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5 Best Quiet Mini Fridge for Bedroom

quiet mini fridge for bedroom
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Do you want an easy access to cold drinks and other food snacks even when you are in the bedroom? Then you should get hold of the best quiet mini fridge for bedroom which keeps those things handy when you are craving for.

Noise is the biggest factor which refrains you to keep mini fridge in your bedroom. But now, you don’t need to worry as there are mini fridge models which don’t make noise and disturb your sleep.

Here is the best quiet mini fridge for bedroom which narrowed down your search. Before diving into a list of the best quiet mini fridge for bedroom go through our in-depth buying guide which helps to make a well-informed decision.

If you are in a hurry, this is our top pick:

Smad Mini Fridge with Lock Compact Refrigerator 

Types of Mini Fridge

If you are searching for a quiet mini fridge for bedroom, then you should understand the various types of mini fridges to take well informed buying decision. So get to know the various types of a fridge in short.

There are three main types of the mini fridge:

  1. A Compressor mini fridge

Compressor fridge usually uses in the kitchen. Compressor fridge uses vaporized liquid transfer through tubes and coils.

They produce very less noise like a low humming sound. Because compressor motor pumps the vaporized liquid and there is little noise from fan too.

  1. A Thermoelectric mini fridge

Thermoelectric mini fridges are ideal for short term use. It transfers the heat from one side to another by using a pump.

So, it also has a warming function. Overall it has chiller and warming effect.

This type of fridge is quieter than a compressor fridge. Because there is no liquid is used in the cooling process. This thermoelectric mini fridge makes the only sound of a small fan inside. But they are not loudest for sure!

Typically, thermoelectric mini fridges are portable, light in weight and cheaper too.

  1. An absorption mini fridge

An absorption-based fridge uses a heat source like a thermoelectric fridge. There is no motor fixed inside an absorption fridge. So it is quieter than thermoelectric and compressor fridges.

These absorption mini fridges are perfect for long term use. Due to absorption technology, it won’t disturb you, if you will keep in your bedroom.

If you are looking for a quiet mini fridge for bedroom for long term use, these types of the fridge are perfect choice.

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Is It Safe to Have a Mini Fridge in The Bedroom?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to have a mini fridge in your bedroom. But consider the following important things before putting your mini fridge in the bedroom.

  1. Some mini fridge models are so noisy, so consider the noise level and choose the quiet mini fridge for your bedroom.
  2. The cord of the mini fridge should not be frayed, which is safe at any time. Because for any electrical device, there is a risk of a fire hazard if it is exposed.
  3. While keeping the mini fridge in the bedroom, give sufficient place at the back of the mini fridge. It allows for some air room and would not get overheated.
  4. If you are worried about gas leakage, then no need to worry about it. Because there is not sufficient gas to be toxic.


3 Reasons You Need a Mini Fridge in Your Bedroom

Mini fridge for bedroom

Make your mini fridge like a treasure chest!

Having mini fridge in your bedroom is makes many things handy and convenient in day to day life. In fact, it is a growing trend nowadays.

Following are the reasons that persuade you to buy a new mini fridge for your bedroom.

  1. Some Medications needs refrigeration

Bedroom mini fridge is a really convenient way of storing medications which require refrigeration.

For example, if your any family member has diabetes and require insulin many times a day. It is very handy to keep in a mini fridge to store insulin in their bedroom . So they don’t need to go to the kitchen from a bedroom every time to take medications.

  1. Keep your morning coffee cup is just handy

If you are coffee or tea aficionado and have been staring your day with a refreshing cup of coffee, then consider the mini fridge in your bedroom.

Keeping the mini fridge in your bedroom enables you creamer or milk for frothing is just your bedside.

  1. Store your beauty products in the mini fridge

Now a day there is so many ranges of beauty products available in the market. Even if you don’t like to do makeup, there are few basics require to look presentable.

You can store your beauty products in mini fridge. Refrigeration enhances the life of beauty products and gives better results.

