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Top 5 Best Steam Mop for Tile Review 2018 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Best Steam Mop For Tile
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Cleaning the toughest stains from your tile floor without much efforts seems like a dream, right! But the Steam mop can do this super tough job flawlessly without spending a lot of time and efforts. It removes the grime from the floor and reaches into the grout easily to clean it. As a result, you can get deeper cleaned and spotless tile floor with this wonderful appliance. Now, you don’t need to use chemical cleaners to sanitize your tile floor as steam sanitizes the tiles efficiently.

There are a lot of steam mop available on the market out there. Selecting the best one is quite a difficult task as not just any mop can be a perfect fit for you and your floor. So, we come up with the Best steam mop for tile, so you don’t need to spend so much time to choose your perfect steam mop. Also, read our comprehensive buying guide that will definitely help you to choose your best. So, get your best mop and let the mop do all the hard work for you!!

What Is Steam Mop?

In 1988, the steam Mop was first invented by Romi Haan in South Korea. It gets popular the market in a very short period of time.

The steam mop uses steam to clean and sanitize the floor and surfaces. You don’t need to use a harsh chemical to sanitize your floor. The steam mop uses heat from steam for disinfection purpose. It is the efficient and eco-friendly way to clean and sanitize the floor. It is a useful device for those folks who have short of time to spend on cleaning chore. It also helps to chuck out unwanted invisible germs and bacteria. It is safer, efficient, eco-friendly as well as cost-effective cleaning technique.

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Steam Mop Vs. Regular Mop

Regular mopThe steam cleaning method is far superior to a traditional one. There are lot of benefits of steam mop than regular mop that makes steam mop outweigh performer.

Traditional mops come in various sizes and shapes. There is a flat mop, rope, sponge-type etc. available in the market out there. They are lesser expensive than a steam mop.

Whereas steam mops are competent to remove the invisible germs that regular mop can’t. You don’t need harsh detergents to clean your floor while regular mop cleaning needs it. Steam mop does their job much faster than a regular mop. There no scrubbing required to get rid of super tough stains while cleaning with the steam mop. The steam mop left behind much lesser water on the floor leads to quicker drying time. The most importantly, it allows for safer cleaning for children and pets.

Steam Mop Vs. Steam Cleaner

Steam mop and steam cleaner both are cleaning devices that makes tedious home cleaning task much easier.

The steam cleaner is not only dependent on steam as the name may depict. It cleans the surfaces with the process termed as hot water extraction. It sprays the hot water with cleaning chemicals on surfaces and also vacuums up sprayed water and indelible particles if any. It is not only limited to clean carpet but also can make your oven and upholstery shinier. Some vacuum cleaner comes additional blower function which is essential to keep your garden neat and clean. If your steam cleaner doesn’t have the blower function, you will need a leaf blower for easy maintenance of yard.

Whereas steam mop is mainly used to clean floor such as laminate, wooden and tile etc. It is the best appliance for floor cleaning, especially for the tile floor. It can effectively clean the dirt of grout between the tiles which is very tough and time-consuming job. And do you know the best part, you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals to clean out your floor like a steam cleaner. It uses the heat from steam to clean and disinfect your floor that makes it capable to kill the 99% of the germs on the floor.

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How Does Steam Mop Work?

The steam mop is usually used to clean the flat surfaces like a tile floor, laminate floor, wooden floor etc. It has fixed with a small tank to store and heating up the water that creates the steam. It cleans the floor by heating the water inside the tank with 120 degrees Celsius. The temperature is fixed to steam mop. It has microfiber pad attached to the mop head to clean the surface. Some steam mops have one jet of dry steam and some have 15 steam jets. The internal water boiler in steam mop creates steam that moistens the microfiber pad to loosen the dirt and tough stains on the floor. It can kill the 99% germs, bacteria, and dust on the floor easily without the use of chemicals.

How to Use Steam Mop?

