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What is the Paper in a Hershey Kiss Called?-Unwrapping the Mystery!

What is the Paper in a Hershey Kiss Called
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If you are a big fan of Hershey’s Kisses, you may have noticed the little strip of paper at the top of chocolate.

You may wonder, what is the Paper in a Hershey Kiss Called?

The paper in a Hershey’s Kiss is known as a ‘plume’.

It is also called as ‘Nigglywiggly’.

The plume is a strip of parchment paper. It sticks from the top of the foil wrapper.

Primarily plume is originally served as an identification tag.

But nowadays it is most of the time used for decoration purpose.

In this post, we are going to explore its significance in this iconic treat.

Why Do Hershey Kisses Have Tags?

The Hershey Kisses product has been decorated with paper tags.

It is just for differentiate it from other chocolate products out there in the market.

In 1921 plumes were further added to the wrapper.

The tags also were added first time around that period.

Though there is no conclusive answer.

It was just speculated that the tags may also have served as a marketing tool.

So that they caught the customer attention.

What Is The Paper In A Hershey Kiss Called?

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The paper in a Hershey’s Kiss is known as a plume.

The plume is a strip of parchment paper. It sticks from the top of the foil wrapper.

The plume initially had “Hershey’s” written on it.

It primarily designed by Milton Hershey.

This differentiates the Hershey’s KISS from competitor chocolate products on the market.

The plume originally used as an identification tag.

But nowadays majorly used for decoration.

Hershey company received a design trademark for the plume and foil wrapper in 1921.

Why is the Hershey’s Paper Called Nigglywiggly?

There is a thin wax paper at the bottom of Hershey’s Kiss.

It is a special kind of paper called Nigglywiggly.

The paper provides protection and stability to the chocolate.

Nigglywiggly is a thin paper made of waxed parchment.

It has unique pattern that look like a decorative flower.

It has been first used in Hershey’s Kisses since 1907 by Milton S.

This special paper also indication of freshness.

The wax on the paper will stay intact if the chocolate has not expired.

It can be removed without breaking separately or tearing.

Complex Production Process for Nigglywiggly

The production process for Nigglywiggly is very complex.

There are with numerous steps involved in its manufacturing process.

Waxed parchment sheets are cut into small strips with using machines.

There are special dies to create the complex flower pattern on one side of strip.

After that these special strips are wound around spools.

They are placed into hoppers, where they are covered in a thin layer of edible vegetable oil.

It aids to hold them together during the process of production and transportation.

When these strips are cut and coated, they can be to be used in Hershey’s Kisses production.

They are then rolled onto conveyor belts.

Here they are placed cautiously at regular intervals between layers of melted chocolate before going to wrap up and packaged for sale.

What Purpose Does the Niggly wiggly on a Hershey Kiss Serve?

Nigglywiggly ensure that each individual piece of Hershey’s Kisses stays intact till it reaches to end customers.

Its exclusive combination of waxed parchment and edible vegetable oil helps it to stay firmly in place.

It also provide some extra protection from humidity and moisture.

The paper prevents damage during transport or storage.

Otherwise, this has been also said that all about branding.

Branding is making your product different from competitors’ product.

Do You Eat the Niggly Wiggly Paper Strip in Your Kisses Candy?

 No, you should not eat the Niggly Wiggly paper strip in your Kisses candy.

It is not food. It is not meant to be eaten as it is just a piece of paper.

So, it is not advisable to eat Niggly Wiggly paper strip in your Kisses candy.

How to open Hershey’s Kiss Right Way?

Step 1: Hold Tag that Coming Out of Chocolate Wrapper

First hold a Hershey’s Kiss chocolate and hold the tag coming out of the wrapper.

There is a little paper tag strip comes out of a Hershey’s Kiss which is called Niggly Wigglys. So, grab the NigglyWiggly on the Hershey’s Kiss chocolate.

Step 2: Hold Bottom of Candy by Opposite Hand

Now to open chocolate, use can your opposite hand’s thumb and index finger to hold the bottom edge surrounding of chocolate.