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How to Hide a Mini Fridge in a Bedroom?

You may surprise with this question but many folks have this issue about hiding the mini fridge in bedroom.

Because keeping a fridge in a bedroom is somewhat out of place. Many people want to hide mini fridge so that they can utilize more floor place available.

So, you can hide your mini fridge and find your room less cluttered by having a fridge cabinet. There are cabinets which are only made for storing mini fridge. They look very trendy and stylish that no one will tell, there is a mini fridge inside.

So, mini fridge cabinet is a good option to hide mini fridge in your bedroom.

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Where to Buy Quiet Mini Fridge for Bedroom?

You can buy a quiet mini fridge for a bedroom at your local stores. But you can find it on online websites like Amazon with an economical price. They offer decent discounts on the products.

There is also a wide range of products you can choose from. Thus, you would be able to take the right decision by comparing the prices of mini fridges by sitting at home only.

So, compare the mini fridges and choose as per your preferences and need.

What to Look for Before Buying the Quiet Mini Fridge for Bedroom?


While buying a mini fridge for bedroom, a noise level of a fridge is an essential factor to consider. Some mini fridges make very much noise.

It disrupts your sleep cycle which may ultimately affect your health. Now a day, there are many new models of mini fridge are practically quiet.


Space is also an important consideration for buying a mini fridge for bedroom. You should take a glance at your bedroom space and also look for the dimension of the mini fridge. Choose the mini fridge that fits in your bedroom space.


Many mini fridge models come with freezer. The freezer divides your mini fridge into two compartments.

The freezer is useful when you want some food kept frozen or you want ice for your drink.

You have to decide whether you need a freezer? Should you go to use it often?

Temperature adjustment

Now a day, almost all mini fridges come with manual temperature adjustment. But it is better to check. It is a convenient feature if you want to keep the things only about to cool or close to freezing.

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5 Best Quiet Mini Fridge for Bedroom

Mini fridge for bedroom with lock: Smad Mini Fridge with Lock Compact Refrigerator

 If you are searching for a quiet mini fridge for bedroom with lock, then Smad Mini Fridge with Lock Compact Refrigerator is the best buy.

This mini fridge equipped with absorption technology which makes it super quiet. It will never disturb your sleep. Thus perfect for keeping in a bedroom, dorm room, tiny houses, RVs, etc.

It comes with adjustable shelves. So you can make room for taller items in this mini fridge.

This mini fridge has reversible doors. It means you can install the fridge door to open left or right according to the space available.

The Smad mini fridge comes with three capacities: 1.0 c.u, 1.4 c.u, and 1.7 c.u.

This mini fridge can work with AC 110 V and DC 12 V. It has a thermostat that allows easy temperature adjustment which helps to keep your food at an ideal temperature.

The mini fridge comes with a lock for additional security. It helps to keep safe your food from others.

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  • Super quiet
  • Reversible door
  • Comes with built-in lock
  • Adjustable shelf
  • Easy temperature adjustment


  • Expensive

Least Expensive Mini fridge for Bedroom: Cooluli Mini Fridge

Cooluli Mini Fridge comes with a sleek, lightweight but durable design that fits in your any desk. You can use it in a bedroom or office.

It has a matte finish from outside which will look aesthetic in your bedroom.

This mini fridge works with a thermoelectric cooling system. It can function as a cooler and a warmer. But you need to wait for 30 minutes for switching from cold to hot.

Its cooling capacity is 40degree F-45 degree F and warming capacity is 122 degrees F- 144 degrees F.

Now, you don’t need to rush in the kitchen for coffee, tea or breakfast. You can enjoy your morning cup of coffee and breakfast in your bedroom.

It comes with 110V adapter for indoor use and 12 V adapter for outdoor use. You can use 12 v adapter in a car cigarette lighter port.

The cooler and warmer is 100% safe. This mini fridge work without refrigerant. Thus it is environmentally friendly.