There are various types of cleaning appliances available in the market like steam mop, steam cleaner, a leaf blower which eases your tedious cleaning chore if it is used aptly. So here we discuss how to use a steam mop effectively to clean you tile floor. Steam mops are available in various shapes and sizes in the market out there. Some of them come with the additional attachments for other cleaning jobs unlike just cleaning the floor.   They are easier to use than other conventional mops. When you clean the floor with a steam mop, you don’t  only remove the dust but also sanitize the floor by killing the germs and bacteria. You can clean and sanitize the floor with your steam mop by following some easy steps.

Best steam mop1.Preparing the floor

You should sweep or vacuum the floor to make it free from large particles. The microfiber pads are designed to pick up only small dust particles.

2.Prepare the mop

Never attach pad when mop plugged in an electrical outlet as steam mop heat up the fast. Attach the mop pad at the head of the steam mop then plugged in into the electrical outlet. Fill the water tank with clean and fresh water up to indicated water level. Don’t overfill the water tank.

3.Start for mopping

Wait for 15-20 minutes to heat up the water. Every stem mop has one kind of indicator that shows the water is heated up at desired temperature level. Your mop is ready to use when it reaches the right temperature. Pump up the mop’s trigger to moisten the pad with water. Mop the floor by simply pushing the steam mop forward to release steam and backward to pick up the dirt. As the steam dries quickly, you can mop rest of the floor.

4.Changing the cleaning pad if required

Changing of the cleaning pad is essential step to ensure clean steam mopping. Otherwise, it will push the dirt all over the floor.

5.Store your steam mop

If you take care of your steam mop, it will last for longer time. When your mopping is done, make water tank completely empty. Remove the dirt from pad before going to store otherwise there is a possibility of mildew growth on a head of the steam mop.

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Tips and Tricks for Using Steam Mop

Following are some tips and tricks for using your steam mop that eases your cleaning task.

1.Vacuum up or sweep the dirt to remove large particles of dirt before using a steam mop.

2.Except for dual function steam mop models, never fill anything else other than water in the water reservoir.

3.Rinse the mop after each use to keep away from future calcium deposits.

4.Never use your steam mop on unsealed surfaces as excess moisture can spoil the floor.

5.Don’t keep your steam mop idle when it gets hot.

6.Don’t store the steam mop with a dirty or damp cloth.


What to Look for Before Buying The Best Steam Mop For Tile?

Following things are essential to consider when you choose your best steam mop for a tile floor.

1.Consider your floor type

Before buying the steam mop consider the texture and type of your floor to clean. Different steam mop models are designed keeping in mind different floor type. If your tile floor has deeper grout, use mop having a spray function.


Usually, the steam mops are not much impressive in terms of durability but you can expect a few years the longer durability from it. Before buying the steam mop, look for the sturdy plastic housing and metal wands. Refer instruction manual for the longer use of the steam mop. Use distilled water to avoid mineral deposits as manual suggests. It is advisable to spend few bucks on bottled water for long-lasting use of steam mop.

3.Water tank capacity

Some steam mop models steamed continually for 45 minutes at a highest setting where some other can do this job only about 10 minutes. So, you should look for reservoir capacity before buying it.

4.Power cord length

Usually, steam mops come with the power cord length ranging from 16 feet to 30 feet. A short length power cord is reliable to clean small room. But an extension cord is usually risky with these high wattage devices.

5.Steam control

Most of the models come with steam control feature. You can control the amount of steam generated while using it. You can set your mop with high, low or medium steam setting as per your need.

6.Additional attachments

Some models did the job of only floor cleaning. Some other models can come with the extra attachments to clean countertops, carpets, windows, upholstery etc. Choose as per your cleaning needs.

7.Ease of use

It is important aspect how much it is easy to use. How they are easy to refill, to change the attachments. You should also look at how it is easy to use in various circumstances.

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Where to Buy Best Steam Mops For Tile?

