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LG Oven Broiler Not Working?-12 Quick Solutions To Try!

LG Oven Broiler Not Working
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Are you in a state of exasperation due to a non-functioning LG oven broiler?

Fret not as we offer you useful support and guidance.

Herein, we will dive into some useful troubleshooting, aimed at resuscitating your LG oven broiler; a beloved kitchen companion.

Some of the reasons for an LG oven broiler not working include a faulty heating element, a malfunctioning Igniter, a clogged burner or orifice, control board Issues, and general wear and tear.

Whether you’re a culinary guru or simply rely on your oven for everyday cooking, the importance of a fully operational broiler cannot be understated.

Let us dive headfirst into understanding the nature of these high-end units, and find useful solutions that await you.

Thereafter, you should enjoy a fully-working appliance void of such issues.

LG Oven Broiler Not Working? – Solutions

As you grapple with the dilemma of a malfunctioning LG oven broiler, several causes may be responsible for this unfortunate incident.

It is important to ascertain the main cause before seeking any potential remedies.

Herein, we provide a thorough overview of the possible causes.

Faulty Heating Element

The heating element may have experienced a burnout leading to irreparable damage, thereby impeding its ability to generate the desired level of heat.

If the heating element in your LG oven broiler has indeed developed issues, buying a compatible replacement will be in order.

Owners of LG products should source OEM parts from Amazon or LG vendors.

Read the user manual and be thorough during the process of replacing your new heating element.

Check and Replace the Igniter

The igniter, whose normal task is lighting the gas or electric element, may have become defective or worn out.

If the igniter is indeed malfunctioning, you might have no choice but to replace it.

Endeavor to acquire the igniter model that is recommended for your LG oven.

Install it with guided steps, or seek instructions from professionals in that field.

Clean Clogged Burner or Orifice

The buildup of grease or debris within the recesses of the burner or orifice can be troubling, leading to a non-performing broiler.

Use appropriate solutions to clean the recesses of the broiler’s burner.

Ensure that you rid this area of all grease, dirt, and other debris.

Use a soft brush or cloth to ensure no damage on any component that you clean.

The oven must be disconnected from the power source before beginning this process.

Reset or Replace Control Board

A malfunctioning control board can single-handedly hinder the broiler’s operations, effectively stopping any possibility of bringing it back to its glory.

If the control board remains unresponsive after attempting to restart the oven, try resetting it.

Unplug the oven from the power source and let it sit for a few minutes.

This removes temporary memory and settings from the control board, i.e. resetting it.

Test and Replace the Thermostat

In the unfortunate event of a faulty thermostat, major signals required to start the broiler may be undermined, resulting in a non-working broiler.

If the internal oven thermostat is non-working, the owner should consider replacing it.

Now, the user manual shall guide you through this process or indeed, the intervention of a professional should serve as the right repairing or replacement guide.

Verify the Settings

Verifying the broiler’s temperature and settings may be the key to resolving this problem.

Prudence dictates that an examination of the user manual should be part of this process too.

Verification is of utmost importance at this stage as we double-check or even triple-check the broiler’s temperature and mode settings.

Ensure these are aligned with the recommended settings.

Verify the recommended settings in your user manual for safety purposes too.

Check the Gas Supply

For those who enjoy using gas as the main source of cooking power, it is crucial to ensure that a steady, uninterrupted flow of gas flows into the broiler.

Ensure your gas supply is steady and uncompromised.

For those grill men whose cooking sessions primarily center on gas, it is imperative to check the gas supply.

Check the flow of gas and the openness of the gas valve connected to the oven.

Ensure that there are no obstructions that could be a hindrance to the gas supply.

Inspect and Repair Electrical Connections

The complex network of connections inside the broiler needs a thorough inspection.

Safety is imperative while checking loose or faulty connections.

These connections can sabotage the very functionality of the broiler and cause harm to individuals.

Check the complex network of electrical connections.

Take heed, for any loose or damaged connections have the power to disrupt power flowing to the broiler.

Anyone working inside the broiler should proceed with caution.

Exercise caution as you tighten these connections, invoking security and cohesion.

Reset the Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker panel should be located within the main house.

Find the breaker responsible for controlling your oven and check its current position.

Should you find it in the off position, simply turn it back to the on position.

However, there is a reason it tripped, which might require you to observe the breaker as you turn the power back on and feed the current to the oven.

Clean the Broiler Element

Remember that time and cooking sessions have left grease and food residue on the broiler element.

The simplest way to bring the element back to its former glory is cleaning.

Applying the manufacturer’s instructions, partake in a cleaning session with the oven turned off.

Use a non-abrasive cleaner, soft cloth or sponge, and gentleness.

This should restore the broiler element to its former glory.

Defective Safety Valve

The ever-reliable safety valve may suddenly become defective, rendering it incapable of facilitating the flow of gas to the broiler.

General Wear and Tear

With time and enough cooking sessions, a broiler will inevitably get worn out.

At this point, the broiler will have several worn-out components needing much-needed replacement.

How to Use Broil Function On LG Oven?- The Right Way!

Unleash the power of your LG oven’s Broil function to make delicious dishes with intense, direct heat from the upper heating element.

The Broil function uses intense heat from upper heating element to your cook food.

BROIL excels in tender cuts of meat, fish and thinly cut vegetables for more flavorful experience.

Some LG models equipped with a cutting-edge hybrid broiler consisting of an inner broiler.

It utilizes a carbon heating element which allows instantaneous heat, and a traditional outer broiling element.

During normal broiler operation, it is normal for either element to intermittently cycle off.

The range is designed for open door broiling. The door has a broil stop position.

To set your oven to BROIL mode, follow these easy steps:

1.You need to open the oven door to the broil stop position (about 10 degrees from the closed position).

2. Depending on your desired intensity, press the BROIL button once for Hi or twice for Lo,

3. Hit START button, and watch your oven come to life with begin to heat.

4. For best results, allow the oven preheat for around three minutes before cooking.

5. Once cooking is complete or if you want to cancel it, simply press the CLEAR OFF button.

In this way, embrace the LG Oven Broil function, and elevate your gastronomic adventures to new heights!

Caution while using LG Oven Broil function

1.You should not use a broiler pan without a grid. Oil may cause a grease fire.

2. Don’t cover the grid and broiler pan with aluminium foil as it will cause a fire.

3. Always make use of a broiler pan and grid for excess fat and grease drainage. This will help to lessen splatter, smoke, and flare-ups.


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