How to Fix Ninja FreshVac Pump That is Not Working?

Ninja FreshVac pump not working
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Ninja is known as the king of all blenders for the last several years.

Ninja not only offers durable, affordable, and reliable blenders but also produces a new range of blenders with time-saving and innovative technology.

Nowadays, their latest innovation is in discussion with good reason.

It becomes favorite technology for most folks because it offers a lot of benefits.

But some folks facing the issue with the FreshVac pump.

If you have a Ninja blender with FreshVac technology and the FreshVac pump is not working.

Then you may wonder, why my Ninja Fresh vac pump is not working? What’s wrong? How to fix this?

If your Ninja FreshVac pump won’t turn on, check the batteries whether they are working fine and they are installed precisely.

If you are using an AC adapter make sure it is only a Ninja AC adapter, no any other brand’s adapter.

While using an AC adapter make sure the connector is fully inserted into the pump. So that pump will operate properly.

Today, we are going to discuss deeper about Ninja FreshVac technology and its troubleshooting.

What is Ninja FreshVac Technology?

Nutri Ninja Blender with FreshVac Technology, 1100-Watt Auto-iQ Base, 2 Manual Speeds, and (2) Single-Serve FreshVac Cups with Lids (BL580), Dark Gray

As you know, there are lots of health benefits of smoothies. But most folks don’t know that they are not getting all the nutrients from the ingredients they mix in the smoothies.

Did you know what is the main reason?

It’s Oxygen exposure.

Due to oxygen exposure fruits and vegetables turns brown.

It also adversely affects the texture, flavor, and color of the smoothie.

The oxygen also affects the vitamin retention of the smoothie over a period of time.

So, the Ninja innovates new FreshVac technology to pumps out oxygen and helps to retain the vitamins before blending.

The CEO of SharkNinja, Mark Resenzweig said, “At Ninja, we know what goes in a blender is just as important as what should come out.”

Ninja blender innovates its FreshVac technology which helps a lot to reduce vitamin oxidation so that you can get maximum health benefits from your smoothie.

The Ninja one-touch FreshVac pump offers a lot of benefits.

It helps to lock the vitamins, reduce oxidation, give your smoothie an exciting color, texture, and flavor. This also keeps your drink fresh overnight.

You can make your smoothie with an even smoother texture with FreshVac technology than regular blending.

With FreshVac technology you can create small as well as large batches of your drink as it can work with both single-serve FreshVac cup and FreshVac pitcher.

So, you can make ahead small and large batch of smoothies, soups, dips, protein drink, dressings with FreshVac technology.

How to Use the Ninja on FreshVac Precisely?

You can use the Ninja FreshVac pump in two ways.

The FreshVac technology can be used with a single-serve cup to create small batches of smoothies, soups, dips, and dressings with FreshVac technology.

You can also use the Ninja FreshVac pump with the large pitcher.

So that you can make big batches of protein drinks, smoothies, soups, etc with FreshVac technology.

Using FreshVac pump with Single-serve FreshVac cup and pitcher

Using the FreshVac pump with a single-serve cup is pretty much easy and quick.

1.Keep the single serve cup on the countertop. Toss the ingredients into the cup. Make sure the ingredients are below the max liquid line of the cup.

2. Secure the pro-extractor blade assembly and flip the cup.

3. Open the flip and seal lid. Set the FreshVac pump on the top of the FreshVac tab.

4. Now you need to turn on the FreshVac pump. For activating the FreshVac pump, Press the power button down which is located on the top of the pump.

When the pump is activated the white light on the pump will appear. Once the pump is done its job, the green light appears and the pump will automatically turn off.

5. Now to remove the pump, press the pump release button and lift up the pump from the cup.

6. Close down the flip and seal lid. Blend the ingredients as per your desire.

7. When the blending is done, open the flip and seal lid. Lift up the FreshVac tab gently to release the vacuum seal completely.

8. The vacuum seal should be removed before detaching blade assembly.

Then twist the spout lid and enjoy your delicious smoothie.

9. You can use the FreshVac pump to the pitcher as you use with a single-serve cup. You just need to place the pump on the top of the rubber valve on the pitcher li and here you go.

Keep in mind, don’t operate the pump while blending is going on. Also, don’t use the pump upside down.

What do the Lights on the FreshVac Pump Mean or Indicate?

There are white and green LED light indicators on the Ninja FreshVac pump.