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  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be used as warmer and cooler
  • Comes with multiple power cords
  • Quick set up
  • Easy cleaning


  • Not large enough for standard Tupperware

Mini Fridge with Freezer for the bedroom: Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

 If you are looking for a mini fridge for bedroom with freezer compartment, then this Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Door Mini Fridge with Freezer is the best option to consider.

If you want to keep food frozen or need ice for your beverage, then you can use this freezer compartment and get access from your bedroom with this mini bedroom fridge.

It is featured with free-standing streamlined design which will complement your bedroom. You can keep this mini fridge in a cabinet or in a piece of furniture for a customized appearance.

This mini fridge comes with adjustable legs and a reversible door. You can make an arrangement of fridge door from left or right according to your place adjustment.

Though it is a compressor fridge, comes with whisper-quiet technology. So, you don’t need to worry about the noise level as it is very low. Virtually you can’t identify when the compressor cycle on or off.

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  • Adjustable glass shelves
  • Separate door for a freezer
  • Larger size freezer compared to other mini fridges
  • Energy star compliant
  • Adjustable fridge temperature


  • There is no separate adjuster knob for the freezer compartment

Mini fridge in the bedroom for the Formula: Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge

Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge comes in a compact and lightweight design which is easy to carry anywhere while traveling. It has carry handle eases portability.

It has a detachable power cord that can plug into an AC adapter and cigarette lighter.

You can use it as cooler or warmer. It can chill up to 32 degrees F a warm up to 150 Degree F. It’s interior is well insulated, capable to old temperature even after it is unplugged.

Though this mini fridge uses thermoelectric technology, it is equipped with advanced semi-conductors. It means they are free from refrigerants and CFC’s which is environment-friendly.

It is perfect for keeping the formula cold overnight. The formula mixer jug accommodates perfectly in this mini fridge.

It makes convenient and easy accessible milk for baby feeding. So you don’t need to rush anywhere in the middle of the night feeding.

Even you can use warming function for formula. If you want to keep water hot for formula, you can switch to warming function.

This Gourmia mini fridge is ETL certified that ensures safety, efficiency, and quality of the product.

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  • Compact fridge-doesn’t take up so much space
  • Easy Portablity
  • Self-locking latch
  • Removable shelf
  • Equipped with quiet fan


  • Slowly cools down the things

Mini Fridge for Bedroom with White Finish: Danby DAR044A6PDB 4.4 cu.ft. Contemporary Classic Compact All Refrigerator

If you are looking for a quiet mini fridge for bedroom particularly in white finish, then Danby DAR044A6PDB 4.4 cu.ft. Contemporary Classic Compact All Refrigerator is the best option for you.

White appliance finishes might be composed for great come back! There is no exception for mini fridges.

If you looking at the interior point of view if your bedroom has a dark ceiling, this likely to be weighed down your space in your bedroom. Here, white appliances come to the rescue.

This Danby mini fridge comes with beautiful pearl metallic white finish. The interior of the fridge is black having a white LED light which is quite unique.

This mini fridge door has rubber grip and ergonomic handle with chrome finish. The door is reversible which allows you to open it from left or right.

This mini fridge comes with 4.4 cu.ft. capacity. It has two and a half tempered glass shelves which provide maximum storage.

Click Here for Latest Reviews and Price of Danby DAR044A6PDB 4.4 cu.ft. Contemporary Classic Compact All Refrigerator


  • Very quiet
  • Unmatched interior and exterior
  • Reversible door
  • Comes with a door lock
  • Stylish and Scratch resistant worktop


  • There is approx. 8 to 10-degree difference in temperature between the top and bottom shelf.

Wrap Up

So, these are the quiet mini fridge for bedroom with best optimization features. They are perfect to keep in your bedroom as they never disturb your sleep which is the big concern for many of you.

Select the mini fridge as per your requirement and preferences. I know you won’t get disappointed with any of these choices.


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