Blendtec Blender Blade Not Spinning?: 8 Easy Solutions!

BlendTec Blender Blade Not Spinning
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Is the Blendtec blender blade not spinning in your kitchen?

This inconvenient issue is significantly more prevalent than you may assume.

If the blades on your Blendtec blender aren’t rotating, you might need to know how to fix broken Blendtec blade spin?

This may be the most aggravating of all the issues that might arise with a blender.

The food and other components would not spin at all or would rotate extremely slowly if the spinning blades were not there.

You can fix the problem by checking out the proper connectivity of the blender as well as keeping the blades clean.

If there is a lack of liquid substance while blending dry ingredients may restrict the blender blade to spin easily.

Another reason for this issue would be overfilling the blender container.

Let’s see why does it happen at the first place.

Causes of Blendtec Blade Not Spinning

As the blender gets old it may start having certain issues now and then and can even stop operating.

There are a bunch of possible reasons why your blender is not working.

Excessive Food

Overfilling the tank is one of the most common causes for your blades to cease spinning.

This may not be immediately apparent, but if users try to drain the tank just a little and mix again, then they may notice that the blades will start rotating.

Simply attempt to put less material into the blender, whether there is ice jammed underneath the blades or whether there is too much within the tank preventing the blades from spinning.

Scrape a few of the food bits before attempting to combine them once more.

When you’ve overloaded the tank, the blades won’t rotate since those don’t have enough area to start rotating.

Attempting to push a rim with a point through it is like attempting to shove a rim with a wire through it.

That’s not going to work.

Before your blades can combine any substances, they require adequate area to start spinning.

As an example, if a large chunk of ice is pressed against by the blades at the bottom, they will most probably not be able to rotate.

The motor gear in the blender will produce a really loud and furious moaning noise as it tries to spin but can’t.

Allow enough room for the blades to begin mixing at the very least.

Lack of Liquid Substance

A shortage of fluids is another concern.

Whenever you put too many hard items in the Blendtec blender without any liquids, the blades may well not rotate when you turn it on.

The blades are trying, but they are not going to succeed.

So either, or they will spin slowly without blending anything.

The blender will also make an angry, moaning sound.

Your blades require liquid to rotate and break up the materials.

This is a pretty simple problem to resolve.

Simply fill a little portion of the tank with liquid.

This will provide the lubricant and support your blades require to spin and cut flexibly.

Water entering into blade assembly/ bearing housing

The blade assembly in Blendtec jars whether it is Wildside or Fourside containers is permanently fix installed in the jar.

The ball bearings or bushing can seize up because of water entering the blade assembly housing/bearing housing.

Sometimes the seals may wear out.

When the blending assembly is not turning properly, blending creates smoke and some oil or debris could mix with your smoothie.

Mechanical Issues

Since nothing is incorrect with the contents in the blender as well as the blades will not spin even when it is empty, then almost certainly have a technical fault.

This is going to be a lot more difficult to solve.

Many components may not be easily accessible, but not anyone can fix a mixer on their own.

The connections where the blades join to the crankshaft have been stripped, which is the major cause of blades not spinning.

The driving gear, which rotates the shaft that rotates the blades, is powered by the motor.

Your blades will not spin if any part is damaged, loose, or broken.

The engine is functioning, but there is a loose connection between power and the blade.

After a span of time, the screws might wear down, leaving nothing to link the blade to the crankshaft correctly.

You might attempt to disassemble the mixer on your own to examine the gray plastic gear.

You will notice whether there are any stripped threads right away.

This is the issue you will have to address.

 Blendtec Blender Blade Not Spinning- Fixes

Now that we know why the Blendtec blender is not whirling, it is time to address the issues.

A few easy fixes will have the blades rotating once more.

You should experiment with a couple of these methods until you discover one which fits you.

Based on the nature of the problem with the blender, one may need to use a combination of any or all of these techniques.

Fix the Power Cable

Among the most common reasons for the blades not rotating is that something must have failed with the power line.

Many individuals forget to plug the blender on, so try connecting it again to an adapter if you discover it unplugged.

If fixing the plug still does not resolve the issue, there might be a problem with both the plug itself.

Along either end of the cable or surrounding where it connects into the computer, look for any evident damage such as ragged wires or fire marks.