The White LED light indicates the pump has been activated and turned on. There is vacuum sealing is in progress or vacuum sealing is going on.

The Green LED light indicates vacuum sealing is achieved and the vacuum sealing process is completed. The FreshVac Pump will automatically shut off when complete.

A blinking light indicates that the batteries have been loaded wrongly or need to be replaced.


FreshVac Pump won’t turn on

If you have a Ninja blender with FreshVac technology but the Freshavc pump is not turning on, then you need to check the following things.

Check battery installation

Ninja FreshVac pump is operated with a battery.

So, if your Ninja FreshVac pump is not working, then you should check the battery installed in the pump first.

A blinking light indicates that the batteries have been loaded incorrectly or required to be replaced.

Make sure the batteries are working properly.

The batteries should install precisely and they are secured in their place.

If the batteries are not working and they are not installed properly, the FreshVac pump won’t work.

Use only Ninja AC adapter

You can use an optional AC adapter with a Ninja FreshVac pump.

But the pump is just compatible with the Ninja AC adapter.

So, you should use a Ninja AC adapter.

You should not use other after-market adapters with the Ninja FreshVac pump.

The connector should insert fully into the pump

If you are using a SharkNinja adapter, you should make sure the connector is fully inserted into the pump.

So that pump will operate properly.

FreshVac Pump won’t turn off

The FreshVac pump will automatically turn off once the vacuum seal is achieved.

If the vacuum seal is not achieved, the pump won’t turn off.

If this is the case, you need to check the following things:

Blade assembly

If the FreshVac pump is not turning off, you need to check the pro extractor blade assembly. Ensure the blade assembly is not loose. It should be attached to the cup or pitcher firmly or tightly.

Check FreshVac tab

The second thing you need to check is the FreshVac tab.

Make sure the FreshVac tab on the flip and seal lid is installed properly. But don’t remove the tab from the lid.

 How do I Clean My Ninja FreshVac Pump?

The Ninja FreshVac pump should not be submerged in the water or any other liquid.

If you notice water or any liquid in the twist-off reservoir, detach the twist-off reservoir from the pump.

Hand wash the twist-off reservoir and dry it thoroughly.

Turn on and run the pump for 10 seconds to clear any liquid inside.

Apply the all-cleaner purpose cleaner to a soft cloth and Wipe off the pump gently.

Reattach the twist off the reservoir to the FreshVac pump.

Related Questions

The green light on the Pump won’t turn on after the vacuum, and it seems to take over a minute. Is this normal?

The FreshVac pump will automatically turn off when a vacuum seal is achieved fully. The amount of time can be different on the types of ingredients you toss in the cup or pitcher.

Make sure the blade assembly is attached tightly to the cup.
Even if it won’t solve your issue, contact Ninja customer care.

What if the FreshVac tab removed accidentally and need to reinstall?

If you accidentally remove the FreshVac Tab and need to reinstall it, you need to follow these steps. First, make sure the FreshVac Tab matches up with the opening on the Flip & Seal Lid.

Next, you need to align the bottom side of the tab to match the shape of the opening on the Ninja cup.

Then you should press the tab down until it is seated flat. In this way, you can reinstall it.

The FreshVac Pump does not lock onto the cup?

The FreshVac Pump will not lock onto a cup. When the pump is activated, the pump will seal to the cup and automatically secure.

Where can I purchase an AC adapter for the FreshVac pump?

You should not use the AC adapter of other brands in the market.

The pump should be used with a Ninja AC adapter.

You can purchase the pump on the Ninja website itself.

Can you Recharge the FreshVac pump?

No, the FreshVac pump is not rechargeable.

Actually, the batteries in the pump are not rechargeable.

There is an AC adapter available for the FreshVac pump. This enables you to operate the pump while it is plugged into the wall socket.

It excludes the need for the batteries into the pump.

After pouring out the one serving of drink can you use the FreshVac to reseal it and keep it fresh longer?

As per Ninja, they don’t recommend using the FreshVac pump again after blending. You can just use it before blending the ingredients.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know how to fix the Ninja FreshVac pump that is not working.

Ninja FreshVac technology offers a lot of benefits in creating smoothies and other drinks.

Using the FreshVac pump is very much easy and quick.

It helps to remove the oxygen from your drink and enhance its shelf life.

Also offers a good deeper color, texture, and flavor to your drink.

So, you can enjoy a more nutrient rich and foamless smoothie with Ninja FreshVac technology.




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