You can buy the steam mop at your nearest local store. But you can buy it online on at best competitive prices. It is the easiest and reliable way to buy your best steam mop for tile. You can buy it with usually free of shipping cost. You can find and compare here various models of steam mops and can choose your best as per your need.

Top 5 Best Steam Mop for Tile

1. BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940

If you are searching for best steam mop for tile floor, you might have heard of Bissell Powerfresh steam mop 1940. This is one of the best steam mops for tile by Bissell with great optimization features at the amazing price range that will be the best deal breaker for you.  It is not only great for tile floor but also other hard floor surfaces like marble, vinyl, stone, hardwood, laminate. Let’s get to know why this BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940 is our top Pick.


  1. This steam mop is packed with 1500W power with heating warm-up time is only 30 sec.
  2. It has one removable water tank located at the top of steam mop that holds 15 ounces of water. It allows you for 1-hour continuous floor steam mopping.
  3. You can customize your steam with the smart set digital steam control feature at high, medium and low level.
  4. It has unique removable flip down scrubber that helps to remove sticky residue from the grout.
  5. The steam mop comes with spring breeze discs that not only sanitizes the floor but also your floor smells fresh.
  6. It comes with 2 cleaning pad and 23’ power cord.


  1. It has a removable water tank which is easy to fill and clean.
  2. The low-profile mop head easily reaches to the corners and edges.
  3. This steam mop can be easily assembled with the use of screwdriver only.
  4. It has quick release cord wrap which makes easy to unwind power cord.
  5. The flexible swivel joints aids for easy manipulation of mop head for floor cleaning.


  1. The power cord is short in length compared to other steam mops.
  2. There is constantly steam on for this mop.

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Following is the video that shows the closure look to the features of this Bissell Steam mop for best results. Take a look.


2.Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (S5003D)

The Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop (S5003D) is well designed steam mop packed with numerous features and functions for hassle-free floor cleaning. The Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop also known as Shark Genious and it is the smartest steam mop by shark ninja. But why it is the smartest mop and good deal for you? Let’s check it out.


  1. The steam mop is designed with mop head which opens when you push the button to release the pad. Attaching the new pad with fold is also touch-free. This steam mop offers you touch-free technology.
  2. It has steam blaster technology that releases powerful jet of steam to clean sticky mess and dirt.
  3. It comes with 3 steam setting: Low, Medium and High.
  4. The pads of steam mop are dirt-grip pads. It helps to catch the dirt and avoid them not to scatter them anywhere.
  5. It is packed with 1200W power and 22ft. cord length.
  6. The water tank holds up to 350ml. of water which covers 1000sq.ft area with ease.


  1. Now, you don’t need to touch that dirty mop thanks to touch-free technology.
  2. The steam blaster function helps to loosen and remove the stubborn dried dirt from corners and tile grout effectively.
  3. It is light in weight, easy to use and dried floors in instantly with no streaks.
  4. It is quiet while operating.
  5. This one comes in compact design which easy to store.


  1. The water tank is non-removable.
  2. It has no ‘on’ Or ‘Off’ switch. You have to unplug to turn it off.
  3. This mop will not stand up its own. So, you have to hold or this needs something to lean it against.

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Watch the following video that shows how to use this Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop (S5003D) to clean your tile floor.

Watch out the following video that shows how to use this mop for getting the best results.

3.Shark Steam Pocket Mop(S3501)

This is one another steam mop by Shark which is in our top list. Do you know the awesome feature of this Shark Steam pocket steam mop? That is the double-sided cleaning. It means, it is capable to flip the mop head from one side to other. It is perfect for sealed surfaces like tile, ceramic, marble, vinyl, sealed hardwood and sealed concrete.
Well, it is not as much competent as other expensive steam mops. But surely you will get what you pay for as this is the budget-friendly mop. So, if you are on budget, this is the best option you have.


