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How to Hide A Chest Freezer?

how to hide a chest freezer
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Cooling is important in every home either for the people or the food.

Keep your food in a cool place becomes important, as some food don’t do well in the heat.

Meat and other food you want to keep fresh need to be placed in a freezer if you want to use them later on, otherwise, the food may spoil and cause any food-borne illness.

The freezer becomes a necessity when it comes to preserving food.

A freezer may take a lot of space in your room, and no one wants to have an appliance to be so much visible take up most of the space.

Most of you don’t want your chest freezer visible.

But again, you will have an issue, how to hide a chest freezer?

So, here I am come up with the different ideas of the hiding chest freezer.

Where Can You Hide the Chest Freezer in Your Home?

Chest freezers are relatively bulky than other freezers due to their large storage.

This leads to more space required to place the freezer.

You would need to have space in your kitchen to place a chest freezer, along with head space for the door to be opened and items to be placed or removed.

Most people keep their chest freezer outside the kitchen, most probably in the garage.

Garage has a lot of free space where a freezer can be placed.

Another place can be the basement of the house, or the storeroom locate near the kitchen.

This way your kitchen doesn’t stay congested and you can do your work freely.

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How to Disguise a Chest Freezer to Blend into the Dining Room?

If you have no space in the kitchen and you decided to keep your freezer in the dining room, you will have to make changes to it so that it blends into the environment.

A chest freezer takes up a lot of space, so first, you need to find a place in the dining room where it can fit easily.

You can place it between furniture like 2 shelves or you can place it separately.

After you have found the position now you have to make it blend into the environment.

You can use your creative ideas in this regard, a quick way would be to cover it with a cloth of color matching the area, which is usually dark brown.

You can also paint the body of the freezer, use spray paint if the body is metallic.

If you have flowers or plants in the room, place them around the freezer. This will improve the disguise of your freezer.

If you don’t want to not the area around the freezer as you still would need to use the freezer.

You can place some decorations above it, but then again don’t put too much on it as it would require a lot of moving when you want to use the freezer.

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How to Hide the Chest Freezer in the Kitchen?

A chest freezer can take a lot of workspace in the kitchen, slowing down your productivity speed.

If your kitchen is relatively bigger than normal, then you should have no problem allocating some space for the freezer.

However, if your kitchen covers a smaller area then you need to figure something out.

You need to blend your freezer into the kitchen environment.

If you have already found space for the freezer and placed it, you can cover it with a cloth and place kitchen utensils on it.

You can also place baskets, bottles, and fruits over it. Nothing too much that would waste your time moving them when you want to use the freezer.

If you haven’t placed your freezer yet, you can a few of the techniques to place it. You can place your freezer under the cabinet next to your sink or under the cutting area.

You would need to work on it by removing the shelves under that area and make the top movable to use the freezer.

Another good place can be under the counter or the eating area and cover the top by the surrounding material.

In this way, your kitchen space will not be disturbed and you can still use the freezer.

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Ways to Hide a Chest Freezer in a Bedroom

If you decide to keep the fridge in your room, you need to be creative. The setting depends on the room size.

If your room is too small it is suggested not to keep a freezer.

If you manage to keep a freezer in your room you have to set it up such that it is not visible and blends into the room.

You can try to paint your freezer, make it all colorful so that it fits into your room. If your room has a bright color paint your freezer in a contrasting color.

You can be creative as paint the freezer using chalkboard paint and use it as a blackboard.

You can make the motif of the room blend in using  this  tapestry. The tapestry hanging from the wall will cover up the freezer.

You can put a cloth over the freezer and use it as a table.

You can place books, toys, and other accessories over it that can easily be moved when you want to use the freezer.

If you have an extra budget you can try to buy these Faux panels and disguise your freezer as a cabinet, matching the surroundings in your room.

You can fix the faux panels by following easy steps:

Arthome 10 Pack 56.9 Sq.Ft Faux Foam Bricks 3D Wall Panels Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Living Room Bedroom Background Wall Decoration (White, Cover 56.9 sq feet)

Can You Keep a Chest Freezer Outside?

For outdoor usage, special freezers are made that can out-stand the weather conditions. Such types of freezers can be the under-counter outdoor freezers.

When it comes to the regular freezers like chest freezers, they cannot survive in the outside weather as they are built for inside usage and not designed to sustain the harsh weather.

Temperatures outdoor can cause the freezer to malfunction and damage.

The chest freezer compressor is placed outside and not in the freezing compartment, which allows the compressor to work in the temperature of the indoor air.

If we place the chest freezer outside in cold weather, the compressor will freeze and stop working.

If the freezer is placed outside in hot weather, it will affect your freezer’s compressor the same way as cold weather.

The regular compressors are only designed to operate at room temperature.

If the temperature gets high, the compressor will malfunction.

If the compressor manages to operate, it will have to work more efficiently to keep the food frozen, consuming more electricity which in return increases your bills.

If you want to use freezers outside, you should consider buying special outdoor freezers that are made to cope with the weather changes.

If you are looking for a chest freezer for outside, I recommend Midea MRC070S0AWW Chest Freezer. It comes 7.0 Cubic Feet capacity.

You can use it in the shed outside. It is not too heavy and good temperature control even on hot sunny days.

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Wrapping up

So, now you know how to hide a chest freezer.

You can hide anywhere where there is sufficient space available and an electrical outlet is available. The chest freezer you can hide in the kitchen, bedroom, dining area, basement, or garage.

You should be a little creative when it comes to hiding in a bedroom or dining area.

If you want to use your chest freezer outside, try out this Midea MRC070S0AWW Chest Freezer.

I do hope you like the ideas of hiding chest freezer in your home. So that it will not be visible to others.


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