The Right Assembly

If the energy switch is turned on, but the cable is properly connected, but the blade is not spinning, double-check that all of the parts are securely connected.

The parts of the Blendtec mixer have small pointers on them that indicate which way they should be placed.

Ensure that all of the parts are facing the appropriate way and thus are properly aligned with one another.

Add enough liquid substance

If your Blentec blender is unable to blend ingredients, then you may have not added enough liquid.

If you have added too many dry ingredients, the blades cant spin properly.

So, make sure that there is enough water, juice, or any other liquid substance added inside the container and turn on the blender again.

If your blender blade still struggling to spin even after adding liquids, then proceed with checking the other steps on this list.

Clean Out Food Bits

Look for particles of food lodged between both the blades and container if the Blendtec blender isn’t rotating or struggles even when it is empty.

If you’ve recently used your Blendtec, it might be as easy as a bit of fruit becoming trapped in during processing.

This issue is frequently solved quickly and easily by inspecting where accessories fit into the blender.

Before resuming operation, be sure that none of this is obstructing any mechanical parts and that everything that may do so has been removed.

Try not to Overfill the Tank

Ensure your Blendtec container isn’t overflowing with components.

Since pouring a lot of food at once might hinder the blade from rotating correctly, you must only fill it midway or two-thirds full.

Even if overfilling does not create problems, you may still want to minimize the number of items you put in the blender because mixing it all together right immediately might result in huge pieces of blotchy food mingled in with other diced foods.

This degrades the consistency and flavor of the final product, so start with liquids and then add firmer elements like ice or fresh fruit last.

Replace  Blendtec blade assembly

Generally, the blade assembly units can be easily removed from the jar and replaced with other blenders like Vitamix.

But if you have an old model of Blendtec you can’t do that.

So, with old models of Blendtec, the only solution is to throw the jar away and buy a new Blendtec jar, if your blender warranty is no longer valid.

However, if you have newer models of BlendTec blender, you don’t need to throw the blender jar.

You can change replace the blade assembly with a new one.

Internal Component Check

Should you need to repair the blender’s internal parts, you will need to hire a specialist.

You will need to send your Blendtec blender in for new components, even though it is only one screw loose or a few screws that have been hammered flat and will not enable the blades to turn.

There have been no substitute mixer blade assemblies available at any hardware shop.

It is simply not going to work out.

You’ll need to contact your BlendTec blender’s manufacturer and request a replacement.

Fortunately, most Blendtec blenders include a rather comprehensive warranty; therefore, you do not have to fix it manually, and you will not have to pay extra.

Use a tamper

If your blender blade gets stuck or not spinning and your blender gets difficult to blend the ingredients you can add either more liquid as mentioned above.

But what if the liquid is not part of your recipe?

Then it’s a simple solution. Use a tamper stick!

This Tamper stick is specifically designed to use with your Blendtec blender jar.

This Hex temper is 100% BPA-free and made with food-grade material.

This temper is compatible with standard Blendtec containers like WildSide + Jar.

Just make sure you have the right lid.

The ‘Latching Lid’ comes with a skinnier hole.

So, this is a skinnier version tamper that fits perfectly through the smaller lid hole.

If you get other universal tampers compatible with other blenders, it may be too long for a Blendtec blender.

Make sure you are using the tamper to push down on ingredients with the flanges positioned properly.

So that it can avoid touching the blades.

One more essential thing to mention, you need to insert the tamper only through the lid hole with the cap removed, the lid on the jar.

5 Tips to Avoid Blendtec Blender Blade Seizing

1. Always wash or rinse the blender jar by hand. Don’t wash in the dishwasher.

2. Dry the blender jar by hand to limit water exposure.

3 If you are opting for additional sanitizing for the blender jar, use a non-caustic water-diluted spray on sanitizing solution to briefly put on to the inside of the jar.

4. Don’t leave the blender jar in the sink with a water puddle.

5. If your blade has seized up, or shows signs of seizing like noisier blending or smoke /smell, replace the blade immediately to prevent further damage to the driver socket.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know what to do if your Blendtec blender blade is not spinning.

If you’re an expert at repairing tiny machines and gadgets, you can attempt to repair them alone.

For example, you could find something little which can be fixed by dismantling the engine and checking the driving gear, driveshaft, pin, and small bolts that maintain the entire system is running.




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