  1. The handle of the mop is 51 inches tall and the mop head is 10 inches wide.
  2. It has water tank which holds 15 ounces of water which good enough for continuous steaming for 13 minutes.
  3. The power cord is 20ft. in which is decent in length.
  4. It has height-adjustable handle, so you can use it as per your comfort.


  1. It is a lightweight appliance as it weighs about only 4 to 5 pounds.
  2. It is an inexpensive steam mop as it comes around $50.
  3. This Shark steam mop is easy to set up and operate.
  4.  It heats up in 30 seconds and only generates steams when you pump up the handle, not when it keeps idle. So, your floors don’t get excessively wet.
  5. Swiveling mop head makes it easy to maneuver.


  1. Some users complain about steam generation. It doesn’t produce enough steam to clean floor properly.
  2. It leaves streaks after mopping.

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Following is the quick video review of this steam mop. Take a look.


4.O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

O-Cedar is efficient as well as budget friendly mop which helps to deep clean your tile floor. Do you know the unique feature of this steam mop? Its head which has triangular shape. It makes you easy to clean the corners of the room. It has quickly heats up so to get your floor cleaned instantly. Its super absorbent microfiber pads absorb water effectively to dry out your floor fast. This mop stands up its own which feature we missed in many other mops on the market.

There are no any fancy bells and whistles you get from this mop. But this is a decent steamer which does a good job with ease at this price range.


  1. The triangular head is unique feature of this mop to clean the corners and hard to reach areas with ease.
  2. The super micro absorbent pads absorb the water and allows steam penetrate quickly. They are washable and reusable up to 25 times.
  3.  It comes with two steam setting: ‘Minimum’ for wood or laminate and ‘Maximum’ for other sealed floors.
  4.  It has adjustable steam knob to control your steam.
  5. The water tank can hold up to 400ml of water which is convenient to clean 2 medium sized rooms.


  1.  The swivel head allows you to easily use around your furniture.
  2. It heats up quickly. It takes only 20 seconds from plug-in to generate steam.
  3. The light-weight design allows for smooth swiveling and gliding easily across the floor.
  4. This is capable to eliminate 99% of bacteria without use of chemical.
  5. It is easy to assemble as it takes two snaps to put together. Replacement of pad is also easy job.


  1. It comes with large cord. But it could be larger enough to clean big surface.
  2. The water tank is not removable. There is difficulty in using custom measuring cup.

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5. Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop 1543A

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop 1543A is one another steam mop by Bissell in our top list. Do you know why? It doesn’t just vacuum but also steam your floor. Now, you don’t need to vacuum or sweep your floor before steaming. This is a versatile appliance that can be used for multiple cleaning. This saves your time and money as well. If you have pet at home, needs deeper cleaning every time, this mop will fulfill your just about all the needs.


  1. It has the water tank which is non-removable.
  2. It operates on 120v and consuming 1500W.
  3. The power cord is 25 feet in length which is apt for cleaning large room.
  4. It comes with two microfiber pads. Soft pad for regular cleaning and rough pad for stubborn dirt.
  5. The steam mop takes about 30 seconds to heat up.
  6. It doesn’t generate steam continuously. You have to hold down the trigger to generate the steam.


  1. It is easy to use with digital controls. You can control the steam with low and high with these controls.
  2. It is all in one appliance which allows you for vacuuming as well as steaming.
  3. Its drop-It technology offers you hands-free task of tank emptying of dirt and messes.
  4. It has built-in thermal protector that protect the vacuum from overheating.


  1. The water tank is smaller than average tank, so you need to refill the tank while cleaning a large room.
  2. The mop head is bit heavy and doesn’t have swivel action.
  3. It doesn’t work great for heavy messes and dirt.

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Following is the video that shows unboxing and use of this steam mop. Take a look.


Wrap Up

These are the Top 5 best steam mops for tile floor which are excellent picks for steam cleaning. No matter which steam mop model will you choose, read all the instructions carefully before you going to use though they are simple and easy to use. The second thing, you need to check the warranty on floors, whether your floor is reliable for steam cleaning or not.