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Can You Put an Upright Freezer in a Closet? Everything You Need to Know!

Can you put an upright freezer in a closet
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If you are living in a teeny apartment which has a small kitchen.

Still, you need an Upright freezer but you have a big issue of storage space due to the small space in your house.

What if you have only the option of the closet for freezer storage?

Can you put an upright freezer in a closet in that case?

Then my answer is, “Yes, surely you can!”

But you need to consider other things also.

So, here we are going to look into it about upright freezer storage in a closet that surely helps you for your freezer storage.

Where Can You Put an Upright Freezer?

Finding a place to store a freezer before buying an appliance is an essential thing. You can install an upright freezer in a dry and cool place. One more thing you will need is a nearby plug-in.

There should be enough door swing allowed. The upright freezer needs more height space for storage compared to chest freezers.

A cool area is favorable to store a freezer than a heated one as the freezer needs to work hard in heated space to attain ideal temperature.

Don’t go for oversized freezers, choose the freezer just enough for your food storage. Oversized freezers are difficult to move and difficult to handle.

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Does an Upright Freezer Need Ventilation?

Yes, of course, the upright freezer needs a sufficient amount of ventilation. The upright freezer needs air to be circulate ensuring proper functioning of the appliance.

The upright freezer should be stored in the place where there is air to be able to circulate-in under the appliance, behind the freezer, and back out through the top above the freezer.

It means if you are going store your upright freezer in the closet, you need to add the vent to the closet in suitable areas.

Most of the time the diagram of vents and cuts are in the installation manual provided by the supplier or directly from the brand.

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How Much Clearance Does an Upright Freezer Need?

Ideally, all freezers need enough clearance for proper air circulation and installation.

Every freezer has different clearance requirements. It is always good to check for the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

So that you will able to decide the space requirement for installing your upright freezer.

But there is a general rule of thumb as below:

If you have an upright freezer less than 9 cu.ft.:

Your freezer needs 4 inches of clearance on the top side of the freezer.

You need to allow 4 inches of clearance at the back of the upright freezer and ½ inch of clearance on each side of the freezer.

If you have an upright freezer 9 cu.ft. and more:

If you have an upright freezer with 9 cu.ft capacity or more your freezer need 3 inches clearance on the top.

You need to allow 3 inches of clearance at the backside of the freezer and 3 inches of clearance on each side.

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Can You Put an Upright Freezer in a Closet?

Yes, you can put an upright freezer in a closet. If you have short of storage space, you can keep your upright freezer in a closet.

If you don’t have space in your kitchen you can keep the upright freezer in the closet.

But before storing your upright freezer in a closet, you need to check the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Storing the upright freezer in a tight closet is not a good idea.

Freezers need sufficient ventilation. So, you can make cuts and vents to your closet as the manual says.

At least the closet should have a vented doorway or a louvered door for full air circulation. If it is not possible at least it has a/c vent inside the closet.

You also need to check your closet dimension before buying the upright freezer and get the freezer accordingly.

How Often to Defrost the Upright Freezer?

No matter which type of your freezer is, you should defrost upright freezer at least once in a year.

When you notice a layer of ice become more than a quarter of an inch thick you should defrost the upright freezer.

Make sure the freezer is unplugged before start the defrosting process.

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Best Upright freezer for closet

Koolatron KTUF88 3.1 cu. ft. Upright Freezer

Koolatron KTUF88 3.1 cu. ft. Upright Freezer, White

The Koolatron KTUF88 Upright Freezer comes with 3.1 cubic feet capacity.

It has mechanical thermostat control. The freezer comes with a smooth back design with a metal backboard.

This freezer will not need so much space as it is a compact freezer.  

The freezer is perfectly fitting into the closet which holds plenty of foodstuffs. This freezer is quiet and spacious. So, you can also put it into the bedroom closet.

You can use this freezer to any home, cottage, or at the workplace conveniently. Just make sure it is away from the oven, grill, and other sources of high heat.


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