 Ensure that there is nice grip on the candy’s wrapper with these fingers.

Step 3: Pinch and Pull the tag

Now pinch with your thumb and index finger in your opposite hand at the same time pull the tag (called Niggly Wiggly).

Then part of the wrapper will come apart from the tag.

Finally, the Hershey’s Kiss will come out of the wrapper while the tag is quickly pulled out of the wrapper.

The candy in the wrapper will now fall out.

This is the right way to open a your Hershey’s Kiss

Why Won’t My Hershey Kisses Melt?

Hershey kisses don’t melt because they are coated with a wax.

As wax coating helps to hold shape.

It won’t liquify till reach to higher temperatures.

So, the chocolate inside the kiss will stay solid even if the outside starts to melt.

Moreover, Hershey’s Kiss is made up of high percentage of cocoa butter.

So, it won’t melt easily.

How Many Hershey’s Kisses are in a Cup?

If you are trying the recipe that calls for melting the Hershey kisses there are 8 ounces in a cup.

You can use a food scale and measure the Hershey’s kisses as you unwrap.

Without a food scale, as per Hershey, there are 75 kisses in a 12-ounce bag.

As per calculation it is about 50 kisses for 8 ounces

What Would Cause a Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss to Taste bad/ like Vomit?

There is a various reason that Hershey bars may taste bad or like vomit.

While producing Hershey’s Kisses the milk used in Hershey bars is put through a process.

It is called controlled lipolysis that breaks down the fatty acids into the milk.

Then it produces butyric acid.

This chemical that expels vomit smell.

It has very typical smell and acrid taste.

Moreover, some people find Hershey Kisses vomit-tasting as it has high sugar content.

When you consume sugar in high quantities, it leads to a sour or acidic taste that similar to vomit.

Are Hershey’s Kisses Gluten Free?

All Hershey’s Kisses are not gluten free.

Following Hershey’s Kisses are gluten-free: 

  • Traditional silver-wrapped Hershey’s kisses
  • All varieties of Hugs candy
  • Plain milk chocolate kisses,
  • Giant Hershey’s kiss in 7 ounce size only
  • Kisses filled with caramel
  • Hershey’s Kisses filled with cherry cordial creme
  • Mint dark chocolate truffle-flavored Kisses
  • Special Dark “mildly sweet” Kisses
  • Treasure Suprises
  • Mini kisses milk chocolate chips

Other Hershey’s Kisses chocolates are not gluten-free. 

How Long Do Hershey’s Kisses Last?

Hershey’s Kisses will generally last for up to 11 months.

But only if the chocolate stored in right conditions at all times.

It is still edible after 11 months, but it may not be recommended to eat.

If chocolate package is still closed after the printed expiry date, Hershey’s Kisses will likely still good for next two months.

How To Store Hershey’s Kisses?

Hershey’s Kisses should always be stored in a cool, dry place.

Preferably, chocolate stays at its best when stored between 65-68ºF.

The room temperature is around 68-72ºF at the lowest.

If you store higher than the recommended temperature and you put chocolate at risk of blooming, explicitly fat bloom.

If you keep it in a high humid area or cold area where it condenses it may produce sugar bloom.

They should be always stored in an airtight container or wrapping.

It will help to protect from foreign objects and also prevent the chocolate from adsorbing any odors.

Can You Freeze Hershey’s Kisses?

It is not recommended to freeze Hershey’s Chocolate.

Though it will help preserve the chocolate and enhance its shelf life, but at the same time ruins the flavor and texture of chocolate.

Storing chocolate in the freezer leads to instant sugar bloom.

So, once you thawed chocolate, it can just be used for melting.

It changes its good texture and gets crumbly and dry.

How To Freeze Hershey’s Kisses?

Even though, you want to freeze and store Hershey’s Kisses inside the freezer, you can freeze by following way:

Put the Hershey’s Kisses inside a freezer bag or airtight container. Then, wrap the whole container with aluminum foil.

The foil will protect the chocolate from freezer burn.

Put them away from any aromatic ingredients inside freezer.

Do not freeze the longer than six months.


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