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How To Clean Juicer Parts (5 Easy Proven Tips)

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If you have had a juicer for your own health purpose whether it is for weight loss or boost immune system or for disease free health, simply you just love the juicing as it has abundant health benefits.

But hindrances in cleaning a juicer make it dreary work, so most of the folks hate the task of cleaning of juicer.

Here I would like to share with you some easy proven tips on how to clean juicer parts. This might helps you to easily remove your tough stains and makes cleaning task trouble-free and simpler.

Regular Cleaning Of Juicer

Wash out or soak your juicer parts immediately after juicing is done. This will helps to move out all the pulp and juice remains inside the juicer.

If you leave the juicer for some time after juicing without washing it, the stain sticks inside and it makes the cleaning twice harder.

1.After juicing is completed, unplug the juicer.

2. Separates its parts and disassemble it.

3.Remove the pulp from juicer and rub with the spatula if required.

4.Keep all parts under running water and rinse it.

5.Use the brush to clean small areas. The rounded head brush works great to jab into the corners of juicer.

6.If there is any deposit left inside the juicer, fill the sink with water. Add dishwashing detergent in the water. Soak each juicer part in the solution ensuring all parts are dumped into water.

7.Then wash thoroughly using a brush. Make it dry wholly.

8.Reassemble the juicer parts and now you can enjoy next juicing.

5 Easy Tips To Clean Juicer Build Up And Remove Tough Stains Of Juicer

1.Disassemble the juicer parts and soak the parts overnight in a solution of the ½ Cascade liquid detergents to the ½ gallon of water.

Then scrub it thoroughly to make it stain free. It is advisable to soak the parts once in a month, this helps to stay away from future stain build up.

2.There is also a simple trick to clean out the juicer. Soak the juicer parts in vinegar and water solution overnight. Then put some olive oil on the cloth and wipe it. You may experience all staining is removed.

3.Fill up the sink about 5 litres of water. Make a solution of approx 1 part white vinegar to 10 parts water.

Then add 100 grams of soda and stir it. Make sure that all parts are completely drowned in water.

Let the juicing parts soak for minimum 30 minutes to come out staining. Later clean the parts with the brush.

5.You can clean juicer with baking soda to remove coloured stains. Make a solution of 16 oz of lukewarm water to 4 tablespoons of baking soda.

Soak the juicer parts overnight in this solution. Wash it with the help of soap and water.

Wipe it with cloth to make it dry completely. This helps to remove coloured stains and minerals deposits accumulated on juicer.

6.If you notice mineral deposits or hard water deposits on juicer parts, you can use solution of 1 part of water to one part of vinegar. Add one lemon juice in that solution. Let the parts soak overnight.

You can also soak the parts having residue in alcohol to remove it completely.

Check out the video that shows you how to clean juicer parts thoroughly.

How To Clean Juicer Filter/ Mesh Screen?

Many of folks have the issue with the cleaning of filter or screens build up. Juicer filter is a significant part of juicer from which you can get pulp-free shot of juice.

Within juicing process the juice flows through the filter and pulp is entrapped by mesh filter.

So there is a high chance of clogging of mesh screen fast which adversely affects the juicer as well as juice quality. You can apply following tips to clean juicer filter.

When juicing is completed, detach all the parts of juicer immediately. Otherwise, the pulp dries on the screen and then it is really difficult to remove dry pulp on screen.

Wet pulp is easily removable as you can wipe out enough possible with paper towel to make the screen empty before start off cleaning.

Now, soak your juicer screen in solution of 9 parts of hot water to 1 part of lemon juice. This will helps to move out the pulp trapped in the filter.

If the holes of filter blocked, lemon juice helps to loosen the blocked holes. The exceedingly ripe fruit produces extra pulp than normal ripe fruit which results in faster clogging of screen.

Use nylon brush or toothbrush to rub juicer screen and remove noticeable pulp. Rub it under warm running water to remove additional pulp.

Allow water flow through small holes of filter to make it clean completely.

If you notice that pulp is still trapped in screen, you can use hot soapy water to clean it. Then rinse in normal water to remove soap from screen.

Check out the following video which shows cleaning of rusty discoloured filter.

How To Clean Plastic Parts Of The Juicer?

How to clean juicer parts made with plastic is a common problem for regular juice drinker.

As the strongly colorful natural and artificial dyes in veggies and fruits may cause discoloration of plastic parts of juicer.

You can avert this problem by washing the parts after every use. If discoloration appears on any plastic juicer part soak the Part in water with 10% lemon juice.

You can clean it with nonabrasive cleaner. You can also soak plastic parts in vinegar overnight.

Most of the root vegetables like carrot causes to discoloration of plastic fast, even you clean immediately after juicing.

You can remove carrot stains from plastic parts by soaking the parts in the water, bleach and dish-washing detergent and wash it normally as you do.

Another one easy option you can apply that take a little amount of water on the paper towel and rub on stained parts. Then wash it with soap and water.

This will also help you to remove orange color on parts.

How To Clean Juicer Without Crescent Tool?

Some juicers required the crescent tool to detach the mesh filter. If you don’t have this tool you can separate the filter for cleaning with following easy tips.

1.You can make DIY crescent tool easily at home only. You can use kitchen shear to remove the screen.

The shapes of these shears do not resemble regular scissors. They are specially designed for kitchen work.

While selecting a shear ensure that blades are open wide sufficiently as required, not just too small.

For removing the filter, put one blade of kitchen shear in one hole of filter and another blade in the second hole of filter.

Then grab the edge properly and twist. Now, you can easily move out the filter for cleaning. Then you can separate the other parts to clean thoroughly.

2. You can take out the filter also with the handle or opener. It should be enough wide to poke into filter hole located at the end say 4 inches long.

Put the screw at both ends of handle and make it tight. Here you can use a screwdriver to make it tight enough.

Then cut the outer end of both screws. Your key to filter separation is ready to use.

Stab this key in hole of a filter and you can easily detach the a filter for cleaning.

So, these are some easy keys help out you for easy cleaning. If you missing your crescent tool come along with juicer, you can use these simple keys.

This will save your money considerably which likely you spend on new crescent tool.

Some Additional tips:

1.If your juicer has metal parts, then don’t soak it for long hours as they could rust or damage.

2.Do not place the main body of the juicer under water or do not spray with water because it contains a motor which could damage. Clean it with only paper towel or cloth.

3.Buy a juicer which is easy to clean. Assure that juicer is dishwasher safe before putting it in dishwasher. Before using any chemical for cleaning go through the manual of juicer.

4.Do not rub with any sharp tools while cleaning as it could scratch the surface and cleaning makes more difficult.

 How to clean the juicer parts? Is your usual problem that you are facing, then now you better know how to overcome it. This will helps you for enjoy juicing every day without any trouble.

Happy Juicing!