are also dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

How to Make Hot Soup with the Ninja Chef CT800 Series (CT815A )

1. Decide upon which soup recipe you want to make with your Ninja blender. Gather the ingredients as per your recipe calls for.

2. Wash the ingredients thoroughly and prepare them.

Chop the ingredients before heating them up.

You don’t need to dice it finely but large veggies like cucumber, broccoli should be broken down. It makes cooking easier.

3. Cook the ingredients. Sautee the veggies to warm heat with desired texture. Cook proteins to the right food-safe temperature.

You can use moderate seasoning while cooking. But don’t season exactly to taste as you can do that after blending.

4. Transfer your warm ingredients to your Ninja blender. Don’t overfill the blender.

Fill the ingredients in the container to the ‘Maximum Hot Liquid’ line on the Ninja Chef CT800 series blender.

5. Securely attach the lid to the top of the Ninja blender. Insert and attach the center cap to the lid of the blender.

6. Now you need to set the program for making soup. So, you should set the Ninja Chef Soup AutoIQ program.

7. Turn on the start button and let the blender do its job.

8. Avoid contact with the lid, pitcher, and blender during operation for the safety purpose. Because the ingredients and device will be hot.

9. The Ninja Chef blender will turn off automatically and let you know when the soup is ready.

10. Now just transfer your soup from the blender, season it as per your taste buds and enjoy!

Can You Put Hot Coffee in Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Blender?

As I mentioned, some Ninja blenders are capable to handle hot liquid and some are not. Nutri Ninja Auto IQ blender cannot handle hot liquid.

So, No, you should not put hot coffee in the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ blender.

The Ninja doesn’t recommend blending hot ingredients in this blender.

So, they recommend not to use hot coffee in this blender.

Because it may result into build up the pressure and steam exposure. It can also damage the motor and the pitcher.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are wondering, can you put hot liquid in your Ninja blender, then the first thing you need to do is refer manual.

After going through the manual, you’ll get to know whether your Ninja blender can handle hot liquid or not.

If your Ninja blender can handle hot liquid, you need to take precautions while blending hot food with Ninja.

Otherwise, it leads to severe burns or any other potential hazards.

So, blend hot ingredients safely with your Ninja and enjoy your delicious hot soups and sauces.




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